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My survey results


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My survey results

  1. 1. My Survey Results: Overall I was surprised that Metal/Rock where not the top answers. There are no magazines at the moment that focus specifically on Pop/R&B instead these genres are touched on very lightly in gossip/celeb magazines. The majourity of people found out about the music by Charts and friends. Not too many peoples said clubs. This could be because I aimed the survey at 16-18 yr olds so they may not club on a regular basis or not been to one yet.
  2. 2. Most of the people download there music. This is the answer that I new I would get however I was surprised at how high ‘friends’ were. I thought that the only way that u could get music of a friend was via Bluetooth or a file sharing programme. But u can lend CDs, give custom CD’s as a present etc. Upon looking at the results to question 1 I understand the results to Q5 no one would read a magazine because there are no music magazines that are pop/R&B.
  3. 3. Maybe I should of done more research h in to magazine names so that I could of got a more narrow result for 6 rather than other being the higher option. I think that I might end up put the price of the magazine at £2-£3 as that would be half of the average price in case the brought more that one magazine.
  4. 4. A lot of the targets age group answered the question as well as 3 people out of my target group.