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  1. 1. Paul McManus Profile Hi-Tech Sales andBusiness Development Professional
  2. 2. Internet Success• First as a consultant and then as an employee Paul McManus has built a multi-million dollar web based business in the U.S. selling BBC Language Courses for children• He created the first website himself and then sourced and hired a web development firm to further build the web presence and revenue• Paul manages multiple web properties in the US and the UK – – – –• Traffic is generated organically, via PPC, affiliate marketing, print and TV advertising
  3. 3. Social Media Experience Facebook TwitterUsing Facebook and Twitter Early Advantage increased salesin both the public library and consumer sectors
  4. 4. Grow Your Business with Social MarketingShould you need it, Paul can directly connect you with the top company for building socialbrands. His son Kevin works for this NYC and L.A. based company.
  5. 5. Business Development ExperiencePaul is a unique blend of entrepreneur, Libraries Soldmarketer, direct marketer, business Salt Lake City, UTdeveloper and salesman. Philadelphia, PA Seattle, WA• Currently he manages a sales team Cleveland, OH Palm Beach, FLselling the BBC online language course Omaha, NEto libraries and schools in the U.S and Denver, COaround the world. Pittsburgh, PA Edmonton, Canada – Baltimore, MD He presents to library buyers via and hundreds more! GoToMeeting; averaging three plus presentations a day. * High Ticket Sales for remote patron access via – The sales team generates the the internet to digital online leads and schedules the language courses. GoToMeeting presentations. Paul presents and then closes the sale. – While sales are strong they would be quadruple if not for many libraries and schools being in budget trouble due to the economy
  6. 6. Direct Marketing ExpertisePaul is a prolific copy writer. He’s usedthis talent to write:• Print Ads• Complete Direct Mail Packages• TV Commercials• Websites, emails and landing pages
  7. 7. U.S. Market Entry Experience• IXLA, Melbourne Australia – Set up U.S. East Coast and West Coast offices – New Business Development: Kodak, Casio, Nikon, etc. – Managed U.S. sales team – Managed all creative, brand building, packaging, promotion, PR, advertising, etc. – Built retail channel: Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. – Set up manufacturing, warehousing and distribution – Tradeshow representation, built booths managed show, closed leads
  8. 8. Product Development Experience• Invented the photo screensaver – Hands of Gold – Cal Ripken screensavers can now be found on a billion plus computers worldwide• Helped create the product ArdisTool along with website and sales strategy reaching firemen worldwide• Invented Hands of Gold – Sports Photo Screensavers Collectible business working with sport superstars including Cal Ripken (MLB) and Jeff Gordon (Nascar) The Ardis Tool
  9. 9. References
  10. 10. David Addison President and Owner: Dirigo Dev Cell: 207-650-4466 Email:• Dirgo Dev are direct marketing and e-commerceprofessionals. Dirigo is a team of geniuses, hard workers,friendly and work well with start-ups – they come up withcreative solutions for financing their work.• They are excellent programmers when it comes to socialmedia and smart phones. You are encouraged to visit their‘home’ and ‘about us’ pages –• Their biggest client is which is amulti-million dollar continuity supplement business.• Dirigo is the team Paul manages for all the Early AdvantageBBC MUZZY web work. Depending on the project at hand Paulmanages up to six of their programmers.• David will attest to Paul McManus’ ability to lead programmersin the creation of money-making direct marketing websites.Paul considers David to be both a business associate andfriend.
  11. 11. Dr. Soon Teh Past CEO: IXLA, Limited Cell: (+61) 0418 356 584 Email:•Dr Soon H Teh has experience in developing andimplementing go-to-market strategies in the Asia-Pacificregion for businesses in the education, wholesaledistribution, information technology and clean energyindustries. Dr Teh is based in Melbourne, Australia. Hehas more than 20 years experience as a senior executiveof private and publicly listed companies. He was the CEOof a publicly listed company listed on the Australian StockExchange as well as a distribution company with aturnover of about $100 million per annum.•Over the last few years, his focus is on businessdevelopment in Asia. He maintains a network of businessassociates and contacts throughout South-East Asia,Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.• It was Dr. Soon Teh who found and made Paul Presidentof IXLA’s U.S operations. From the U.S. Paul ledMelbourne’s development team in the creation of cuttingedge digital software products. For Dr. Teh and IXLA Pauldid it all: marketing, sales, business development, productmanufacturing, shipping, customer service, accounting,etc.
  12. 12. Tom Fitzsimons CEO and Owner: Channel Sources Phone: 203-775-6464 Email:• Channel Sources is a team of experienced sales andmarketing professionals committed to the highest qualityrepresentation in the retail channel.• Representing clients in over 100 retail chains worldwide, withmore than 15,000, shelves in North America alone, ChannelSources has introduced over 300 product lines into retailers.They currently represent over $200,000,000 in annual resellerrevenue.• They also help manufacturers who choose to conserve theircash flow by not investing in a reseller sales force, or who lacka North American presence or knowledge on how to enter theU.S. market.• When working for IXLA of Melbourne, Australia Paul sourcedTom and Channel Sources to manage IXLA’s retail salesefforts. Channel Sources did a stellar job generating millionsin sales. Channel Sources became an investor in IXLA.
  13. 13. How Can I Help You? Paul McManus Hi-Tech Sales and Business Development Professional 203-733-4314 (cell)