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DevOps short deck:- DevOps the Fire of Innovation
Some clarity on DevOps (Start-up, Pilot & Global Enterprise)
DevOps: an endless evolution of improvements & adaptations
Should Successful DevOps = Business Agility?

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  • Why this deck?Some more DevOps clarity…Why DevOps can be an on-going processDoes DevOps equal Business Agility…
  • Enabling the “DEV” in DevOps….
  • Some of the overlooked challenges in getting DevOps started in the enterprise…The non-changing character of established “Enterprise practices” can be a primary blockerCulture – Technologies/Tools/Platforms – System/Process FlowsIt is a lot of work…To get things started But it can be very rewarding too
  • Some Core Themes:- The “first phase” of DevOps effort is inspiring development…- It’s very different in form and function
  • Early adopters come from a long history of both process and technology. They have been the day-to-day first responders and deliverers on the demands and pressures in other environments.DevOps is a Visionary dream and creates an environment where they can be more productive without the bureaucracy, legacy technical debt and unrealistic pressures to deliver ASAP. DevOps provides an opportunity to gain mastery of cross-discipline functions and technologies that drive that have been “off-limits” in the silo structures. DevOps lives in a world of fast failures and fast fixes where continuous learning, adapting and innovating, and it allows to teams to find optimal combinations for the efforts and the business needs.
  • Are we there yet? - Who’s asking and why?DevOps done…As a Pilot project?As a Development/Project best-practice?As an integrated cross-discipline IT best-practice?As a technology partner with a business team?With an ever evolving investigation of Technology InnovationsWith ever changing market conditions and business demands
  • DevOps can drive IT Transformation…but is it really that different from traditional IT?Waterfall’s mega-projects with complex dependencies and 3 year cadencesIT in Silo organizations with hand-offs and throw-oversLittle visibility to IT Operations fragile and change prone environmentsIT Service Mgt with no traceability beyond the “problem App” with no real-time link between specific “App features” and Root cause Code and authoring Developers …so do I really need to dive deeper? DevOps is different in form and function…
  • Enterprise organizations have established cultures that thrive in their current state……even though there may be many bad practices!Some myths to bust…Faster moving DOES NOT always equate to “more risk”Optional rules-driven automation tracks can meet Security and Compliance concerns
  • Enterprise funded DevOps Pilots are “BORN” in traditional and legacy environments…So play nice and cooperate with other groups
  • DevOps is not chaos free…But it’s the DevOps project chaos should decline over time with success and trust…WaterFall and Silos add more layers of chaos and bureaucracy over time
  • There will always be on on-going stream of…New Systems and ProcessesNew Technologies and ToolsNew Market conditions and Business demands
  • IT Transformation…it’s not personal…it’s just business!Sorry traditional IT, Enterprise Silo orgs, Big Brand Specialty Tech Platforms, and all the IT Careers that that supported older models and tools…the sun is setting…DevOps just makes sense…for the business!
  • Systems and Technology should always be adaptable to the business needs.The Fire and Flames metaphor in the context of a backyard Bar-B-Que (with the easy on and off functionality) can create some great events in a short period of time with little effort.Over time the DevOp work to create a fire of innovation transitions and is leveraged to work for the business as needed…
  • DevOps has to be repeatable over time and geographies…one team’s success in one location is a liability…There is some irony in the fact that many DevOps efforts “don’t care” about sustaining, scaling etc…until there is some level of success, but then they face a dilemma of “throwing away” pilot tools and data to explore scalable and secure tools.Forward looking efforts invest in the “right long-term tools and processes” early on…and avoid growth transitions away from point tools that can be very disruptive to adoption efforts.
  • It’s the same IT conversations… Without the Silo rewards, the isolated decision making, and With more cross-disciple collaboration and organizational-wide feed-back loops
  • It’s IT packaged and optimized for your business!
