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Joined up sales and marketing approach to sales enablement


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In response to changing buyer behaviour in B2B, marketing now has the opportunity to take more ownership of the funnel and provide buyers with relevant content earlier in the buying process.

The above document summarises what can be achieved with a joined up sales and marketing approach.

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Joined up sales and marketing approach to sales enablement

  1. 1. Paul Everett, Director of Marketing Strategy, The Marketing Practice +44 (0)1235 833233 Marianne Lord, Managing Director, BeClear Ltd +44 (0)7817 716841 STRATEGY SOLUTION SELECTION SCOPE SALES ENABLEMENT: THE NEW BATTLEGROUND BENEFITS OF COMBINING PROPOSITION DEVELOPMENT, SALES ENABLEMENT AND MARKETING PLANNING Improved upfront planning and proposition development • Similar questions at the heart of both sales enablement and marketing campaigns • Proposition creation benefits from early thinking about how it can be communicated 1 Sales enablement materials benefit from greater creativity • Why should all the excitement and engagement be restricted to marketing campaigns? 2 Marketing programmes benefit from quality content • Marketing can use the depth of educational content usually only seen in sales enablement 3 Marketing generates better early-stage opportunities • Campaigns can be more specific about the value that sales are equipped to add (teeing up the right engagements for sales) 4 Sales teams are equipped to convert more marketing leads 5 It all happens more quickly and with no insight lost between proposition and execution 6 SALES MARKETING SALES What if your salespeople could be ready to sell propositions in half the time? MARKETING What if you were producing sales enablement materials that actually got used? THE BUSINESS What if you could be confident that your propositions will really stand out to buyers? Marketing needs a new kind of content to support buyers who want to educate themselves B BEFORE NOW Everything starts with better, clearer propositions A C Salespeople need more support to add value in early consultative engagements — only 36% of execs believe interaction with vendor sales people is valuable Source: Forrester Survey of over 500 global executives purchasing (IT and business) D Marketing can do more to sell the value that sales will add and create early opportunities — 50%–90% of content created by marketing is never used by sales Source: IDC THE MARKETING FUNCTION NOW PLAYS A BIGGER ROLE IN THE OVERALL PIPELINE PROCESS STRATEGY SOLUTION SELECTION SCOPE
  2. 2. Paul Everett, Director of Marketing Strategy, The Marketing Practice +44 (0)1235 833233 Marianne Lord, Managing Director, BeClear Ltd +44 (0)7817 716841 AUDIO FILES: Product Managers, CIO interviews etc DELIVERING WINNING GO-TO-MARKET PROGRAMMES THE SALES ENABLEMENT PROGRAMME THE COMPELLING PROPOSITION THE INTEGRATED MARKETING PROGRAMME 1 2 3 HOSTED VIDEOS: Sales and Product Managers, client stories LIVE WEBINARS: Both internal education and external-facing versions MEETING TOOLS: Physical and digital NURTURE ASSETS: To drip feed through the sales process DETAILED DOCUMENTATION: Proposition overview, competitor insight, analyst CONSULTATIVE PROCESS: Decision-trees, battlecards, assets to ‘sell’ the process PRESENTATIONS: From basic PowerPoint to interactive formats SALESPEOPLE CONTENT: Encourage/ reward sharing REAL PROJECT EXAMPLES: Business cases, project plans, delivery roadmaps TALKINGPOINTS DEAL ONGOING DRIP-FEED SALES ENABLEMENT OPPORTUNITY ACCELERATION INSIDE SALES AWARENESS/INTEREST Direct mail/email Web content Thought leadership papers Integrated events Chat mats Battlecards Presentations Product sheets Blue Door executive forums Case studies Expert opinion articles Inside Sales telephone follow-up CAMPAIGNEXTENDINGTHROUGH THESALESPROCESS Social media content Special events/webinars LEAD GENERATION • An ongoing campaign (not a one-off activity) • Atomised (same content available across different media assets) • Refreshed at planned stages • A single, intuitive source of content: today, 50% of the information needed by the sales organisation is pushed through email (Source: IDC) • Available on mobile devices to suit a mobile sales team • Tracked to see what’s being used and interactive so sales can rate/share assets Speed to productivity of a new salesperson (e.g. from 6 to 3 months) THE SALES ENABLEMENT PROGRAMME IS: THE SALES ENABLEMENT PLATFORM IS: THE BUSINESS CASE Conversion rate from leads to deals (e.g. from 10% to 20%) Volume of sales-accepted leads (e.g. 7x increase from 10% to 70% of marketing leads being accepted) Time to market for a new proposition (e.g. from 3 to 1 months)