COMPANY PROFILEPT. Teknokraftindo AsiaTEKNOKRAFTINDO ASIA - IntroductionFounded in 1995 from a dream which involved 3 tech...
CeramicHard, resistant to corrosion, abrasion. Especially used in seal and packing areas on reciprocating pumps,sleeves, a...
Equipment, Consumables, and service. Since 1994, Sulzer the name became Sulzer Metco, to reflect the    importance of Metc...
2. Pure Metals:    a. Aluminium    b. Copper    c. Molybdenum    d. Zinc    3. Self-Fluxing Alloy    4. Thermal Spray Wire...
3M™ Flexible Diamond QRS Discs                                 Quick Release System                                 These ...
Applications: plastic, metals, magnetic media, oxide-coated discs, thin films, CDs, magnetic      heads, floppy disks, fib...
We are actively looking for ways to solve your gas detection requirement provides long term solution thatwill benefit to y...
I. PORTABLE SYSTEM, divided into:1. Multi Gas2. Single Gas1. MULTI GAS- ITX , MX6, detects up to six gases simultaneously2...
Range         : 0.25 – 20 mills (inch), tolerance + 10 % and 0.1 mil                  : 5 – 500 microns (metric), toleranc...
- Delcrome®     - Nistelle TM     - Starweld TM     - Delspray®     - Stellite®     - Tribaloy®     - Jet Kote TM     - Tr...
Contact Person - ProductsPaul Renon                          paul.renon@teknokraft.comHelena Pasaribu                     ...
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PT Teknokraftindo Asia


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Company Profile of Teknokraftindo Asia

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PT Teknokraftindo Asia

  1. 1. COMPANY PROFILEPT. Teknokraftindo AsiaTEKNOKRAFTINDO ASIA - IntroductionFounded in 1995 from a dream which involved 3 technicians we have become an expert in our field with ateam of over 50 professionals today.We have significantly grown to be ahead of today’s market and innovation to keep us in being a leader in ourfield, in Teknokraftindo Asia everyone becomes involved in understanding customer’s problems anddeveloping the best solution. Our Technology and resources are dedicated to providing customers withinnovative, reliable products and good service.Teknokraft’s MissionTo satisfy customers with high quality, value and serviceTo strengthen our position as the recognized leader for high qualityTo grow our company by helping Indonesian Industries save money by reducing manufacturing downtime,and eliminating the high costs of replacement partsSurface Technology and Wear Control Technology of rotating equipmentTo assist local and international high volume component manufacturers in integrating Thermal SprayTechnology into their productTo be a company that employees are proud to be part of….Teknokraft’s Market Focus 1 Mining 5 Petrochemical 2 Aviation, Gas Turbine 6 General Industry 3 Oil and Gas 7 Pulp and Paper 4 Automotive OEM 8 PrintingTeknokraft Asia - Our Business ActivitiesService DivisionTeknokraftindo Asia is the market leader for a complete range of coatings for Wear Control. We specialize inThermal Spray technology for rotating equipment. Since our workshop was set up by a Swiss and AmericanEngineers in 1995, we have passed along our knowledge and expertise to a team of technicians in our specialtechniques for components’ repairing.The goal of our services is to save money on downtime spare parts, and increase the useful productive life ofcritical machines and their components.Our super hardware resistant coatings:Tungsten carbideTungsten carbide coatings are incredibly hard, and resistant to abrasive wear. Applications are similar toCeramic, but Tungsten carbide will withstand more pressure, and larger abrasive particles.
