Speech 13-oct-2012


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Key points from speech from Melbourne Pig Save Rally of 13th October, 2012

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Speech 13-oct-2012

  1. 1. Key Points from Speech of 13th October, 2012 Paul Mahony, Melbourne Pig SaveLiving in a world of double-speak and euphemisms.Those most affected by these warped and sinister portrayals ofreality are the animals in our food production system.Acts of Parliament around Australia are based on the “2007Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals”.Those Acts permit piglets to be mutilated without anaesthetic.They allow piglets to be castrated, have their tails cut off, theirears notched and their teeth clipped almost to the gum line, allwithout anaesthetic.This so-called “welfare” legislation also allows pregnant sows tobe confined day and night for months on end in cages so smallthat they can’t even turn around.The double-speak continues.Andrew Spencer: “THAT’S PIG HEAVEN. SOW STALLS AREGOOD FOR SOWS.”Does that look like “Pig Heaven” to you? [POINTING ATSTALL]Mr Spencer also said, “Sow stalls are more than okay, they’refantastic, and sows love them.”Cruelty upon cruelty.Possibly illegal cruelty (may be subject to investigation):Wally’s Piggery, NSW (www.aussiepigs.com.au):Mark Pearson, Executive Director Animal Liberation NSW said:"This piggery is one of the worst examples of factory farmingwhere animals are treated like production machines and nothought is given to their capacity to suffer." Animal activists from 1
  2. 2. Animal Liberation ACT & NSW discovered and photographedpigs, sows and piglets living in appalling conditions. Imagesalso included buckets of dead piglets, a sledge hammer used tobludgeon pigs, and sows with open sores"Jess Ferry, Co-President of Animal Liberation ACT said:"Hidden cameras filming over several weeks revealed sick anddying animals, workers throwing and kicking piglets and beatingsows, and infestations of flies around and on the pigs. In theslaughter room, the footage showed the owner of the piggerysmashing his pigs with a sledgehammer before cutting theirthroat and leaving them to die in agony over six minutes,sometimes returning to use the knife or sledgehammer again.No stunning device was used, and workers were seen to bedrinking from beer bottles during their shift in the slaughterroom."August 4“Wally was tipped off the day before the investigationDuring the investigation yesterday by the police, the RSPCA,the Animal Welfare League and the Food Authority, Wallyadmitted that he had been sent the longer 42 minute cut offootage the day before, giving him enough time to prepare.Furious, the Animal Welfare League are launching their owninvestigation into how this happened.”Desmond Sibraa, Barrister and former meat inspector for theFederal & NSW governments:“In the meantime the Minister must insist on the prosecution ofValenti Perenc and his employees for the numerous offencesshown in the Animal Liberation Video. The activists areavailable to give evidence concerning their activities andobservations at the piggery.It seems that nothing has changed since the Meat IndustryAuthority inspections in July 1993. The Minister could also askthe Food Authority why no inspections had been made of thepiggery over the last nineteen years.” 2
  3. 3. Awareness. We’re here today to inform the community what’sbehind their food products, including their Christmas ham, theirbacon and their fresh pork.The ultimate doublespeak: The season of peace on Earth andgoodwill for all.We’re trying to bring some elements of the piggeries and theslaughterhouses to the middle of the city. What we can’t bringyou are the sounds, smells and emotions involved in death anddespair, as the trucks roll in and the slaughterhouse workers goabout their work.Patty Mark, “Animals are not ours” demonstration, City Square,Melbourne, 10th October, 2012: ‘‘We stand here today to speakout for social justice and equality. Animals are not our property,they are not our slaves, they are not our raw materials. Theyare individuals. We would like people to reflect on the harmfulchoices they make. We stand to encourage our fellow humansto broaden their circle of compassion.” 3