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Professionalising KM: A presentation to the 2020 KM Summit

I trace my journey from 2016 and why I believe the Chartered Knowledge Manager Accreditation together with the KM Standards (ISO 30401) are important steps down the path to corporate legitimacy for KIM professionals.

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Professionalising KM: A presentation to the 2020 KM Summit

  1. 1. “Professionalising KM” A presentation to KM Summit: Monday 15th June 2020 slide 1
  2. 2. Presentation flow Personal reflections Historical context KM Chartership Introducing ISO The evolving role of the Knowledge Manager Changing market & skills The “Knowledgeur” Learning from KM Chefs slide 2Professionalising KM
  3. 3. Flashback: macro drivers for KM slide 3 RiskCompliance: • Quality • Standards Innovation &/or Process Efficiency Governance & Strategy (Vision) Source: The Changing Role of the KIM Professional 2016 Professionalising KM
  4. 4. • Tackle live business issues • Resolve Strategic vs. Operational KM dilemma. • Do 3 things in 6 months. • Go where the pain and gain is. • Remember what you can measure you can manage! • Act as a business partner • Show tangible outputs • Engage: Think HIPPO Flashback: my 2016 takeaways Source: The Changing Role of the KIM Professional 2016 slide 4Professionalising KM
  5. 5. slide 5 A personal perspective CHAPTER 7: WHAT SURPRISED US #8. Few KMers have formal KM qualifications: “…With all the degree and training programs for KM there is no recognized industry body that has established any sort of universally agreed KM qualification or certification criteria…” Published 2017 by American Society for Quality Professionalising KM
  6. 6. slide 6 Certification Source: CILIP CEO Nick Poole’s presentation to KMUK 2018 Professionalising KM
  7. 7. slide 7 Chartered Knowledge Manager Professionalising KM
  8. 8. slide 8 Chartered Knowledge Manager Professionalising KM
  9. 9. slide 9 Chartered Knowledge Manager Professionalising KM Chartership: • 4 cohorts of approximately 20 people (2019) Fellowship: • 1 cohort of 13 people (2020) Conversion • 6 people pre-enrolled for the ‘Conversion Pathway’ (conversion across from existing Chartership to KM Chartership)
  10. 10. slide 10 An independent perspective Professionalising KM “UK-based CILIP is a Chartered body, with its Royal Charter a recognition of pre-eminence, stability, and permanence in representing a given profession. CILIP has also been awarded the right to offer Chartered status to individuals – Chartered Fellow/Member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (FCLIP/MCLIP). Individual Chartered status imparts parity with other chartered professions. The UK is world leader in professional standards and chartered institutes, meaning that having a UK Chartered status in a given profession is advantageous at a global level. As a professional you may be working with international teams or international stakeholders, they may not recognise your job title, or your job title may not translate into something recognisable to them, but being a Chartered professional will.” Source: Bruce Boyes, Editor RealKM p-km-chartership-takes-shape/
  11. 11. slide 11 A personal perspective CHAPTER 7: WHAT SURPRISED US #10. There is an increasing interest in creating KM Standards: “…These standards can only define a minimum common denominator the least of which is to have some sort of KM program. While they can identify general best practices and encourage the use of some KM tactics, KM standards must be flexible enough to permit organizations to develop a program that works for their specific business structure, mission and internal culture…” Published 2017 by American Society for Quality Professionalising KM
  12. 12. slide 12 ISO KM Standards Source: BSI Webinar 8th October 2018 Professionalising KM
  13. 13. How did they get there? • 2014 – Proposal to ISO from Standards Institute of Israel. • ISO asked their national member organisations (ANSI, BSI, DIN, SIS, UNI…) • 36 countries replied – mostly positively. • Working group of 12 countries led. • Parallel national committees. • Public scrutiny period. • Published in November 2018. slide 13Professionalising KM
  14. 14. So what does it look like? • Generic – not a ‘how to’ document. • Guidelines, not requirements. • Certification is not mandatory. • It follows a standard(!) format • To be honest – it’s quite dry! slide 14Professionalising KM
  15. 15. slide 15 A pathway to corporate legitimacy? “The imminent arrival of the ISO KM Standards (albeit that adherence is voluntary) provides a framework against which KM Programs can be viewed. An independently assessed external accreditation is another key component of the KM practitioner’s path to corporate legitimacy.” Source: Information Professional P J Corney 2018 Professionalising KM
  16. 16. Evolving role of the Knowledge Manager: Market & skills slide 16 Source: reports/knowledge- management-leaders- 2020/? Professionalising KM
  17. 17. slide 17 Changing market Source: management-leaders-2020/? Professionalising KM
  18. 18. slide 18 Changing market Source: Professionalising KM
