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How to motivate your team


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Get some great ideas here about how to motivate your team

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How to motivate your team

  1. 1. How To Motivate Your Team 3-tips-on-how-to-motivate-your-team/
  2. 2. Having a successful business relies not only on the technical skillsneeded or knowledge but also on the employees. Whether they areexecutive managers, salespersons, or customer servicerepresentatives, your team can make or even break the success ofyour company. Motivating your team to meet and exceed objectives isvitally important to the overall success of your company. How to
  3. 3. Include members of your team: Many businesses set sales targets fortheir sales staff, but not that many include the sales staff in the set upprocess. Good managers know that involving their salespersons willgenerate a higher level of buy-in. Always give your team an overview ofwhat your corporation needs to achieve. Then making sure that eachmember has their own individual targets that they can meet and possiblyexceed.
  4. 4. Open communication should be encouraged: You should allow teamcommunication in your company with both anonymously and with theregular structure as well. Why is this? Anonymous, safe feedback willensure that no extra drama will result, while honest and opencommunications will help create a more motivated team where eachand every legitimate concern is out in the open. Making your team feelempowered and encouraging open communications is a sure-fire way tomotivate your team members.
  5. 5. Lead by example: Good leaders must lead by example. If you want yourstaff to have motivation and passion at work, you need to show them withyour own motivation and passion. You should also include your team in alldiscussions of issues that affect your company. Have regular discussionsand encourage team members to announce great ideas that could helpout the team or help the company. Also you can organize occasions thatencourage team building and let the team come up with new ideas.
  6. 6. Acknowledge your staff and their performance: Praise and awards shouldbe issued and have a newsletter dedicated to highlight certainachievements. Send emails, notes and thank you cards, as well as makingphone calls to congratulate and thank team members. You can alsopublicly credit team members with some sort of broadcast. This canmotivate the staff a lot. Acknowledge not only the team members withhighest contributions to the company but also team members who haveexceeded their targets.
  7. 7. Give your team something to look forward to: This could be some gamesat work or some sort of fun competion like cooking or games. It is great topit your junior members against senior members and let them enjoy thecompetition. Also its great to get a party organized. Give the peopleresponsibility to organize them and bring the people out of their shells sothat they take up responsibilities too. The entire program will help lightenup the mood.
  8. 8. 3-tips-on-how-to-motivate-your-team/ When you ensure the success of each employee on your team you will guarantee the long term success of your organization. If youve been pondering on how to motivate your team, these tips should help give you some direction.