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spirited away


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Published in: Spiritual
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spirited away

  1. 1. This week’s goals:• Expand on our plot chart• Find out more about the characters• Increase our knowledge of the themes
  2. 2. HISTORY AND CULTURE OF JAPAN• Quick Facts:• Capital: Tokyo• Population: 127,000,000 (10th in world)• Main Islands: Honshu, Kyushu, Hokkaido, Shikoku• Area: 377,835 Sq Km.• Language: Japanese
  3. 3. Checklist• Whilst watching the film we should be:• Filling in our plot chart• Making notes on characters• Making notes about the themes
  4. 4. Stage 1: Orientation which:• introduces the characters and tells the reader something about them• tells the reader when, where, who, what and why• gives a hint about the problems which the characters will encounter
  5. 5. Describe the setting.• Where is it ?• Who is involved ?• Whats happening ?
  6. 6. Describe Chihiros Characteristics.• How is she acting ?• What does this suggest to you ?
  7. 7. Does Chihiros behaviour suggest any problems she may have ?• Is she a reluctant participant in what is happening ?• Is her attitude positive or negative, ?• Does she have any control over what is happening ?
  8. 8. Stage 2: Complication• Complication which is where the reader discovers the problem and something happens that the characters do not expect.• What events happen that are unexpected ?• Where is it ?• Who is involved ?
  9. 9. What problems do these events cause ?• What is the main problem to be resolved ?• What is the response to these problems?