  19. 19. slide 19 Changing skills Source:LinkedIn “…extremely data driven, with the ability to conduct business analysis and translate it into strategy… ...exceptional communicator …comfortable analysing and presenting technical concepts… …flexible, confident and personable in dealing with all levels of staff” Professionalising KM
  20. 20. slide 20 Changing skills Lead PT inhouse learning sessions which capture and share the PT’s knowledge and functional best practice In conjunction with PT’s leadership, identify and drive new knowledge creation in areas that will enhance the capabilities of the team and drive step change and rapid value creation for portfolio companies Lead workshops (alongside partnership Leads) with portfolio management around selected topics (e.g. driving better sales, instilling a high-performance organisation) Design and lead company-wide offsites (e.g. Digital, Data analytics) Build industry leading events for the team and executives from portfolio companies that showcase best in class content and speakers appropriate for the challenges of mid-market firms within the portfolio Professionalising KM
  21. 21. slide 21 Changing market: changing skill set? Source: Simon Burton Director, CB Resourcing • KM is led by the outcomes the organisation is looking for, • Content is usually a large piece of any KM role, • Stakeholder management and client focus (whoever your audience is) is always critical, • Often positions are aligned to a particular enabling technology, • For greenfield sites the issues are usually quite practical: • Capturing and collating disparate internal expertise and content, • Getting together templates and best practice documents’, • Using these quick wins to drive knowledge sharing behaviours and engagement. Professionalising KM
  22. 22. slide 22 Changing market: changing skill set? Source: Information Professional Apr-May 20 Professionalising KM
  23. 23. Evolving role of the Knowledge Manager: Future skills? slide 23Professionalising KM
  24. 24. slide 24 core skills: “Knowledgeur” & Matchmaker A definition (derived from Arbitrage/ Arbitrageur): ‘An entrepreneur who makes use of his/her/others’ knowledge in one activity or market and applies it for beneficial use in another. Originally inward facing the role is becoming more outward facing with the rise of communities and the need to collaborate outside of the firewall.’ Source: Paul J Corney from Navigating the Minefield: A Practical KM Companion Professionalising KM
  25. 25. slide 25 core skills “Future role of the Knowledge Manager: The Knowledgeur?” Source: Professionalising KM
  26. 26. slide 26 Matchmaker “Managing networks and Working Out Loud: Collaboration and Knowledge Matchmaking skills” Source: Professionalising KM 10. It’s ok to let go!
  27. 27. slide 27 future skills Source: suddenlyremote-remotework-activity-6642016554391347200-ihK9 “With all my good intentions & to all of those folks who talk about #remotework, do yourself a (big) favour & start talking about #distributedwork instead, please 🙏” Professionalising KM
  28. 28. Presentation flow slide 28 Personal reflections Historical context KM Chartership Introducing ISO The evolving role of the Knowledge Manager Changing market & skills The “Knowledgeur” Learning from KM Chefs Professionalising KM
  29. 29. Learning from the KM Chefs slide 29Professionalising KM
  30. 30. slide 30Professionalising KM
  31. 31. slide 31 slide 31 Learning from KM Chefs “Imagine you had the opportunity, not just to enjoy a new, well-equipped and fully inspected kitchen – but also the chance to sit down with KM ‘chefs’ from around the world, across different industry sectors and listen to their stories. That's exactly what we have set out to do with the KM Cookbook…” Chris Collison, Paul Corney and Patricia Eng Professionalising KM
  32. 32. Masterclass: Understanding and applying the KM Standard ISO 30401 to your KM practice. Stories & Strategies from the KM Cookbook. Do you have an appetite for: • Comparing your own KM programme with global exemplars? • Understanding of how KM can be embedded into operational processes? • Conducting a KM Chef’s Canvas assessment of their KM programme? • Discussing the benefits that ISO 30401 brings to the KM Profession? Join Paul and Chris, and draw on more than 50 years’ combined experience as they open up the KM Cookbook and bring the ISO KM Standard to life slide 32Professionalising KM
  33. 33. The (virtual) Mezze Programme slide 33Professionalising KM Session One: Introductions: (Practical Interactive Session) o Understanding the motivations and experience of the group. o Introducing the KM Cookbook metaphor o Introducing the KM Chef’s Canvas – Map to ISO 30401 The Restaurant Critic – KM programmes under review (Theory) o Inside the mindset of a KM Assessor o Potential Questions (Mural post-its or Zoom Chat) Conducting the ISO KM Audit (Practical) o Preparation (plus breakouts random) Session Two: KM Chef’s canvas – deep dive selection (Theory & Practical) o Strategic Context Alignment / Stakeholders / Knowledge Areas A look at exemplar practice o Governance Models / Policy / Groups / Quality A look at exemplar practice o Leadership Sponsorship / Management / Communication / Planning A look a exemplar practice o Interaction & internalisation Collaboration / Expertise / Communities A look at exemplar practice Wrap & consolidation of learnings
  34. 34. contact details slide 34Professionalising KM