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MYOB Hosting


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We allow our clients access to their MYOB files 24/7 from anywhere using their secure login. Provides flexible working options for staff and management

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MYOB Hosting

  1. 1. MYOB Hosting1300bpo host MYOB clients through our reliable and secure IT infrastructure.1300bpo provide the following Hosted MYOB applications: • MYOB Accounting • MYOB Accounting Plus • MYOB Premier • MYOB Premier Enterprise • MYOB Accountants Office • EXOnetWe allow our clients access to their MYOB files 24/7 from anywhere using their secure login.MYOB Benefits • No need for extra hardware, just internet access • You can work through a secure connection from remote locations • MYOB hosting • You can give your accountant access • Greater flexibility & ease of operation. • Always work on the latest MYOB software • Centralize accounting functions for multiple branches • Provides flexible working options for staff and management • Daily backup of data, so that data is not lost at any time. • To access only Internet Explorer V5+, and a minimum grade broadband internet connection required.Read more it Works - MYOB HostingThe process is simple and secure. Your MYOB software and data file are housed on the secureMYOB hosted server.This allows you and your accountant or bookkeeper, if you wish, to work remotely over theInternet.You then work through a secure remote connection over the Internet with no need for extrahardware or cabling.To get started Contact Us
  2. 2. Transferring to MYOB HostingAccessing your MYOB HostingMYOB hosting instructionMYOB Live DemoMYOB loginRead more Asked Questions - MYOB HostingWho can use this service?You will need to confirm with 1300bpo which MYOB software can be hosted, but they include: • MYOB Accounting v15+; • MYOB Accounting Plus v15+ • MYOB Premier v9+ • MYOB Premier Enterprise v3+ • Accountants Office v10+I’m using MYOB Accounting Plus, can more than one staff member access it at thesame time?No. You will just need to upgrade to MYOB Premier to allow this.Can my accountant or bookkeeper access my data if they need to?Yes, if you give them permission. If you want them to be able to access it simultaneously withyou, you will need MYOB Premier.Do I need an additional License?Yes, but a single MYOB Remote Hosting License is only $29 per yearOne License per MYOB product serial number.Do I need backups?Daily backups are completed of the server, including all client data for internal recoverypurposes only.Specific backups of your individual business data can be provided as per the schedule requestedby you - daily, weekly or monthly.
  3. 3. We recommend that you also create backups as prompted when closing MYOB, and save thesebackups at end of week/month/year as a secondary measure.How many users can access concurrently?You can have as many users as you wish, with the proper MYOB license. You can also setupusers without a licence, where the user only requires access to your centralised informationstore.How secure will my information be?The data hosting is secured by smart card access, and multiple firewalls with high level dataencryption.All Terminal Servers run Windows 2003 Server, with its enhanced performance and security.Your data is also protected by the inherent MYOB security features, such as passwordprotection.What down time can I expect?0.05% maximum unscheduled downtime benchmark is adhered to. All scheduled maintenanceoccurs with adequate notice.What support hours do you offer?By Phone: Monday to Friday 8.30am - 8.30pm ESTBy email: All requests for support can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.What hardware, software, connection and firewall do I need?A broadband Internet connection is recommended and a computer running either Windows(2000 or higher) or Mac OS (X or higher).Computers running Mac OS or Windows XP or higher can use any existing printer you mighthave.What initial setup is required?None. If you are an existing MYOB user, you will need to transfer your MYOB data file to thehosted server. If you are a new MYOB user, you can create a new data file in MYOB once yourprofile is complete and access commenced.Can I log in from interstate, overseas, internet café or hotel etc.?
  4. 4. Yes, any computer with an internet connection can be used and if you are using a Windowsbased computer (2000 or higher), there is nothing to install - just open Remote DesktopConnections from the Start Menu, type in the server address and then enter your usernameand password.What happens with MYOB upgrades?We will automatically install any new versions of MYOB, and go through the upgrade procedureof your records.What may affect our access speed?Your Internet ConnectionThe speed, quality & bandwidth will affect your access speed as will other applications orcomputers which are using your internet connection and peak usage times for home gradeconnections.Your Computer/NetworkYour computer or network can interfere with the speed of your access, particularly if it is notprotected by up-to-date anti virus software. Viruses and spyware due to out of date anti virussoftware can use your internet connection without your knowledge, and may reduce yourspeed as may internal network activity between computers.PrintersA good quality printer is required and we recommend applying the Remote Desktop Client 7.0update for Windows XP or the Remote Desktop Client 7.0 update for Windows Vista, andMicrosoft .Net Framework 3.5 for Windows XP and Vista, as these updates will facilitate greaterprinter compatibility.What happens if we want to leave?All data will be returned within 7 daysCan other programs be hosted such as Word, excel & email?Yes, and many Microsoft products can be rented to you to reduce your upfront cost. However aMicrosoft Office local computer license does not entitle you to use Office on a hosted server.What technology do I need?You need broadband internet access via any Windows-based or an Apple computer running OSX, utilizing the free Microsoft’s Remote Access Client (usually comes preinstalled with theoperating system). Please ensure that you check the minimum specification requirements with1300bpo. The hosted MYOB software can only be the respective Windows versions.
