Top 5 Tips for Local Mobile Marketing


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You know about mobile marketing but more all the best tips for local mobile marketing check here -

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Top 5 Tips for Local Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. Top 5 Tips for LocalMobile Marketing
  2. 2. What’s a Local Mobile Marketing ?Mobile marketing has become the newstandard in small business marketing, too.It’s great for securing business with localcustomers who’re on-the-go. Plus, it can saveyou a small fortune compared to other PR,promotions, and advertising channels. Top 5 Tips for Local Mobile Marketing
  3. 3. Universe Mobile MarketingAny type of local business can benefit frommobile marketing, with the most searchedmobile categories. You can use local mobilemarketing to connect with consumers manyways. Small businesses use local mobilechannels for advertising, customer care / PRrelationship management, and salespromotions. Top 5 Tips for Local Mobile Marketing
  4. 4. Join Mobile DirectoriesGetting listed in a few mobile directorieseasily puts your business “on the mobile map.”The new Google Places offers one suchopportunity. Also many local mobilemarketing Top 5 Tips for Local Mobile Marketing
  5. 5. Start Mobile AdvertisingLocal mobile advertising on Google is a low-cost way to reach more customers. Bid only onwhat you’re willing to pay, either paying perclick or per phone call from a prospect. Youcan even target multiple mobiledevices, ranging from high-end smart phonesto standard cell phones. Top 5 Tips for Local Mobile Marketing
  6. 6. Connect via QR CodesMost exciting are Quick Response (QR) codes –i.e., the new bar codes. QR codes can be readby mobile phones. We increasingly see QRCodes in magazine ads; Once a mobile userscans your QR code, it’s easy to connect inreal-time, sending them coupons, eventannouncements, RSS feed updates, and more. Top 5 Tips for Local Mobile Marketing
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