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Ecology of the Mind

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Ecology of the Mind

  1. 1. THE FESTIVAL OF ART Ecology of the Mind By Paulla Ma
  2. 2. Is a diverse of human activities & its products of it such as:  Painting  Sculpture  Photography, etc Is an event that most likely staged by a community to celebrate a unique aspect of that community and its traditions such as:  National holiday  Mela,  Eid, etc ECOLOGY OF THE MIND Festival Art It’s a part of critical thinking, brain storming, and questioning a process.
  3. 3. There is a big different in the meaning of Art and Festival but I know one thing they are both a type of an escape. Art provide an escape for the artist and its viewer, it brings back a moment or a feeling from the past that leads to a pause in reality. Festival is a special occasion, in a lot of way is an escape from daily routine to celebrate something special. I am going to focus my slide deck on Festival of Art, celebrating Art in many different ways such as traditions, believe and cultural.
  4. 4. Celebrating Hawaii culture and traditions
  5. 5. Loy Krathong, Thailand floating festival
  6. 6. Entertainment Youth activities Hands on art Art Galeries
  7. 7. The Chinese Dragon boat festival This festival is in honor of the legend of Qu Yuan, the famous Chinese man who wrote of his love for his country even after being exiled.
  8. 8. A full month festival that features daily performances, magnificent handicraft exhibitions and countless cultural activities. It is an annual cultural event of Denpasar that shows the beauty of many different island of Indonesia in a form of carnival, dance performances, live music and many more. Bali Art Festival
  9. 9. Variety of mix Art & celebration
  10. 10. There are many beautiful festival out there in the world that honor an amazing art work. At the end of the day, Art and Festival has its way to bring people together to enjoy the beauty that life has to offer.

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