  5. 5. MYOB Hosting service feesStart-upInitial Consulting Services FreeSet-up of Terminals via phone IncludedAccount Connection fee (per profile) $180Set-up of Email Account IncludedMonthly Access ExpensesAccess Profile (unlimited hours) $50MaintenanceIndividual Back-ups daily/weekly/monthly - each $20Data Integrity Back-up check - each $60Additional Hard Drive Space (per GB per month) $10Unrelated Phone Support (per minute) $5Where to from here?Please Contact Us for further information.Read more LiveAccounts How it WorksOverviewMYOB LiveAccounts is an easy-to-use online accounting solution that creates invoices, tracksexpenses, manages GST and shows business performance. Being online, your staff and businessadvisors can work with the same data, at the same time, and you can access it from anywhereyou can access the internet.BenefitsGreater accuracy through Automatic DownloadAfter linking your bank accounts or credit cards to LiveAccounts, your transactions areautomatically transferred into the system, matched and coded. This saves you heaps of timeand results in you working with more accurate data.Unlimited Linked Bank Accounts
  6. 6. Save time by linking as many business bank accounts and credit cards as you needKeeps it SimpleLiveAccounts helps by keeping the accounting easy, so you can focus on the big stuff - likerunning your business. On a Mac or PC, it’s easy to use, includes support and requires noinstalls, updates or backups.Always up to DateUpdates are automatic and you never have to install an update again!Unlimited AccessAccess your accounts anytime, anywhereUnlimited Invoices & ExpensesCreate all the invoices and expenses you need to run your businessUnlimited SupportAll the support you need to get your accounts doneUnlimited UsersGive access to anyone who helps with your accounts and work together, onlineSafe, Secure & Backed upMYOB are the software providers that the majority of businesses trust and they use bestpractice standards to ensure your business data is highly protected and that you never have toworry about backing up again as it is done for you.How it WorksA Business using Live Accounts can invite their accountant to have access to their file via emailfrom within Live Accounts. Once this permission is provided, you will be able to access their filevia the Professional Partner homepage.Your advisor’s professional partner homepage lists all the client files you have been allowedaccess to. You simply click on the client you wish to access and you’re in their file. This meansthey have a single point of access for your live accounts clients and they don’t need to learnaccess codes and passwords for each client file. Alternatively they can set up the client’s
  7. 7. Liveaccounts file and then give you Ownership rights to it and hence be connected from the dayone.FAQsWhat does it cost to use the Professional Partner Home PageIt’s free for accountants, advisors and bookkeepers.Who is MYOB LiveAccounts for?It’s an easy to use solution for creating invoices, tracking expenses, and managing GST online.The system is really simple & is not cluttered with unnecessary functionality.It is a fantastic solution for sole traders, start-ups, and smaller businesses that are still usingmanual methods to do their accounts. It is aimed at clients who do not want to invest in MYOBBusiness software but still want to track their company financials. It is also aimed at clients whoare terrible at tracking business financials, the system then allows the accountant to accesstheir data without having to depend on the client relaying accurate data in a timely fashion.Is it based on turnover?No, it is not based on turnoverWhat are the criteria we can use?Businesses just starting out or have only been in business for a short time < 3 years.Business owners who are comfortable working online e.g., use internet bankingBusiness owners with little accounting knowledge so want something easy to use andunderstandBusiness owners that don’t want to worry about software installations, updates and backups.What existing stand-alone MYOB Software does this replace?Live Accounts does not replace any software. It is designed more to bridge the gap betweenMYOB Accountant software and small business. Businesses that are large enough to use theMYOB Account Right Range are still able to, but those who are not able to make that level ofinvestment still have access to a comprehensive system which will meet their needs. MYOB LiveAccounts allow them to allocate expenses, track debtors, create invoices, create financials, etc.You can import files from the Account Right range into Live Accounts to update financial dataand you can also bring in bank information from the clients financial institution.Is there an online version to do Payroll?Live Accounts does not have payroll because this is still the first release of the product.However they are looking to update Live Accounts with payroll early in 2011.If the client leaves does MYOB retain copies of their data?The Client’s data will revert to “read only” and they will have 30 days to print any reports anddownload their data. All the client data is confidential and is removed after a client’s
  8. 8. cancellation. However if that client decides to resubscribe to Live Accounts they will need tostart their account from scratch as if they were using the product again for the first timeHow do you ensure the privacy of the Clients Data?Client data can only be accessed by the account holder who has the login and passwordinformation. The accountant (advisor) can only access the clients information if they set up andlink the account for the client in the first instance, or are invited by the client to link accounts.The security of the client’s information is in accordance with military data security andencryption standards. In other words, it is very safe and private.What does it Cost?Live Accounts costs nothing for the advisor and only costs $25 including GST per month for eachclient. The pricing of the product is unlimited users per company file. Will the price include theBusiness Transaction costs?The price does include the delivery of transactions from the client’s bank accounts or creditcards however there is a “fair-use” clause in the terms and conditions around this. The fairusage will be set at around 100 transactions per month.What are the Computer Hardware Specifications?A Computer with Internet Connection is needed to use this product. Below are the supportingBrowser • PC Users : Internet Explorer (V7 and Above) • Mac Users : Firefox (v3 and above)Read more