Accounting and bookkeeping practices support


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You outsource your Accounting & Bookkeeping Services or compliance work to our teams of qualified CA’s supported by bookkeepers.

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Accounting and bookkeeping practices support

  1. 1. The Best Value Quality Outsourcing service for Accountants & Bookkeepers We prepare all types of compliance records and returns for your practice, as well as ledgers and tax returns for all types of entities and clients including superannuation funds, using qualified professional staff to produce reliable and timely work. All for $24 per hour. Accounting and Bookkeeping Services You outsource your Accounting & Bookkeeping Services or compliance work to our teams of qualified CA’s supported by bookkeepers. Our services for your client and your internal practice needs include:  Financial statements including interim & final.  BAS & IAS.  Income tax returns for all entities & individuals.  Superannuation financial statements and returns.  Fringe Benefits Tax returns.  General ledgers, asset registers and investment ledgers.  Company ASIC Service.  Portfolio Administration.  Profit maximizing & industry benchmarking reporting.  Our other Value added client services as listed on the website. Accounting Bookkeeping Benefits  You maintain control of your client relationship.  Independent of any software company so you can rest assured that we will only make available the best solution for your practice.  Managed by Australian chartered accountants.  Providing skilled accountants resources for over 12 years.  Access to our other services for you and your clients-ask us about our referral program.  Increased work capacity without having to hire extra staff.  Frees up partner and staff time, so you can handle more clients & provide additional services to existing clients.  Workloads and staff absences are better managed.  Outsourcing presents you with the flexibility to deliver client work without the administrative and financial costs of recruiting and employing staff.  Avoid having to recruit, train and pay casual or temporary staff.  No staff on annual, sick, carer’s, long service, or maternity leave to worry about.  Easily cope with peak periods.  Handle unexpected or urgent work easily.  Specialise in Bookkeeping Services for Small Business
  2. 2. Your work becomes more profitable By outsourcing time consuming Bookkeeping Services and compliance work, the practice can schedule more profitable work:  Work completed quicker.  Reliable completion dates.  Reduced overheads & infrastructure.  Competitive Bookkeeping Services Rates All means improved profitability. More time means more practice revenue With less low-value work, partners & staff have more time to:  Focus on improving client relationships.  Provide business advisory and management consultancy.  Help clients build better businesses.  Provide financial planning and arrange mortgage loans.  Market to more clients or more of existing clients’ work.  Not turn away compliance work, as it is now profitable. Improved Professional Satisfaction Reduced repetitive compliance work allows you to experience more interesting work. These lasting benefits include: Increased staff retention Improved staff development Reduced costs in replacing staff Best Practice for a Best Practice You will achieve your best results where you consider us as a large part of your staffing and you ensure that you forward all your clients information and indeed allow us to prepare your internal accounts because of our massive cost advantages. Staff: We help you attract and retain your quality staff, solve overloads when staff takes leave unexpectedly or we just provide your entire staffing needs. You can increase your fees without increasing your staff. Flexible workforce without any fixed cost. Time: Your product is time. If we can free your time we can free you and your staff skills to foster and develop your clients businesses and that of your practice.
  3. 3. We allow you to remain competitive by outsourcing to us and joining the many clients and competitor practices, who are using this service and one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Our Accounting Services are highly competent and dependable in Australia. Quality work Variable Costs rather than Fixed costs. Allows growth Our Bookkeeping Services are very competitive in Sydney, Australia What do you receive?  Fully reconciled standardized working papers, including reconciliations.  Finalized general ledgers and income tax returns prepared in the same software as your practice.  Work in all versions of your software.  Less costly outsourced staff accessing an isolated workstation in your office & secure transfer of files and papers that are scanned and forwarded to us.  Electronic copies or access to your Virtual File Room enabling you to have a paperless office and to quickly return documents to your clients to reduce the likelihood of being misplaced.  Work completed online or returned via a secure file transfer from your Virtual File Room.  Option that once vetted, we, on your behalf or you, print and distribute to your clients to sign and have them ELS. How do you get started?  • There is a bookkeeping services agreement & we start with a five job trial.  We attend your office.  You are issued with a password that gives you access to your Client Portal on our website and your Virtual File Room, enabling you to get started almost immediately.  We help you build a process that makes it as easy as possible to get the benefit.  If you are not happy with the trial then there is no charge! This will mean  Your clients receive their work faster.  Your invoicing is accelerated.  You can provide more services to your client as you have more time.  You can introduce our value add services to your practice.  Your billings increase.
  4. 4.  Your fixed overheads reduce to a lower variable cost, being us.  Your profits & cash flow improve. Our relationship is like one of additional employees located in a remote office, but at a more cost effective rate of $24 per hour or an agreed amount per month. We don’t want to check your bills and look over your shoulder. We guarantee to beat anyone else on cost vs. benefit. Our Bookkeeping Services in Sydney are highly cost effective. What am I charged?  We do not base our fees on what you anticipate charging your client – it is none of our business.  If your fee to your client is below the so called market rate (what ever that is) - it is none of our business.  If you want to charge your client more than the market rate we do not want any of it – it is none of our business.  We do not have minimum fees you must charge your clients.  We do not charge you 45% of your client fees - It is none of our business.  We will not charge you the greater of 45% of your anticipated fee or a minimum fee based on a matrix for each of the basic medium or complex criteria.  We are not your managing partner. We work for you.  We do guarantee that it will be a lot less than what you have come to expect. Our relationship is thus uncomplicated & saves you a great deal of time & money. In fact it is a mere $24 per hour for everything except out of pockets. That’s it. All done. Nice & simple. No hassle. Our Guarantees  We will not be beaten on cost.  We will complete the job within 10 business days once we have all the information in accordance with the agreed schedule. For more information visit, ng_practices_support.htm