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UNICEF Story Spaces


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Story Spaces is a platform that lets the diaspora to donate recordings of children's stories for distribution to UNICEF workers.
UNICEF workers will use these stories to help create safe spaces for children in times of stress and conflict.

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UNICEF Story Spaces

  1. 1. “ ”
  2. 3. creating safe spaces for children
  3. 4. a library of recorded audio stories …
  4. 5. … and story donation platform
  5. 6. inspiring the diaspora to donate stories
  6. 7. the humanity of stories The story itself is a primary form of the oral tradition, primary as a mode of conveying culture, experience, and values and as a means of transmitting knowledge, wisdom, feelings, and attitudes in oral societies. “ ” Emmanuel Obiechina, "Narrative Proverbs in the African Novel"
  7. 8. four phases of StorySpaces
  8. 9. phase 1: sudan
  9. 10. phase 2: maintaining relationships
  10. 11. phase 3: crisis and an urgent appeal
  11. 12. phase 4: distribution
  12. 13. 4: the last mile
  13. 14. in summary
  14. 16. thanks John Dimatos ITP Adjunct Professor, Design for UNICEF Christopher Fabian Innovation Unit, UNICEF Erica Kochi Innovation Unit, UNICEF Panthea Lee Innovation Unit, UNICEF Marcella Runell Hall NYU Center for Multicultural Education and Programs Lauren Servin Program development, SUDEF Marianne Petit ITP Michael Moriarty Plan International, Dublin Bashir Aziz GOAL, Khartoum Paul Molinaro Director's Office, Supply Division, UNICEF Pernille Ironside Child Protection Section, UNICEF Robert Kirkpatrick Global Pulse, Office of the Secretary-General Arissa Sidoti Communications Specialist, UNICEF Jorge Just Innovation Unit, UNICEF
  15. 17. Send us feedback, keep in touch [email_address]