How to Put Together a Marketing Plan


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5 Steps to an easy to follow marketing plan.

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How to Put Together a Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Professional Development provided by PPAI APRIL 23-25, 2014
  2. 2. Plan Your Work. Work Your Plan. Put Together Your Marketing Plan. Paul A. Kiewiet MAS+ CIP CPC Professional Development provided by PPAI
  3. 3. Professional Development provided by PPAI Today’s Objectives… • What Are You Building? • Why Are You Building It? • What Results Will You Measure? • How Will You Build It? • What Is The Work To Be Done?
  4. 4. • The future you deserve is right there for the taking. Grab it. • Make this about more than a number. • Build something that reflects who you are and what you stand for. What Are You Building?
  5. 5. • It should stimulate thinking, communicate passion and paint a very graphic picture of the business you want. • It should be about exploration, creating possibilities and asking “what if?” and “why not?” What Are You Building?
  6. 6. • What are you offering? What will you be known for? • Where? Are your customers? Your Presence? • Who? Are your customers? Your partners? Your advisors? • When? • Why? Why will customers buy from you? Why will others want to help you? • How? How will you finance your plans? How will you interact with suppliers, customers, associates? How will your personal beliefs impact this business? What Are You Building?
  7. 7. • Describe 3 Things You Won’t Do. • Describe 3 Things You Will Be Known For. • Describe 3 characteristics of Best Clients. • Describe 3 characteristics of Clients You Will Fire. • Describe 3 characteristics of businesses you admire. • Describe 3 characteristics of businesses you do not want to emulate. What Are You Building?
  8. 8. Your Vision Statement • Vision (What are you Building?) XYZ Promotions helps people flourish and makes marketing fun and easy through sincere, resourceful and personalized service. • To create a peaceful, abundant life with confidence, patience and passion as I build ABC Promos by providing influential tools for building brands and businesses with the most cost- effective, memorable and long-lasting solutions to results- oriented, trusting and trust-worthy people and organizations . ABC Promos will be appreciated and respected for demonstrating high standards of creativity, design excellence, innovative thinking, loyalty, honesty, dependability and value- creation.
  9. 9. Your Vision Statement • “Your Name” Promotions is an expert resource and partner that – • helps you recruit, retain and engage happy productive associates – • comes up with “knock-your-socks-off” creative ways to attract and keep happy customers, – • is always looking for cool ideas that will build your brand and presence – • does what it takes to make you and your company look good • Example Promotions is a creative organization that… • • Promotes Business, Boosts Morale and Rewards Customers • Is known for delivering honest, innovative solutions, high-quality dedicated service and a memorable experience, • Does what it takes to make our customers look great in the office and on the playing field…through recognition and promotions.
  10. 10. • Describe the purpose for which your product, service or business exists. • Make it short and memorable. • It should communicate your company’s focus and what is being provided to customers. • It should answer the question, “Why will customers buy this product or service?” Why Are You Building It?
  11. 11. • 1. Why will customers buy your company’s product or service? • 2. What is your company committed to providing your customers? • 3. What can your company promise? • 4. What passions are you trying to satisfy by building this business? Why Are You Building It?
  12. 12. • What’s in it for your customer? • What does it do for your soul? • What values will drive your business? • What’s the highest good that this business can achieve? Why Are You Building It?
  13. 13. Your Mission Statement • We listen to you and go to work to create memorable, worry- free solutions to earn your trust and help you build your organization through promotions and recognition. • Conscientious, responsive and professional, ABC Promos makes promotional marketing a fun and beneficial experience. • Our mission is to help our clients be more successful by adding value to their sales, marketing and branding efforts. • We create unique and creative solutions that help businesses grow! • We make you look good through any means possible.
  14. 14. What Results Will You Measure?
  15. 15. • Whereas your vision statement is expansive and idealistic, and your mission statement is short, powerful, memorable and customer- oriented — your objectives are designed to focus your resources on achieving specific results. • The purpose of a well- defined objective is to cause meaningful action. What Will You Measure?
  16. 16. • What would you like to celebrate? • Where does success come from? • What does success look like? What Will You Measure?
  17. 17. • Financial • Sales and Marketing • People • Personal • Efficiency What Will You Measure?
  18. 18. Objectives • By This Specific Future Date • XYZ Promo will be working with at least 200 clients • XYZ will have gross sales revenue greater than $450,000 annually. • XYZ will open four new Bigger Accounts with over $30,000/yr budgets. • XYZ will have an annual income of over $100,000.00 Objectives: (What will you measure?) Achieve 2013 sales of $300,000, increase to $500,000 in 2014 Improve overall profit margin to 40% in 2013 Open one new Association account in 2013
  19. 19. Objectives OBJECTIVES What Results Will We Measure? • Achieve $600,000 total sales in 2014, $675,000 in 2015, $750,000 in 2016, $850,000 in 2017 and $1,000,000 in 2018. • Obtain Certified Advertising Specialist Designation in 2015 and Master Advertising Specialist Designation in 2017. • Identify ten current clients and grow business within these accounts by 10% each year. • Identify and maintain ten “target” prospects and turn three of them into new clients each year. • Retire lines of credit and loans by December 31, 2015 • Reward and inspire employees by bringing them to PPAI Expo 2016. • Develop five sports industry clients (Professional, Major, Minor League, Amateur, Club Levels)
  20. 20. • Strategies set the direction, philosophy, values and methodology for building and managing your company. • They set the basis for not only your to-do list but your stop doing list and don’t even think about it list. • Strategies answer the question, “What will make this business successful over time?” How Will You Build It?