  2. 2. CeramicHard, resistant to corrosion, abrasion. Especially used in seal and packing areas on reciprocating pumps,sleeves, and shafts. Ground and polished to a smooth surface. Lifetimes of 6-8 times of uncoated steelZinc or AluminumAtmospheric corrosion protection on large structures, on-site, and in situ. Imagine protecting tanks, bridges,electrical transmission towers and other large steel structures such as offshore platforms.Stellite and Stainless claddingTeknokraft represents Deloro Stellite, the inventor, and leader in the formulation of Cobalt BasedSuperalloys. “Superalloy” is the technical term for fantastic materials that have high temperature hardness,resistant to corrosion, and low coefficient of Friction. Valves, Gates, Wear rings, and other components.Our Advanced and Powerful coating equipment:HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel)Plasma Transferred ArcArc Metal SprayRokide Ceramic sprayTungsten Carbides Spray and FuseFlame SprayGEM and 3M Superfinishing, Diamond GrindingProduct DivisionWe represent and use a full range of Thermal Spray related equipment from surface preparation coating tosuperfinishing. We also provide consultation, training and certification to customers who buy our equipment.Sales divisionOur established sales network supports our workshop, and supplies our key customers. This enablesTeknokraft to surround the customer with quality products and services, to always be in the right place at theright time, when they need us.Products we sell Sulzer Metco Sulzer begin coating operations 1985 in Winterthur, Switzerland with brand name Sulzer Coating Company. After that, Sulzer acquired other Top coating companies including: Plasma Technic, Amdry, Eldim, Metco, Metoplas Loron, Euroflame, etc. Sulzer Metco is the Market leader for Thermal Spray
  3. 3. Equipment, Consumables, and service. Since 1994, Sulzer the name became Sulzer Metco, to reflect the importance of Metco in the Thermal Spray industry.Sulzer has four main Divisions:1. Sulzer Chemtech (Separation, mixing and reaction technology)2. Sulzer Pumps (Innovative pumping solutions and services)3. Sulzer Metco (Surface technology solution and services)4. Sulzer Turbomachinery Services (Repair and Maintenance of Thermal Turbo machinery)Sulzer Metco has a full line product portfolio consisting of:- Advanced coating technology equipment, systems and materials- Coating Services- Manufactured components- PVD Coating Services and Systems- Customer Support ServicesSulzer Metco Focuses on:- Aerospace- Power Generation- Automotive- Specialty Markets- General industry and workshop services.Sulzer Metco has a wide range Thermal Spray Coating services, all range equipment spare part andconsumable from traditional process to advance process.I. EQUIPMENT Conventional processes: a. Wire Flame spray (13 % Chrome steel; Bronze, Aluminium, Monel, Babbit, etc.) b. Powder Flame Spray (13% Chrome steel, Ceramic, Abradable material, Self fluxing, etc.) c. Wire Arc Spray (13% Chrome steel, Aluminum Magnesium, Zinc, Babbit, etc.) Advanced processes: a. HVOF (Tungsten carbide, Chrome carbide, Nickel chrome, Stainless steel, etc.) b. Air Plasma Spray (Ceramic, Tungsten, Self fluxing alloy, etc.) c. Vacuum Plasma Spray (VPS/LPPS/LVPS/CAPS) (Ceramic, Abradable, Aerospace application) Sulzer Metco can also supply for integrated and engineered system, such as: - Multicoat/Unicoat integrated controller - Spray Booth - Dust Collector - Turn Table (workpiece manipulator) - Gun Manipulator (Traverse movement and Robotic Equipment) - Water cooling - Blasting equipment (for Thermal Spray)II. MATERIAL 1. Abradable Material: a. Aluminum base b. Cobalt base c. Nickel base d. Copper base
  4. 4. 2. Pure Metals: a. Aluminium b. Copper c. Molybdenum d. Zinc 3. Self-Fluxing Alloy 4. Thermal Spray Wires a. Metcoloy 2 b. Metcoloy 5 c. Sprababbit d. Sprasteel e. Sprabonze 5. Thermal Spray Wires a. Tungsten Carbide b. Chrome Carbide 6. Associated Materials Masking tape, sealers, cleaning solvent, masking compounds, blasting, material, etc. 3M Superabrasive Flexible Diamond Products Achieve better finishes -- without sacrificing cut rates -- on hard-to-grind materials with 3M™ Flexible Diamond Products. A metal plated bond or tough resin bond securely anchors micron- graded diamond to our premium, flexible backing material to offer durability and longer life, while allowing conformance to a variety of controls. The open-dot pattern produces aggressive cutting action and reduces loading. 