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2013 health communication


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2013 health communication

  1. 1. Health Communication Academic posters for Festival of thinkers Tuesday 25th March
  2. 2. Learning Outcomes • 1. Explain concepts in health communication and role of social marketing, including definitions of theories and key terms and how social marketing is different from traditional public health planning. • 2. Create a researched problem description for a social marketing plan.
  3. 3. Tasks • Individually produce an academic poster based on your research with Dr Margaret • In teams identify, coordinate and produce key elements of the social marketing process – Produce a poster template – Produce a rationale for the work – Initiate a timeframe with key deliverables & stakeholder
  4. 4. The Ps model for marketing • The marketer E. Jerome McCarthy proposed a four Ps classification in 1960, which has since been used by marketers throughout the world.[1]  Product - A product is seen as an item that satisfies what a consumer needs or wants. It is a tangible good or an intangible service  Price - The price is the amount a customer pays for the product
  5. 5. 4Ps cont.  Promotion - represents all of the methods of communication that a marketer may use to provide information to different parties about the product  Place -refers to providing the product at a place which is convenient for consumers to access
  6. 6. This was extended to the 7 Ps • Physical evidence - here refers to the research evidence • People - here refers to the audience • Process - refers to the processes and systems within the organization that affects the project
  7. 7. Social Marketing • Social Marketing applies the principles of marketing to address social problems by influencing behavior change. • Social marketing requires: – A “customer” focused approach – Voluntary behaviour change – An exchange – Individual or societal benefit (rather than corporate benefit or profit)
  8. 8. Segmentation Process • Identify most relevant variables for segmentation • Segment individuals • Select target group(s) • Select important secondary targets – Gatekeepers, influencers, stakeholders
  9. 9. Process Social marketing process Describe the issue Research Create strategy Plan intervention Plan monitoring & Evaluation Implement
  10. 10. Key areas to consider Target Audience Barriers Cost benefit Determinants of behaviour Theory of behaviour change Competition
  11. 11. Example from NHS
  12. 12. Design work • Look at this guidance here
  13. 13. • Social Marketing Lite: Ideas for folks with small budgets and big problems /Social-Marketing-Lite-1st-ed.pdf • The Basics of Social Marketing ges/pdfs/social_market/smc_basics.pdf