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Cognitive Assessment & Training Application, using Enhanced Game Design to Accelerate Learning, targeted to offset Late Effects as a result of Child Cancer Treatment. Please visit

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Digitalme : Game Based Learning App

  1. 1. * Enhanced Game Design to Accelerate Learning, targeted to offset Late Effects as a result of Child Cancer Treatment. Copyright © 2013 PivecLabs
  2. 2. * Many children will experience Cognitive Decline and reduced Social Acceptance after being treated for Childhood Cancer. This is particularly evident with young girls.* Copyright © 2013 PivecLabs
  3. 3. * Cognitive Learning has also been proven to help with ADHD, Autism, and General Learning Disabilities.* Copyright © 2013 PivecLabs
  4. 4. * The Digital Me project is based on 10 years of in-depth research and prototyping, resulting in a proven framework of game-based learning methodology and toolsets.* Copyright © 2013 PivecLabs
  5. 5. * Digital Me is a library of games that are linked to an onscreen, age appropriate and customisable character, designed to accelerate learning.* Copyright © 2013 PivecLabs
  6. 6. * Using “Recursive Learning Theory” the character will guide the user through the learning process in a playful game environment, proven to accelerate learning by up to 2.5 times over traditional methods.* Copyright © 2013 PivecLabs
  7. 7. * The proposed application and associated games, focus on creating an environment that motivates the user to persistently re-engage, fostering the drill and practice of cognitive skills through interactive play.* Copyright © 2013 PivecLabs
  8. 8. * The application will also provide features such as reminding the user to complete real-life tasks (like take medications), all in a safe virtual environment with parental control or clinical supervision.* Copyright © 2013 PivecLabs
  9. 9. * The application interface centers around a 3D animated character, which can be customized to reflect the personality of the user.* Copyright © 2013 PivecLabs
  10. 10. * The proposed application and included game modules will fully comply with accessibility guidelines for mobile devices, as documented by the Able Gamers foundation (2012). * Initially, this app will support 6 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese), and will eventually support all iOS character sets. * The app will provides XML data for importing to other analysis programs for parental and clinical monitoring.* Copyright © 2013 PivecLabs
  11. 11. * Crowd-Funding support has been sourced for the completion of this project. Development details and project timeline are available online.* Copyright © 2013 PivecLabs
  12. 12. * The application will been developed in stages and released to the target market for usability testing using an iterative development process.* Copyright © 2013 PivecLabs
  13. 13. * Promotion will be via social networks and media sharing: * ** Copyright © 2013 PivecLabs
  14. 14. * Support from Clinicians…. * Director of Research Children’s Cancer Research, "This project needs to be done, I can see many advantages” * CEO Starship Hospital "Yes, for young cancer patients and be of benefit for others dealing with brain issues from illnesses” * Leading Child Psychologist, “makes perfect sense, digital games could be a powerful intervention, great work!”* Copyright © 2013 PivecLabs
  15. 15. * This project will be completed, but will get there faster with public and financial support. Please share on your social networks and donate to the cause. Pivec Labs is a subsidiary of CranberryBlue R&D Limited* Copyright © 2013 PivecLabs