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A presentation I did for Bristol Centre for Youth Ministry on Film & Theology

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  • Images rep God but the bible reps God. Chicken or egg. Movie define God we then impose that on bible or bible rep God we then impose that on movies

  • pulp fiction
    As christians we watch the Marex and see the Christ story

  • Mobile
  • The McDonald's "M" arches create a world with the promise of endless amounts of identical food, when in "reality" the "M" represents nothing, and the food produced is neither identical nor infinite.
  • Viewer watching pornography begins to live in the non-existent world of the pornography, and even though pornography is not an accurate depiction of sex, for the viewer, the reality of "sex" becomes something non-existent.

  • inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from fantasy,

  • fantasy-master Peter Jackson which neither seems to be heaven or hell, but some sort of ambiguous in-between.
    In the end, Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones ends up primarily being about finding freedom from an event that both literally and figuratively robs the characters in its story of life.
    more relevant situation The Lovely Bones ponders is that of a figurative loss of life while we are still living—much like the one Susie's family feels following her death even though they are still alive themselves.
    s a young woman whom Susie meets in her other world tells her, "You don't control this, Susie. He does not own you. You can be free." And in those words is delivered a powerful message not only for Susie and her family, but for all of us.
    Farthers love

  • Film & Theology

    1. 1. Reel Theology Paul Tilley
    2. 2. Name/Fav Film & Why
    3. 3. Write 1 - 30 & name the movie
    4. 4. Write 1 - 30 & name the movie
    5. 5. 1. Napoleon Dynamite 17. Up 2. Incredibles 18. Star Trek 3. Finding Nemo 19. Open Season 2 4. Shrek 2 20. Kung Fu Panda 5. 50 first dates 21. Bolt 6. Night at the museum 22. The Dark Knight 7. Willy Wonka and the 23. Wall-E Chocolate Factory 24. Cars 8. Toy Story 25. Lord of the Rings: Two 9. Ice Age Towers 10. Madagascar 26. National Treasure 2 11. Elf 27. Indiana Jones: Temple of 12. Mrs. Doubtfire Doom 13. Nacho Libre 28. Pirates of the Caribbean: At 14. Prince of Egypt World’s End 15. Wizard of Oz 29. Spiderman 3 16. Transformers: revenge of 30. Robots the fallen
    6. 6. Sola scriptura
    7. 7. Metanarratives have lost their power to convince – they are, literally, stories that are told in order to legitimise various versions of "the truth"
    8. 8. Solition is to replace metanarratives by focusing on specific local contexts as well as the diversity of human experience. "multiplicity of theoretical standpoints"rather than grand, all-encompassing theories.
    9. 9. Christ, Postmodern or Christian Postmodern epistemology?
    10. 10. Chicken + Egg Is theology already there for us to find or are we just imposing our own epistemology onto another?
    11. 11. . In a 1999 online chat, the Wachowski brothers were asked, "Did ideas from Buddhism influence you in making the film?" They responded, "Yes, There's something uniquely interesting about Buddhism…that has fascinated us for a long time."
    12. 12. Is Avatar ‘satanic’?
    13. 13. • “After I watched Avatar for the first time, I truly felt depressed that I was awake in this world again.” • “It’s so hard, I can’t force myself to think that it’s just a movie, and to get over it, and that living like the Na’vi will never happen”. • “I want to go to Pandora because life here sux [sic], with no sense of companionship, and because mankind has destroyed our planet.” • “I even contemplated suicide, thinking that if I do it I will be rebirthed in a world similar to Pandora, and that everything will be the same as in Avatar.”
    14. 14. •“With Avatar, the technology has become so highly sophisticated that it makes the screen world seem more vivid than reality can ever be,” • is the pinnacle of a subtle process, prevalent in modern culture, that prioritises screen realities over lived experience. •“In the modern world an event has not happened unless it has been photographed or filmed,” •“The failure of primary experience means that the film becomes the reality instead ... The reality of the screen is infinitely more real than the reality around us.” •The Age of Absurdity: Why Modern Life Makes it Hard to be Happy •by Michael Foley •272pp, Simon & Schuster Ltd, £10.99
    15. 15. • The Matrix Trilogy - Cyberpunk twist where the world is in fact a simulated prison for humanity run by intelligent machine agents • eXistenZ - A designer gets lost in her own virtual reality game, full of Kafkaesque references • The Thirteenth Floor - Murder and hallucinations mystery set in a virtual recreation of 1930's Los Angeles • The Truman Show - A sense that the world is not quite right • Total Recall - Adaptation of a leads Truman to find that he is the star of an expansive reality Philip K. Dick story with the ambiguous premise that the TV hoax whole experience was an implanted memory
    16. 16. • Is Christianity ‘hyperreality’, more real then real? • Another reality? • A Pandora?
    17. 17. Is Avatar ‘satanic’?
    18. 18. The Arts & Faith Top 100 Films
    19. 19. Your top 3 ‘spiritual’ films?
    20. 20. Dark City
    21. 21. Dark City • The Dark City is a • In addition to seeing thought provoking postmodernism in the postmodern movie. themes of the movie, you can also see many • It explores themes of forms of postmodern architecture and art in what it means to be human and free will. the film if you watch closely. • 1940 dinners, 50s cars, 30s dress, and modern office buildings.
    22. 22. Dark City • Flows in the same vein as The Truman Show, The Game, and Pleasantville. • It is a city constructed out of memories. • Beyond the city is nothing but an eternity of space.
    23. 23. PaulMTilley.Wordpress.Com Twitter.Com/PaulMTilley