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Research on existing college mags


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Published in: Education
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Research on existing college mags

  1. 1. Here is the masthead, it tells you what the name of the magazine is and the font is recognisable to the target audience. Main image, again helps the audience to know what the magazine is about. It is an image related to the magazine Skyline always runs across the top of the page as an advertisement for something else, often related to the magazine. They have used the same few colours to keep it simple, yet the use of bright colours makes it eye catching and interesting. Bar code must be included to be able to scan at the till
  2. 2. The masthead is slightly behind the main image because the magazine is well known, the audience will recognise it by the font or colour therefore they don’t need to see the whole text. I like this font as it is bold and simple. The main image is large and right in the centre, it is a mid shot view and is placed here to grab the attentions of its target market. I like this effect as I think it makes it look more interesting as it is layered up. Again, they have used the same few colours so it stands out but doesn’t make it look over the top. Every magazine has to have a bar code
  3. 3. Again they have used the technique of putting the main image in the foreground while the masthead is in the background behind the mans head. This technique will appeal to teenagers because you can clearly see the image and the majority of teenagers like to see large pictures in their magazines, as I found out by doing my survey on the requirements of a college magazine. Bar code must be included This style of magazine will appeal to my target audience which is teenagers because it is bright and colourful, making it eye catching. Also there isn't too much writing which would put people off as it would take time to read. The lead article is large and obvious to read. Whereas the less important articles are written slightly smaller and get straight to the point to gab your attention making the reader want to find out more. These are often related to the main article or aimed at the same audience, advertising things relevant to them.