3M™ Flexible Diamond Hand Laps 100% Diamond grinding surface cuts with superior speed and consistency. Diamonds are bonded by nickel plating or resin bonding. Diapad™ Hand Laps are versatile - excellent for all hard-to-cut materials. Lightweight, easy to handle. Foam- based Hand Laps are comfortable - for flexibility on a variety of surfaces. Use wet or dry. 3M™ Diamond Files 100% Diamond abrasives, the highest-quality filing surface there is. Diamond surface is bonded to a flexible backing by nickel plating for supreme durability. Diamond files are highly versatile - great for many uses: grind hard-to-cut materials, fine-finish delicate surfaces, bevel edges, remove burrs, sharpen tools. Use wet or dry. 3M™ Professional Diamond Wetstones Professional Diamond Whetstones will give you a perfect edge on all your blades and tools. Used for precision faceting, sharpening chisels, blades, carbide tools, etc.
  5. 5. 3M™ Flexible Diamond QRS Discs Quick Release System These discs are designed for a quick change-over in a wet or dry environment. 3M™ Flexible Diamond PSA Discs Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Adhesive-backed Flexible Diamond PSA Discs adhere and remove quickly and easily to speed disc change time. 3M™ Flexible Diamond TG Roloc™ Discs 3M™ Flexible Diamond Discs Use where extreme flatness tolerances are required. This film- backed disc provides the film base necessary in applications such as metallurgical lapping, stone and marble finishing and precision flat polishing. 3M™ Flexible Diamond Belts Our hardest flexible diamond products. Available in belt sizes to fit your application. The backings offer varying degrees of flexibility. Superabrasives & Microfinishing Systems 3M™ Imperial™ Microfinishing Film A fast-cutting abrasive that provides precise, consistently uniform, close-tolerance finishes. A high-strength polyester film backing is coated with premium micron-graded mineral particles that are electrostatically oriented for greater cutting efficiency and resin-bonded for increased durability.Applications: metal, plastic, fiberglass, solid-surface composites, wood, paints, primers,automotive powertrain components, superfinishing.Available in: Sheets, Discs, Rolls, Belts 3M™ Imperial™ Lapping Film Premium, precision abrasive for producing a superfine, super- consistent finish. A high-strength polyester backing provides a uniform base for a coating of micron-graded mineral particles that are uniformly dispersed for greater finishing efficiency.
  6. 6. Applications: plastic, metals, magnetic media, oxide-coated discs, thin films, CDs, magnetic heads, floppy disks, fiber optics connectors, metallography, and other lapping and polishing applications.Available in: Sheets, Discs, Rolls 3M™ Wetordry™ Polishing Paper 3M™ Wetordry™ Polishing Papers have a super-flexible, non-woven backing that allows easy polishing of interior shapes and contours. Precision micron grading provides a uniform, consistent finish. Use wet or dry. Applications : Plastic, polyurethane, precious metal, fiberglass wood and paint repair. Available in : Sheets, Discs, Rolls 3M™ Imperial™ Polishing Film Available in either abrasive or non-abrasive form. The non- abrasive form is usually used as a carrier for a polishing compound. The abrasive version is usually used in a final metal finishing or polishing operation. Applications : Crankshaft and Cam Available in : Rolls, Discs and Self-Adhesive Discs 3M™ Imperial™ Diamond Lapping Film Offers a repeatable, precision finish on extremely hard materials. It combines micron-graded diamond particles, a resin bonding system and a highly uniform polyester film. Applications : Carbides, spray metal, ceramics, high-hardness metals, rocks and minerals, fiber optic connects, magnetic heads, metallurgical testing and other lapping and polishing applications Available in : Sheets, Discs, Rolls Industrial Scientific Corp.Gas DetectorINTRODUCTIONBeginningsThe company started in 1976 as the Research Division of National Mine Service Company (NMS). TheDivision was formed to develop methane detectors for underground mines. In 1985, NMS sold the division,and Industrial Scientific Corporation began independent operations on January 25 of that year.Now this manufacturer of portable and fixed system Gas Monitoring Equipment has joined forces withTeknokraftindo Asia PT, Jakarta, to provide the most comprehensive Gas Detection Solution. IndustrialScientific Corporation and Teknokraftindo Asia PT are committed to provide you the highest qualityproducts, the best possible service and reduce your cost of ownership throughout the life of our instrument.For example, did you know that many of our products have a life time guarantee?
