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New York Criminal Defense Attorney Paul D. Petrus Jr. defends Criminal cases, DWI, Drugs, Fraud, Sex Crimes, Computer Crime, SE HABLA ESPAÑOL. For more details please contact Paul Petrus at 212.564.2440 and visit: http://www.petruslaw.com/

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NY Criminal Defense Attorney | Federal Crime | Defense Attorney NYC

  1. 1. Criminal Defense Lawyer NY PRACTICE AREAS The Law Office of Paul D. Petrus, Jr. focuses on all practice areas including violations, misdemeanors, felonies and all federal crimes in the state of New York.Disclaimer: www.petruslaw.comThe tips in this presentation are general in nature. Please use your New York Criminal Defense Lawyerdiscretion while following them. The author does not guarantee legal Phone: 212.564.2440validity of the tips contained herein. paul@petruslaw.com
  2. 2. BailMr. Petrus has experience in obtaining low bailcosts for his clients, and Mr. Petrus makes therecord. Do not leave the cost of your loved onesfreedom to chance - It could cost you a lot. Literally.
  3. 3. Computer CrimeMr. Petrus has completed an entire academic coursedevoted strictly to electronic evidence. Mr. Petrus alsohas the resources to provide you with an expert shouldthis be necessary.
  4. 4. DWIIf you have previously been convicted of a DWI in New York in thelast 10 years, you may be charged and convicted of a felony DWI.We at Paul D. Petrus Jr. & Associates, P.C. have years of experiencedealing with such cases and ensuring that you get the best defensepossible.
  5. 5. DrugsJudges have been able to send more offenders to treatmentprograms, instead of prison, without having to get consent fromthe prosecutor. Unfortunately, New York still has some of thecountrys toughest drug laws. Mr. Petrus can help you.
  6. 6. JuvenilesMr. Petrus understands that if your child has been accused ofbreaking the law, you will want representation considerate of yourchilds unique situation. Mr. Petrus will provided suchrepresentation and also listens to the concerns of parents. Yourchildren are the ones you love the most, and Mr. Petrus knows that.
  7. 7. Parole & ProbationMr. Paul D Petrus is parole specialist criminal attorney in New Yorkwith rich experience dealing with strictest and toughest parole andprobation officers.
  8. 8. Sex CrimesSince sex crimes often carry particularly long sentences, callknowledgeable and dedicated sex crime attorney Paul D. Petrus Jr.to defend you.
  9. 9. WarrantsIf you wonder whether you have a warrant, Mr. Petrus caninvestigate it. If you need to surrender, Mr. Petrus can arrange it.Protect your constitutional rights and let the Law Office of Paul D.Petrus Jr. & Associates handle your warrants and surrenders.
  10. 10. White Collar OffensesFor serious white collar offenses, you need a serious defense. Mr.Petrus understands and through hard work and a personal touchwill build such a defense for you.
  11. 11. Federal Bail BondsFederal bail bonds are probably the most serious and risky forms ofbail bond. If you are facing a federal bail bond, contact Paul D.Petrus & Associates, P.C.