Internet marketing strategies for small business


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Internet marketing strategies for small business can really take your business forward. Discover the top marketing methods used today.

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Internet marketing strategies for small business

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Strategies for Small Business
  2. 2. The marketing world has seen big changes over the last 10years.With the popularity of the internet the focus has shifted and ifyou are a small company you need to look into internetmarketing strategies for small business.
  3. 3. Here are a few of the internet marketing strategies for smallbusiness you may wish to consider:BloggingHaving a blog can help you get your message out there. It issimilar to a website and can be updated regularly with the latestnews and developments taking place in your business.
  4. 4. Video marketingVideo is proving to be a great marketing strategy for manycompanies.You may have heard of the website called YouTube. This is theworld’s second largest search engine, the first being Google.Millions of videos are viewed on the site every day.Imagine having your own video on YouTube. Imagine the powerof selling your message, product or service to millions of peopleevery day.
  5. 5. Email marketingCreating a mailing list is essential to internet business and is nothard to do at all. You can have what is known as an opt-in box onyour blog which collects email addresses.In return you can give away a free gift such as a report, MP3audio file, video etc.Once you have the email address you can then market otherproducts in weekly emails to that person.
  6. 6. Social mediaYou may have heard of a site called Facebook. It is not just forkids. Some like to post their daily routine onto Facebook, butonline marketers have a different idea altogether.Facebook allows you to brand yourself. For example you can setup your own page related to your subject such as weight loss ordating.People will find your page and ask to become a member of it.You can then start to sprinkle in your offers as part of yourweekly message routine. You can also set up Facebook groups ona topic.
  7. 7. Pay per click advertisingYou may have seen small adverts appearing on the Googlesearch results page. These adverts have been paid for.Companies and individuals pay to advertise on Google and youcan imagine the exposure you can get by doing this.Google has a massive user base and just imagine if you could getyour advert in front of them.
  8. 8. To Discover More Internet Marketing Strategies for Small Business Please Visit Our Website