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Ultimate Power Profits

  1. 1. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits ♣ Global One is about to Change History regarding the way people make money online. ♣ To work part time with Global One, could and should become your full time mission. Forget about MLM Companies and the way they pay their members. ♣ FORGET about having to rely on others to make a decent Income. FORGET about trying to sell your friends and family.♣ FORGET everything you know about making money online. There has been a huge buzz around the world about Global One, Spinfinity,Infinity, and Go Global Profit Pool.www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  2. 2. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits ♣ Will I be making money? Ultimate Power Profits will pay 100% of all it’s members at least 10 times per month. Every 3 days you will see money in your account whether you referred people or not. Global One is a “multiple income” program, as it consists of 3 different income generating programs and compensation plans that were designed to work simultaneously and to payyou in ways that has never been seen or done before. This has been theOpportunity that the Internet Marketing community have been waitingfor. Not just 2%, but 100% of ALL members will be making money. www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  3. 3. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits ♣ How much can I expect to earn? Global One has a patent pending software called “spinfinity”. This unique pay plan will not be found anywhere else in the world. I am not going to go into the details here, but If for example you refer just 3 people and every one of them refer 3, three levels deep you could get paid up to 720 times per month! 5 levels deep could pay you over 2000 times !Gone are the days that you wondered how many people you have tobring into your business just to balance your budget or just to coverexpenses. Gone are the days that you had to struggle to figure out howthis online marketing thing works. www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  4. 4. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits ♣ How do I get started? After joining make sure you login to your back office to update your profile and ensure that all fields are filled out. You will find your personalized web site that you are able to use to refer others to this opportunity. This is not required but if you do, you will earn BIG. Also make sure you set up your eWallet.You do want to receive your weekly commissions, don’t you? Youwill also be using this eWallet to fund your membership should youdecide to upgrade from affiliate status to a Full Member. www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  5. 5. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits Global One – The Big Game Changer In the middle of July, 2012, Scotty Evans, the founder of Global One - Ultimate Power Profits, started the company pre-launch and since then, it has been creating a big buzz online. As of this writing, Global One has become one of the top 1000 most visited web sites in the US and one of the top 2000 among 9.6 billion web pages in the world.I know of a lot of highly respected internet marketers and networkmarketing leaders who jumped into Global One right away. Pennyauction is now becoming one of the hottest crazes in the internetmarketing industry and has been helping a lot of marketers to earnreal passive income online. www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  6. 6. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits Even those people who have not earned any money from their own network marketing businesses, started earning significant Income or commissions from this type of recurring income business model. Global One is the name of our main company. Ultimate Power Profits – is the name of the launch program within the Company that we are promoting right now.iGoBidWin - is the name of our Penny Auction site that will launch inseptember 2012. MyTurnOnTop - is the name of our whole businessmodel and stands aside from iGoBidWin penny auction, Global Onehas a lot more commercial sources under the same umbrella. www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  7. 7. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits The great thing about Global One is that it has other great businesses behind it, giving all the members the opportunity to earn passive income in different ways. Global One will also be involved in the greatest humanitarian effort ever launched to save lives around the world. Here are the 3 components of Global One business model or 3 ways to earn money with Ultimate Power Profits.iGoBidWin – Penny AuctioniGoBidWin – Affiliate ProgramMyTurn OnTopWealth – Profit-Sharing Poolwww.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  8. 8. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits What Does Global One Sell? Global One will be selling bid tokens to affiliates and members. These bid tokens can be used personally by affiliates or they can be given away to be used to place bids on the penny auction sites. Actually, these bid tokens are also like currency because every bid on an auction item costs a token.The penny auction site, iGoBidWin, has a large scale inventory ofgreat products such as electronics, jewelry, even gold and silver bars,latest fashion products, etc. www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  9. 9. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits When the bidding customers run out of bid tokens to use at the auction site IGoBidWin, they will be able to request more bid tokens so they can continue to participate in the auction, and this in turn creates revenues for the company, affiliates, members and for the profit pool. How Does the Ultimate Power Profits Compensation Plan Work?With Global One even a newbie can start building his business easilyand they can already participate in a company wide profit pool.Compensation Plan 1 – SPINFINITY or “Social Profits Pool System” www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  10. 10. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits The patent pending Spinfinity compensation model developed by the founder, Mr Scott Evans, was designed for every affiliate to easily bring in new members and affiliates. The best thing about this plan: no recruiting is required and everybody earns commissions. Since there is no down line, all members are placed in one straight line based on their enrolment date. No other company in the world has ever offeredthis kind of compensation plan for passive income online. This is howSpinfinity works: Imagine a triangle with 3 zones. The first 2 top zones(blue and green zones) are the paying members and the 3rd (purple)zone is the non-paying members. www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  11. 11. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits It rotates or spins every 72 hours based on Spinfinity’s unique algorithms. Zone 3 then becomes zone 2, zone 1 becomes zone 3 and zone 2 becomes zone 1. This spins every 3 days. Every dollar amount is tied to the 1st and 2nd zone based on the net profit of Global One, a dollar amount is tied to each affiliate. Those in the paid zones, 1st and 2nd zone (or blue and green zone) get paid every 3 days.Those in non-paying zone - 3rd zone (or purple zone) get paid every6 days. You see, with Spinfinity alone, each and every member getspaid every 6 days or less. www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  12. 12. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits Every member receives varying amounts of commissions every pay out period, it depends on where they end up after each spin. ie: It is possible for a certain member who is on a Tin level ($10 per month) to be placed at the top position (when it spins) and he/she can end up earning $500 or more for that pay out period. This is how powerful Spinfinity is, every member earns commissions even without recruiting and it takes place company wide.By the way, Global One is the only company in the world that has theright to use the Spinfinity Program which was, invented by the founder,Mr Scott Evans. www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  13. 13. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits When Do You Get Paid? Every member gets commissions a minimum of 6 times a month. Every 3 days (72 hours), there is a commission payout. Commission payouts will happen on the 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 22nd, 25th, and 28th of each month. Commissions earned will then be distributed two ways:1.One half as cash commissions. 2. One half as bid Tokens. If you don’twant to do anything you can still earn commissions through Spinfinity. .But if you want to earn more and help your friends and family or evenstrangers, enrol them and you get paid every 3 days and earn more….. www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  14. 14. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits The members will receive a monthly residual payout based on the upgraded members in their team, regardless of their personal rank. Tin $.20 - Copper $.50 - Silver $1.00 Gold $1.50 - Platinum $2.00 Compensation Plan 2 – GO Wealth Building Profit PoolLike Spinfinity, the GO Global Profit Pool does not require the membersto build a downline or recruit. This compensation plan is a point drivensystem – meaning you earn points whenever you do an activity and youget paid for those points. www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  15. 15. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits What’s the activity? You either give away or use the bid tokens for the IGoBidWin auction sites and you earn 1 point for this activity. Or if customers purchase from your site, you earn 5 points each time these bid tokens are used. Or you can also put back 5 bid tokens to the company’s “marketing machine” so they can market/promote your bid tokens on your behalf. And guess what?You get paid every3 days based on the number of points you haveaccumulated during that pay period. The GO Global Wealth buildingTool and the Spinfinity program work together to create up to tenpayouts per month through the GO Global Profit Pool. www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  16. 16. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits What else is the leverage of the profit pool? Answer: If you prefer to build a team or refer more people, you are going to earn 20% matching bonuses on all of your referrals down to 5 generations. So, if you promote the program and sign up new affiliates (or sell bid tokens), you will also earn a greater share of the profit-sharing pool.Compensation Plan 3 – INFINITYAs you go on with Global One Ultimate Power Profits, thecompensation plan and your power to earn money gets better andbetter. Infinity is more powerful financially. www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  17. 17. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits Here is how it works: Infinity is simply a 3×10 company wide forced matrix (the entire Company works together to create a down line 3 wide by 10 deep). Here is another beautiful thing about this: Every individual who signs up as an affiliate is automatically being positioned in the company with a spot in the matrix and they can also receive a spill over whether or not they sign up other people. Every member has a chance to get some spill over from leaders….And speaking of the leverage again – Infinity also pays out commissionsevery 72 hours. Again, Global One is the only company in the world thatcan offer passive income online that pays out commissions every 3days. www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  18. 18. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits Infinity plan also allows every member to earn matching bonuses on their personal sign ups up to 5 levels. You can get paid up to 26 times per month should you choose to refer more people. That is how you increase your online passive income potential. With Global One Ultimate Power Profits, all you have to do is sign up (either as an affiliate or as a paid member ) and even without selling or recruiting,you can still earn a return on your investment by placing ads or bygiving away bid tokens (company’s products) that can be redeemed orused at the company sponsored penny auction sites. (Actually, GlobalOne can also do the marketing for you for 5 token bids). www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  19. 19. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits Here is one of the most juicy parts of their Ultimate Power Profits compensation model: all active members can earn up to 50% or more each month on their bid purchases by letting these commissions automatically compound…. And guess what? Even without recruiting somebody, you can still Double or even Triple your commissions within 60-90 days! If you want to further increase your passive income online (will tell you later), you can doso by recruiting others but actually it is not mandatory. Below is anOutline of What and How you Will earn from Global One’s Companywide 3×10 Matrix: Global One – IGoBidWin Affiliate Program. www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  20. 20. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits TIN MEMBERS – $10 Monthly. ♣ You’ll receive 10 bid tokens to redeem at the IGoBidWin penny auction site. ♣ You will automatically participate in Spinfinity Power profits system for passive Income. COPPER MEMBERS – $25 Monthly ♣ You get 25 bid tokens to redeem at IGoBid Win penny auction platform. You automatically participate in the Spinfinity Power profitssystem for passive income. You earn 25% of your all “My turn On Top”commissions (more passive income) Note: You receive 10 profit-sharingpoints for all every bid that is used on your site. www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  21. 21. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits SILVER MEMBERS – $50 Monthly ♣ You get 60 bid tokens to redeem at “I Go Bid Win”. You get all Copper membership benefits ♣ You earn 50% of all “MyTurnOnTop” commissions (passive income) ♣ You get a 25% MATCHING BONUS on commissions earned by your personally referred level one affiliates.Example: If you refer 5 members, you receive a 25% MATCHINGBONUS of all of their paid commissions in the “My Turn On Top”payout cycle every three days! www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  22. 22. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits GOLD MEMBERS – $75 Monthly ♣ You get 120 penny auction tokens for “Igo BidWin”. You get all Silver status benefits. ♣ You earn 75% of all “My Turn On Top” commissions (passive income) ♣ You get a 25% MATCHING BONUS on commissions earned by your personally referred Level One and Level Two affiliatesExample: If you refer 5 members and they each referred 5 members,you receive a 25% MATCHING BONUS of all 25 of their paidcommissions in the “My Turn On Top” payout cycle every three days! www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  23. 23. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits PLATINUM MEMBERS – $100 Monthly ♣ You get 180 penny auction tokens for “Igo BidWin”. You get all Gold membership benefits ♣ You earn 100% of all MyTurnOnTop Commissions. ♣ You get a 25% MATCHING BONUS on commissions earned by your personally referred Level One, Two and Three affiliatesExample: If you refer 5 members and they each refer 5 members –who each refer 5, you receive a 25% MATCHING BONUS on 150active level one, two and three members in the payout cycle every threedays! (WOW!) www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1
  24. 24. Global One ♣ Ultimate Power Profits It really gets better and better! Here is how and why: When the time comes that one leader in your team steps up as a Platinum Member and builds his own team of other Platinum Members, you will be rewarded greatly for this. As a crowned JEWELED Platinum member – you can expect to be paid an average of 50,000 times per 30 day spin cycle.I hope that this short slide show has given you some insight as to howGlobal One can work for you and how it can turn your financial futurearound in a HUGE way. If this is what you would like to do, thenjust head over to the web site below and click on the “apply button”.www.ultimatepowerprofits.com/signup1