Belly fat burning foods


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Belly fat burning foods

  1. 1. of us battle with an ever increasing belly is something most of us have to battlewith year after year. A poor diet, lack of exercise in our lives and the high stress levels ofour modern world can all cause a fat belly. If youre struggling to lose belly fat, there issome good news for you today; There is a plethora of belly fat burning foods that youcan adopt to change your life for good.Foods That Burn Belly Fat.Pulses.Pulses are a protein and fiber rich. A mixture of fiber and protein helps to build musclebulk and keeps you full for longer. Accelerated metabolic rate is caused by muscle thusthe bodies fats are burned at a greater rate. On the other hand, a full stomach meansless consumption of meals and snacks thus reducing ones rate of calorie intake. Putthese two factors together and youll effectively burn belly fat.Berries.Raspberries, blackberries and blueberries are all very high in fiber and high in vitamins.Vitamins are known to help control food cravings thus reducing the urge to consumehigh calorie meals (such as cookies) in between main meals. Berries have fiber levelswhich are very high and increase the absorption of glucose in the body and also makethe stomach feel fuller which helps in faster belly fat burning.Hot Peppers.Hot peppers are rich in a substance known as capsaicin that rejuvenates the bodys me-tabolism. Capsaicin has what is known as thermogenic properties which means it ele-vates the temperature of the stomach. Operating at its optimal temperature levels thebody can burn more calories quicker to digest the hot peppers and thus burn fat quicker.Almonds.Almonds have loads of vegetable fats, monounsaturated fats, fiber and vitamin E. Byincorporating almonds into your diet you can really reduce your urge to eat due to thealmonds high levels of finer. The monounsaturated fat (MUFA) properties in plainroasted almonds can help eliminate bad cholesterol and that will reduce fat.Fish.Fatty fish like sardines, mackerel and salmon contain substantial amounts of omega-3fatty acids which not only aid in weight loss but also lower the risk of dementia. Thesefatty acids have been shown to reduce the production of leptin in the body and at thesame time improve glucose consumption and production. With regular consumption offish, you can improve your metabolic rate which in turn burns off belly fats.Ginger.Ginger contains special natural properties that fuel up the body metabolism rate therebyaiding in belly fat loss. Aside from increasing the metabolic rate of your body the specialproperties found in ginger can help in detoxifying the body and improving over all well-
  2. 2. If youre looking for belly fat burning foods, be sure to incorporate ginger in yoursoups and stews.Asparagus.Asparagus has been shown to be one of the foods that is low in sodium. It also containsasparagines which is a known diuretic. Regular consumption of asparagus can help inthe reduction of water retention and bloating.As we come to our conclusion there are many other belly fat burning foods available. Besure to consult your dietician for more tips and advice on the best food choices for you.Best of luck in all your diet efforts.