  21. 21. How Will You Build It?
  22. 22. • Describe Your Best Customers • How and Where Do They Buy From You Now? • How and Where will they Buy From You in the Future? • How do you plan to promote to each category of customer? How Will You Build It?
  23. 23. • What is currently working for you? • How can you improve it? • What isn’t working for you? • Fix it or forget it. How Will You Build It?
  24. 24. • Identify 3 issues that are limiting your growth? • What is the root cause? • What needs to change? How Will You Build It?
  25. 25. • How the business will be built and managed? • How will you capitalize on market opportunities? • How will you solve your critical issues? • It should build on the successes and overcome the current limitations affecting the business. How Will You Build It?
  26. 26. Strategies Strategies: (How will this business be Built?) • Reconnect and reactivate client lists and contact lists from past. • Focus on associations serving small to mid-size industries and their member companies. • Develop trusted advisors to keep me focused, accountable and on- track. • Utilize existing resources to maximum potential. • Organize office and activities for maximum exposure to clients and prospects. Develop a series of workshops, white papers and customer luncheons to position ABC Promo as a promotion marketing expert. Participate in healthcare industry trade shows and fairs and advertise in hospital trade publications. Sell total solutions and programs rather than products.
  27. 27. Strategies • Strategies (How will you grow this business?) • 1. I will identify prospects who can spend $30,000 or more annually on promotional products and create targeted messaging to open up conversations with them. • 2. I will focus my marketing efforts on industries and services where I have a proven track record of success. (Senior services, ambulance, EMT, medical, hospice, etc.) 3. I will position XYZ Promo as the preferred promotional products vendor for (Major Account) with valuable tips and ideas for making franchisees more successful and effective. 4. I will spend my time on larger projects to increase my average order size and to reduce the number of orders that are less than $300.00. 5. I will create and implement a structured referral program to generate more business within existing accounts and industries. 6. I will make a conscientious effort to add “fun” and positive emotions to every interaction with clients and prospects.
  28. 28. • Plans are the specific actions that must be implemented to achieve the objectives. • Each should relate to an objective and a strategy, should be action oriented, specific and have deadlines. • The intent is to keep focus on the important but not necessarily the urgent tasks. What is the work to be done?
  29. 29. List six projects that would make a big difference in your business. Tie them to an objective or a strategy and then answer these questions: • 1. What impact would completing the project have? • 2. How will you measure the results? • 3. What are the next three steps? What is the work to be done?
  30. 30. • Which objective or strategy does it relate to? • What is the project that needs to be completed? • When does it need to be completed? • Who or what resources are needed? What is the work to be done?
  31. 31. Plans Plans (What is the work to be done?) 1. Review website - upgrade the experience to make it fun and worthwhile and informative for visitors. Upgrade the shopping experience. 2. Define target accounts and deliver marketing based on rating. – 2.1. A = Top accounts and prospects with potential to spend more than $10k per year – 2.2. B = Accounts with potential to spend $2500 - $10k per year – 2.3. C = Undefined prospects and low level existing clients. – 2.4. A level prospects will receive 1 email per month, two creative direct mail campaign per year, six sales calls and invitation to lunch or a special event. Totally personalized calendar mailing late in 2014 with prospects name imbedded. – 2.5. B level prospects will receive 1 email per month, one direct mail piece per year, six phone or sales calls. – 2.6. C level prospects will receive 1 email per month. 3. Plan monthly mailings. Make the content relevant, fun, interesting and reflective of personality and Vision and Mission. For example: January - Hot new products and trends for 2014; February - Earth Friendly and Eco promotions leading up to Earth Day; March - Made in America; April - Golf and outdoor living; etc. 4. Social Media Strategy - consistent engagement through LinkedIn, reinforce the FUN factor. Repost valuable content. Spend one hour per week on blog, YouTube, SlideShare, FB, LI and Twitter. 5. Send out a Spec Sample or a Virtual Sample to two A-level prospects and to 1 B-level prospect every week. 6. Send out cards ( to every person met with each week. 7. Solicit testimonials from happy customers and share them on website, social media and emails. 8. Reward those who refer us to others. Establish a referral program.
  32. 32. • Vision Statement • Mission Statement • Objectives • Strategies • Plans Your Simple Marketing Plan
  33. 33. Paul A Kiewiet MAS+ Follow me on Twitter: @paulkiewiet Let’s connect on LinkedIn 269-806-4489 Contact me if you would like to discuss further or if you would like to subscribe to my newsletter.