ICT Primary Years


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ICT Primary Years

  1. 1. Bee Bots ICT in the Primary YearsPresenter: Paul Mears Firbank Grammar School NewsMaker The Learning Federation
  2. 2. Let’s Get StartedCreate a reflection on today’s training as youprogress throughout the day using one of the twoweb 2 tools~ Todaysmeet - http://todaysmeet.com/ICTPrimYrs ~ Webnote – ideal for your personal notes ~ Ether Pad - web-based word processor thatallows people to work together in real time. Paul Mears
  3. 3. iPads & touch screen technologiesPaul Mears
  4. 4. Bee Bots
  5. 5. Easi Speak Microphone / Flipcams
  6. 6. Google Earth
  7. 7. Pivot Stick Animator
  8. 8. Super duper Music Looper
  9. 9. NewsMaker
  10. 10. Google PicasaPhoto Filing System Paul Mears
  11. 11. Sources of imagesFlickr Creative Commons Images http://www.flickr.com/creativecommons// Free Image resources http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Free_image_resources Image*After http://imageafter.com/index.phpGoogle Images http://images.google.com.au/ Paul Mears
  12. 12. Free Images - Digital Story TellingPower of image on learners – emotional intelligence – multisensory Paul Mears
  13. 13. Paul Mears
  14. 14. Browse some of the following tutorials to becomefamiliar with Photostory.This is an excellent video based user guide. (ScrollDown) Even suitable for your students to use.Also try the following user guide Beginners Guide ToPhotoStory in MS Word format.Some extra reading with ideas on Digital Storytelling Paul Mears
  15. 15. Your task is to complete the user guide provided tocreate a digital story. Don’t be scared by the size of themanual there a loads of screen shots to help you alongthe way. Extension ActivityIf time permits check out Rubistar – a free rubricmaking site in which you can develop rubricscollaboratively with your class prior to starting the task.Children know exactly what you are trying to achieveand clear expectations are established. Paul Mears
  16. 16. Online / Cloud Based Digital Story TellingWeb based Digital Story telling ToolsNew tool from Flickrhttp://www.xtranormal.com/http://animoto.com/educationhttp://storybird.com/Follow this link to a collection of Digital Story Telling tools with examples.http://digistories.pbworks.com/w/page/17766468/FrontPageThis is another bank of Digital Story telling Tools - I am sure you will find afew that suit your needs.Commercial Digital Story Telling Software - Early Yearshttp://www.2simple.com.au/2createastory/
  17. 17. Paul Mears
  18. 18. Web 2.0 Blogs & Wikis What is a wiki Web 3.0 Paul Mears
  19. 19. Digital ContentFree Web 2.0 video sharing websites TeacherTube Youtube PBSFree File conversion website – Zamzar Paul Mears
  20. 20. Youtube• By Downloading real player you are able to download YouTube videos as you view them Follow this link to download real player• You can also use keepvid to download clips from youtube• You can also connect directly to a youtube link safely with safeshare. TV which will remove distracting elements around YouTube videos. It also allows you to crop videos before sharing them. Paul Mears
  21. 21. Social Bookmarkinghttp://del.icio.us/paul_mears http://del.icio.us/learnit Paul Mears
  22. 22. Favourite Free Web 2 tools• Monkey Survey: Create online professional surveys in minutes. Students can capture a wide audience.• Wordle: Make word clouds in seconds• Jing : Make screen casts and store them online• Iethernet: Collaborative online Pad. Paul Mears
  23. 23. Favourite Free Web 2 tools• Penzu: Free and private online diary• Voicethread: A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images documents and slideshows and allows people to navigate pages and leave comments• Glogster: Forget Blogging, try Glogging! Paul Mears
  24. 24. 8000 Digital Items Resources for P-12Australian & New Search images, audio files, movie clips, Learning ObjectsZealand initiativeFree to all Australian and NZ Schools Learning Pathways The Learning Federation 2001 Curriculum Corporation Manage the resource
  25. 25. • Learning objects - Interactive, multimedia resources that support learning of concepts and skills in a range of curriculum areas in the P-12 years.• Images - Historical and contemporary digitised photographs, artworks, maps, posters and documents.• Audio -Speeches, interviews and songs.• Video -Short clips from documentaries, advertisements, newsreels, feature films and television programs.
  26. 26. ScratchVideo introducing scratch
  27. 27. Scratch Resources• Scratch project cards• User guides….. Getting Started• Scratch short cuts / tips• Screen shots• Online support Paul Mears
  28. 28. Scratch Resources• Select a couple of project cards to complete• Open one of the predesigned projects and look at the coding to discover how things are done• Experiment with one of your own sprites Paul Mears
  29. 29. Scratch ReflectionVideo workshop scratch
  30. 30. Podcasting with Audacity Paul Mears
  31. 31. Podcasting with AudacityExamples of Podcasts used at Firbank Yr 4 Joke of the week Sandy House RadioWays to publish podcasts Free Podcasting hosting sites - RSS School Intranet Paul Mears
  32. 32. Audacity online video tutorials Paul Mears
  33. 33. Free Sound Resources• http://www.soungle.com/ search for sounds http://www.freesound.org/index.php The Free Sound project http://www.soundsnap.com/products Soundsnap 5 free sounds per month http://www.partnersinrhyme.com/pir/PIRsfx.shtml Partners in Rhyme – free soundclips Paul Mears
  34. 34. Podcasting with Audacity1. Use audacity to record a favourite joke, read a poem, sing you favourite team song, advertise something you want to sell….2. Experiment with some of the effects options3. Create some music in super dupa music looper4. Save this file and import into Audacity5. Export entire file as mp36. Share with a friend Paul Mears
  35. 35. Bee Bots ICT in the Primary YearsPresenter: Paul Mears Firbank Grammar School pmears@firbank.vic.edu.au NewsMaker The Learning Federation