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DevOps short deck:- DevOps the Fire of Innovation
Some clarity on DevOps (Start-up, Pilot & Global Enterprise)
DevOps: an endless evolution of improvements & adaptations
Should Successful DevOps = Business Agility?

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  1. 1. The Fire for Business Innovation! Paul Peissner DevOps Enthusiast Innovators & viral start-ups SMB & Enterprise Pilots Enterprise Standardization Driven Business!
  2. 2. Innovations in Unified Development Agile, Continuous Integration, etc.
  3. 3. DevOps – Inspiring Development – New Tools & Open-Source Unified Development without the… - Mega-Waterfalls & blind-side hand-offs - Anonymous & invisible contributor roles - Lack of visibility & team reward/recognition Initial DevOps efforts: It “feels” like the opposite of Status Quo Enterprise IT!
  4. 4. DevOps – Inspiring Development – New Tools & Open-Source Agile, DevOps, Automation, Cloud… - Making it work is an AMAZING experience - Manual efforts & experiments are worth it! - Sustaining, Scale, Security…we’ll deal with that later…IT WORKS! Initial DevOps: It proves that DevOps could be game changing for IT!
  5. 5. Wiki Greenhopper Jenkins Soasta Selenium Test-drivenDev UTest Continuous Deployment Delivery Release ITCollaboration Email IM Chef Puppet CFE Amazon N.Relic Ruby OpenSource Also see: How 1st Phase DevOps Software Engineers Craft Solutions
  6. 6. DevOps DevOps…An Adventure in Continuous Evolution?
  7. 7. Continuous Delivery, Cloud, etc. Innovations in Unified IT Processes
  8. 8. DevOps – Enterprising Pilot Efforts - Culture Changing! Collaborating Dev and Ops without the… - Slow moving & chaotic change cadences - Bureaucracy & fragile complexity - Competitive & distrusting specially roles DevOps Pilot efforts: Need to live side-by-side with legacy designs.
  9. 9. DevOps – Enterprising Pilot Efforts - Culture Changing! Cross-discipline teams creating new flows… - Doing so much more with so much less - Redefining roles, careers and organizations - Exploring, experimenting &innovating…creating new opportunities! DevOps Pilot efforts: Prove and discover new & flexible IT processes !
  10. 10. From complex isolated clusters & competitive silos IT Transformation… Technology, Tools, Processes & People To more collaborative & aligned swimming lanes Also see: Plan Dev QA Deploy Ops Bus-User
  11. 11. A Continuous Evolution Process? – Dev, Dev/Ops, Dev/Ops/Business And your Feedback Loop evolution will create continuous improvement opportunities
  12. 12. Driven Business! Business Agility… With Continuous Improvement/Innovation/Learning Development Driven Business Innovations
  13. 13. DevOps – Global and Flexible Standards for the Business Business and IT collaboration via DevOps standardizations… - Higher quality & more secure flexibility - Faster moving options with fewer moving parts - Maximizing business agility & process efficiencies Enterprise DevOps: Should better align technology with the business demands
  14. 14. DevOps – Global and Flexible Standards for the Business Unified Enterprise DevOps… - Optimizes IT for the business - Enables businesses agility - Promotes more collaboration…continuous learning & improving! Enterprise DevOps: It enables IT to work for the business!
  15. 15. Also see: Selling DevOps – To the wider IT Communities & Culture
  16. 16. Selling DevOps – To the Business (internal improvements / external growth)
  17. 17. How to Measure DevOps’ ROI… – From Ideation to Business Success Where to start? Getting buy-in? Checkout: Driven Business!
  18. 18. Questions? @PaulPeissner - Enthusiast for DevOps and IT Transformation - Culture, Process and System flows - Peissner - Paul @ Peissner (dot) c o m Other PaulPeissner Slideshares: - Selling DevOps Style - The DevOps Rubick’s Cube - DevOps & traditional IT flat tires - DevOps Swimming Lanes In the SF Bay Area, open to 1:1 meetings, group presentations or panel discussions? - Meetups, User Groups, Workshops… - 1:1 @ coffee shops…absolutely! Driven Business!