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Paul Kraaijvanger - How To Perform A Flip Turn


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This presentation lists the steps of performing a flip turn. After viewing this presentation you should feel comfortable performing the move yourself. For more info visit

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Paul Kraaijvanger - How To Perform A Flip Turn

  1. 1. How To Perform A Flip Turn Paul Kraaijvanger
  2. 2. Background While the flip turn seems like one of the simplest maneuvers in swimming, it’s one that novices struggle with the most. Triathletes who don’t think they need to learn the move should reconsider. During training every time you pause between laps you give your body a chance to rest. During a triathlon, though, you don’t get any chance to rest in the water. That’s why it’s important to train your body to get used to continually swimming—something the flip turn will help you accomplish.
  3. 3. The Line At the bottom of each lane, you should notice the black line. This line helps you swim in a straight line, and it helps you know when to do a flip turn. When you reach the small perpendicular line at the end of the straight line, you should begin your flip turn.
  4. 4. First Steps If you’re right-handed you should keep your left arm by the side of your body as your right arm comes forward for the last stroke before reaching the wall. Keep your chin tucked in as well. When your right arm finishes its stroke, dolphin kick for some extra thrust. After performing the dolphin kick let your entire body follow in that direction.
  5. 5. Finishing The Move By now your bottom should be out of the water. This part of the move is very similar to doing a somersault. When your legs breach the water your knees should be at a right angle, as if you are sitting in a chair. At this point, you should be able to use your arms for balance as you turn underwater.
  6. 6. Reaching The Wall If you manage to perform the flip successfully, your feet should reach the wall with your knees still bent at an angle. Your face should be pointing toward the ceiling. As you push off of the wall, make sure you rotate your body to face the bottom of the pool before you continue swimming.
  7. 7. Learn More After reading the above steps you should feel comfortable attempting a flip turn the next time you’re in the pool. However, don’t expect to master the move the first couple of times you attempt it. In time, though, and with practice, it should come easily to you. You should search for online videos that show swimmers performing the flip turn. By watching swimmers perform the move you'll get a better understanding of how to do it yourself.