  7. 7. We are actively looking for ways to solve your gas detection requirement provides long term solution thatwill benefit to your company.Manufacturing HeritageInvestments in research and engineering led to patented technologies and state-of-the-art designs. In turn, thecompany’s products became known as the most rugged and dependable in the world.New TechnologiesIn 2004, Industrial Scientific introduced iNet and the concept of Gas Detection as a Service. The companyhas also emerged as a leader in safety data analytics. Customers now have access to information that helpsthem identify and correct problems before they happen.Looking AheadThe future of Industrial Scientific will be shaped by a Vision of eliminating death in the workplace by theend of this century. With a solid track record of innovation, the company is well on its way to achieving thatVision.Milestones2007 First gas detector with a full-color display (MX6)2008 First docking station for remote management of fixed gas detectors (iTrans DS2)2009 European operations certified ISO14001 for environmental commitmentFEATURES:1. Quality Assurancea. ISO 9001 quality system certifiedb. CSA category certifiedc. Third party certification : Intrinsic safety, susceptibility to electromagnetic and radio frequencyinterference, ingress protection and performance.2. Global presencea. Offices Worldwide and distribution networks.3. Guaranteed for lifea. Life time warranty on most portable monitorsb. One year warranty on all fixed point system and accessories.4. Easy to use and serviceabilitya. One button operation and calibration on most monitorb. Easy sensor replacement and Calibration in the fieldc. Microprocessor controlled operation.d. Local servicing available through authorized distributor.e. Durability and reliabilityf. Flexible program2 (Two) Application Types of Gas Detector: I. PORTABLE SYSTEMSII. FIXED SYSTEMS
  8. 8. I. PORTABLE SYSTEM, divided into:1. Multi Gas2. Single Gas1. MULTI GAS- ITX , MX6, detects up to six gases simultaneously2. SINGLE GAS- T 40 Rattler- Gas Badges Plus & Pro3. ACCESSORIES- DS 2 Docking Stations- Confined Space Kit Solutions with Pump configurations: a. Motorized Sampling pump b. Hand Aspirated Pump- Battery- Charges- Sampling probe- External Alarm- Instrument Carrying case- Weather Guard case- Calibration Equipment- Gas cylinder- Regulator- Convenient carrying caseII. FIXED SYSTEM INSTRUMENTWA2 / Transmitter 2NEMA 4 type controller and alarm SystemsAir aware systemsRS 5100 CO Monitor6400 CO2 MonitoriTrans detectorsCONTROLLERa. 820 Controller, 4800 Controller, MX15,MX42A and many more depending on the needs. Defelsko DeFelsko is US company that focused on coating thickness equipment. DeFelsko has a wide range equipment from a simply equipment until the complex equipment is available. Teknokraftindo Asia has appointed as Authorized Distributor for Indonesia area. The trade mark from DeFelsko for their equipment is Positector ® . Positest® , Posipen® Positector ® 6000 series Positector 6000 can measured for magnetic or non-magnetic substrate. Posipen® Posipen measures non-magnetic coatings such as paint, enamel, platting, hot-dip galvanizing on steel. Posipen has two scales, mills (inch) and microns (metric);
