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Top tips on using incentives to encourage sport makers


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Top tips on using incentives to encourage sport makers

  1. 1. Top Tips for CSPs - Incentives Using incentives to encourage Sport Makers – top tips
  2. 2. Top Tips for CSPs - Incentives • Put time and effort in – if used correctly, incentives can help CSPs reach targets, specifically where recording of hours is concerned. However, it takes time and effort to fully utilise incentives. • Research what people want – before launching an incentive scheme, consider researching what prizes might encourage your Sport Makers. Money spent on prizes which are of no interest to your audience is wasted money. • Only incentivise recording of hours – it has been shown that few incentive schemes used to encourage people to attend events have worked. So, focus efforts on using incentives to encourage Sport Makers to record hours.
  3. 3. Top Tips for CSPs - Incentives • Offer incentives to specific groups of people such as colleges and workplaces – this gives people an idea of the potential they have for winning a prize (as prizes are limited to participants from the group) and adds an element of competition and peer pressure to the programme. This can really help to encourage people to do their activity and record it online. • Revisit those groups after the event – this reminds people of the programme and the chances of winning a prize, which means they are often likely to complete more activity.
  4. 4. Top Tips for CSPs - Incentives • Have a range of incentives and offer a choice to Sport Makers who reach 10 hours – this means that your incentives are likely to have a broader appeal. • Incentivise organisations – offering incentives to organisations rather than individuals could mean that the organisation take responsibility for some of the work in getting people to events and to record hours. • Make clear the chances Sport Makers have of winning prizes – people often think that prizes are unattainable when, in reality, most Sport Makers actually have a very good chance of winning. Make this clear and more Sport Makers will be encouraged to record hours.
  5. 5. Top Tips for CSPs - Incentives • Use Ping! sets and hooded tops – these have both proved popular with Sport Makers. • Hold back Sport Makers t-shirts – using Sport Makers t-shirts as an incentive to those who record 10 hours rather than giving them away at events should be considered as an option. • Show Sport Makers how to record hours at events – while the recording of hours is important to us, it is not seen as essential by Sport Makers themselves. Dedicate time during events to drive home how important it is and what the potential rewards might be, as well as to help Sport Makers understand how the online system works.
  6. 6. Top Tips for CSPs - Incentives • Take prizes to events – if possible, this gives Sport Makers a tangible understanding of what they might win. • Remind Sport Makers immediately after the event of what the incentives are and how they record hours – Following up your recently attended Sport Makers with the vital information on recording hours can help emphasise how important it is. • Focus on recently attended Sport Makers - most Sport Makers activity takes place in the days and weeks following attendance at an event. Focus your efforts on these people and put less effort into those who attended some time ago without having recorded any activity.
  7. 7. Top Tips for CSPs - Incentives • Communicate directly with Sport Makers – this can be a quick, easy way to record hours, especially if done by phone. • Monitor and evaluate incentive schemes – when running incentive schemes, keep a track of what works and what doesn’t in order to improve future efforts. • Use a system to track the recording of hours by individual Sport Makers – this can be an effective way of knowing which Sport Makers to focus your efforts on.
  8. 8. Top Tips for CSPs - Incentives • If working with specific group, send prizes to organisation – this can reduce workload for the CSP, with the organisation handing out prizes. • Celebrate prize winners publicly – this can help those who have not done any activity or recorded hours. It shows them that they could win a prize and it adds an element of competition among peers.