The Importance Of Health affirmations


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How important are health affirmation? They are a lot more important than what most people think. Affirmations are a very powerful way to alter your self image.

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The Importance Of Health affirmations

  1. 1. How Important Are Health Affirmations
  2. 2. When it comes to health andkeeping your health, positive healthaffirmations are important inachieving it. Affirmations are justmessages you give yourself and isbased on the principle "You arewhat you think about yourself". Thisworks with the law of attraction,making you truly believe you arehealthy, so no disease will evertouch you. The connection betweenbody and mind has been exploredfor centuries, and most diseases arepsychosomatic, which means thatthey originate in the brain. Here youwill discover the importance ofhealth affirmations.
  3. 3. Affirmation are key to shaping yourthoughts and thus shaping your life,if desire more abundant health anddynamic energy then you have tostart with a change to yourthoughts. When you repeat positivehealth affirmations to yourself, youstart sending signals to the body tostart healing itself and thus growingstronger against future diseases.Quite a few of the most deadliestdiseases like cancer have beencured through the use of positiveaffirmations!
  4. 4. Although it might be difficult tobelieve at first, there is a strongconnection between thoughtsand emotions in the mind andvarious chemicals produced inthe brain, like serotonin. If forinstance a person is sad anddepressed then the brain willstart to produce chemicals thatare negative and this can leadthe body into a diseased state inthe future.
  5. 5. Positive affirmations are used as acomplimentary treatment toconventional medicines and are neverintended to replace your prescriptionmedication, so you should alwayscontinue with your medications. As forguide books for positive affirmationsyou wont find any, youll just have toknow what you need and repeat itcontinually to yourself on a daily basis.For example there might be a bad coldor flu going around your family and youwant to stay healthy, all you reallyneed to do is get a positive healthymindset and repeat an affirmation like"I am healthy and full of dynamichealth and vitality".
  6. 6. According to the law of attraction,happy and positive thoughtsattract positive life events, whilenegative thoughts attractdevastating events that can markyou forever. This certainly is thecase for negative healthaffirmations: If you are ahypochondriac, you are afraid of aparticular disease and you keepthinking about it, you only make iteasier for your body to contractthe disease. But if you havepositive health affirmations youllhave the opposite effect and beprotected from diseases and thiswill be beneficial for you.
  7. 7. In summing up, the secret to thisis you must use the present tense:You have to tell yourself that "youare" healthy and not that you "willbe" healthy. Use believablestatements, implement themgradually and always mean whatyou say because the purpose ofhealth affirmations is not to "trick"the fate, but to actually convinceyourself that you really are healthyand happy. Words are very strongon the emotions and can causeboth sickness and health so it is inyour best long term interest to usepositive words.