  9. 9. Range : 0.25 – 20 mills (inch), tolerance + 10 % and 0.1 mil : 5 – 500 microns (metric), tolerance + 10 % and 2,5 micron Also this Posipen can measures at extreme temperature, the temperature is between : - 150oF and + 450oF - 100oC and + 230oC Positest® Positest measures non-magnetic coatings (pint enamel, plastic, galvanizing, Metalizing, plating, etc.) on steel/magnetic substrate. This equipment has 4 different scale : 1. Scale F : 0-2000 microns Tolerance : + 5 microns up to 100 microns + 5 % of the reading over 100 microns 2. Scale FM : 0-80 mils Tolerance : + 0.2 mils up to 4 mils + 5 % of the reading over 4 mils 3. Scale G : 0-200 microns Tolerance : + 1 micron up to 20 micron + 5 % of the reading over 0.8 mils 4. Scale GM : 0 - 8 mils Tolerance : + 0.04 mils up to 0.8 mils + 5 % of the over 0.8 mils Deloro Deloro Stellite Deloro Stellite is a company that focusing on fabrication material for hard facing. In Deloro Stellite for hard facing material is divided into two (2) group, once is Nickel base alloy and other is Cobalt base alloy. Deloro Stellite produce material in few model, such as: a. Electrode b. Wire c. Powder Cobalt base Alloy Nickel base alloy - Stellite 1 - Deloro 15 - Stellite 6 - Deloro 25 - Stellite 12 - Deloro 40 - Stellite 21 - Deloro 50 - Stellite F - Deloro 60 - Stellite SF 6 - Deloro 40 G - Stellite SF 1 - Nistelle C - Stellite SF 12 - Tribaloy T 700 - Tribaloy T-400 - Tribaloy T-800 Registered trademarks from Deloro Stellite Company: - Deloro Stellite ® - Deloro®
  10. 10. - Delcrome® - Nistelle TM - Starweld TM - Delspray® - Stellite® - Tribaloy® - Jet Kote TM - Tristelle TMDistributor in Indonesia for:3M -, Micro-abrasives, Diamond lapping filmsDeloro Stellite - GermanyWear resistant specialty superalloys-Cobalt – based, Stellite, Tribaloy, Castings,Dynabrade Air tools - USADynabrade Air tools, used with 3M abrasivesIndustrial Scientific - USA Best Gas Detectors. Protect workers and equipment against dangerous gases. Lifetime guarantee.GEM - USA and Superfinishing Equipment and Engineering support for the Paper and Roll ManufacturersDEFELSKOhttp://www.defelsko.comMeasure coating thickness on metal and plastic surface with high scientific
  11. 11. Contact Person - ProductsPaul Renon paul.renon@teknokraft.comHelena Pasaribu helena@teknokraft.comBambang bambang@teknokraft.comHerlambang technical@teknokraft.comAde Andriana ade.andriana@teknokraft.comPostal AddressPT. Teknokraftindo AsiaCilandak Commercial Estate Building 111-NGW,Jl. Raya KKO, Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan, 12560, IndonesiaPO. BOX 7578/JKSCCEWebsite: www.teknokraft.comTelephone FacsimileOffice +62-21-780 5402 Office +62-21-780 8016Contact Person - Workshop teknokraft@teknokraft.comSidik Latuconsina sidik.latuconsina@teknokraft.comPaul Renon paul.renon@teknokraft.comPutu Darma putu.darma@teknokraft.comPostal AddressPT. Teknokraftindo Asia - WorkshopJl. Lingkar Luar Barat No. 9A, Rawa Buaya, CengkarengJakarta BaratTelephone FacsimileWorkshop +62-21-544 0095 Workshop +62-21-541 5972 +62-21-543 99 893