  • Current state IT as a wholeis… a cost center siloed into specialty groups…that is generally are un-measureable with little accountabilityFuture state DevOps IT will…make us painfully aware of the inefficiencies we have been mostly blind toBe cost efficient for the businesses they serveAvoid BLAMING anyone or any group as we transition forward…
  • DevOps-the-fire-of-business-innovation

    1. 1. The Fire for Business Innovation! Paul Peissner DevOps Enthusiast Innovators & viral start-ups SMB & Enterprise Pilots Enterprise Standardization Driven Business!
    2. 2. Innovations in Unified Development Agile, Continuous Integration, etc.
    3. 3. DevOps – Inspiring Development – New Tools & Open-Source Unified Development without the… - Mega-Waterfalls & blind-side hand-offs - Anonymous & invisible contributor roles - Lack of visibility & team reward/recognition Initial DevOps efforts: It “feels” like the opposite of Status Quo Enterprise IT!
    4. 4. DevOps – Inspiring Development – New Tools & Open-Source Agile, DevOps, Automation, Cloud… - Making it work is an AMAZING experience - Manual efforts & experiments are worth it! - Sustaining, Scale, Security…we’ll deal with that later…IT WORKS! Initial DevOps: It proves that DevOps could be game changing for IT!
    5. 5. Wiki Greenhopper Jenkins Soasta Selenium Test-drivenDev UTest Continuous Deployment Delivery Release ITCollaboration Email IM Chef Puppet CFE Amazon N.Relic Ruby OpenSource Also see: How 1st Phase DevOps Software Engineers Craft Solutions
    6. 6. DevOps DevOps…An Adventure in Continuous Evolution?
    7. 7. Continuous Delivery, Cloud, etc. Innovations in Unified IT Processes
    8. 8. DevOps – Enterprising Pilot Efforts - Culture Changing! Collaborating Dev and Ops without the… - Slow moving & chaotic change cadences - Bureaucracy & fragile complexity - Competitive & distrusting specially roles DevOps Pilot efforts: Need to live side-by-side with legacy designs.
    9. 9. DevOps – Enterprising Pilot Efforts - Culture Changing! Cross-discipline teams creating new flows… - Doing so much more with so much less - Redefining roles, careers and organizations - Exploring, experimenting &innovating…creating new opportunities! DevOps Pilot efforts: Prove and discover new & flexible IT processes !
    10. 10. From complex isolated clusters & competitive silos IT Transformation… Technology, Tools, Processes & People To more collaborative & aligned swimming lanes Also see: Plan Dev QA Deploy Ops Bus-User
    11. 11. A Continuous Evolution Process? – Dev, Dev/Ops, Dev/Ops/Business And your Feedback Loop evolution will create continuous improvement opportunities
    12. 12. Driven Business! Business Agility… With Continuous Improvement/Innovation/Learning Development Driven Business Innovations
    13. 13. DevOps – Global and Flexible Standards for the Business Business and IT collaboration via DevOps standardizations… - Higher quality & more secure flexibility - Faster moving options with fewer moving parts - Maximizing business agility & process efficiencies Enterprise DevOps: Should better align technology with the business demands
    14. 14. DevOps – Global and Flexible Standards for the Business Unified Enterprise DevOps… - Optimizes IT for the business - Enables businesses agility - Promotes more collaboration…continuous learning & improving! Enterprise DevOps: It enables IT to work for the business!
    15. 15. Also see: Selling DevOps – To the wider IT Communities & Culture
    16. 16. Selling DevOps – To the Business (internal improvements / external growth)
    17. 17. How to Measure DevOps’ ROI… – From Ideation to Business Success Where to start? Getting buy-in? Checkout: Driven Business!
    18. 18. Questions? @PaulPeissner - Enthusiast for DevOps and IT Transformation - Culture, Process and System flows - Peissner - Paul @ Peissner (dot) c o m Other PaulPeissner Slideshares: - Selling DevOps Style - The DevOps Rubick’s Cube - DevOps & traditional IT flat tires - DevOps Swimming Lanes In the SF Bay Area, open to 1:1 meetings, group presentations or panel discussions? - Meetups, User Groups, Workshops… - 1:1 @ coffee shops…absolutely! Driven Business!