UK Statistical Policy Landscape


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Presentation at the Royal Statistical Society's International Conference, Newcastle, September 2013.

This infographic presents and inter-relates the key components of the UK's statistical policy landscape. The scope includes key bodies, legislation, policy, guidance, and key contextual factors and influences.

This provides a single strategic visual overview and reference source, illustrating the evolution, relationship and synthesis of those components over the last decade. This also helps to illustrate to a lay audience the extent and development of the background rigour and governance in public data management, use and communication.

Paul Askew

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UK Statistical Policy Landscape

  1. 1. The UK Statistical Policy Landscape Paul Askew This infographic presents and relates the key components of the UK's statistical policy landscape. The scope includes key bodies, legislation, policy, guidance, and key contextual factors and influences. It provides a single strategic and visual overview, illustrating the evolution, relationship and synthesis of those components over the last decade or so. It demonstrates the extent and development of the background rigour and governance in public data management, and the significant scale, complexity and recent pace of change. Hence it’s forever a work in progress, and but one representation. Royal Statistical Society Annual Conference Newcastle 2013 Policy Impact Communication Trustworthy Quality Methods and systems Impact Statistical Society Free Our Data Quality Public Interest Data Integration & Exploitation Efficiency Body of Professionals UK & EU Drive Coverage Parliament and Politics Data Store Thriving discipline Media Guardian Data Blog Full Fact Business & Economy Information is Beautiful Nuffield Foundation GetStats Administrative data Security Trustworthy Pre-Release Key Challenges Education Straight Statistics User Engagement Key Emphasis Code of Practice for Official Statistics National Statistician’s Guidance BBC Joy of Stats Public Understanding BBC R4 More or Less Perceptions are not Reality Royal Statistical Society Office for National Statistics UK Statistics Authority PSI Socio & Economic Value Data Science Skills Twin Track with Core Data National Strategy Leadership StatsUserNet Funding Model National Data Strategy Administrative data Market Assessment of Public Sector Information (5.13) Shakespeare: Independent Review of Public Sector Information (5.13) Open Gov. Action Plan (10.13) Government Statistical Service European Statistics Code of Practice 2011 {1} Addressable Structured EUROSTAT European Commission European Statistical System Regulation for Statistical Co-operation 2009 Accountable United Nations EU Statistical Programme 2013-2017 Smarter Use Quality Criteria. Regulation (EC) 223/2009 Fundamental Principles of Statistics Consolidation Generate Demand Building Trust Enhanced Access G8 Open Data Proposals Create knowledge 1. Meeting User Needs Code of Practice for Official Statistics (09) 2. Impartiality and Objectivity Report of Assessments 2009-2013 3. Integrity Transparency Open Data White Paper: Unleashing the Potential (6.12) 8. Frankness and Accessibility Public Sector Information (£1.6 -£6.8bn) UK Data Service Open Knowledge Foundation CKAN Open Source {3} UK Data Archive Data Hub ESRC Administrative Data Task Force 2. Release Practices Practical Steps to Improve Management Information in Government (7.12) Quality Assurance Framework – Toolkit (6.13) Government Interrogating Spending Tool (GIST) Government Digital Strategy (11.12) Consultation on Data Policy for a Public Data Corporation (8.11 & 2.12) Ordnance Survey Dept. Business Innovation and Skills Cabinet Office Midata Privacy Impact Assessment (11.12) Public Data Group National Archive Statistics & Registration Service Act 2007 Public Administration Select Committee Transparency Board Depts Open Data Strategies Met Office Efficiency and Reform Board Open Standards Principles (4.13) Data Strategy Board Open Data User Group 1. User Engagement 3. Use of Admin Sources UK Location Programme Technology Strategy Board 5. Confidentiality 7. Resources Open Data Institute Disseminate Knowledge 4. Sound Methods and assured quality 6. Proportionate Burden Continuous Unlock Supply Practices [74] Confidentiality Centre for Statistical Education USKA Strategy (02.13) Principles Development Ipsos MORI ONS Strategy 2013-2023 Private Public Mixed Economy General Media Strategic Plan 2014-2018 Protocols Sense about Science Analytical Interpretation COINS Database National Audit Office HM Treasury FABRIC Framework for Performance Information F. Focused 1. Professional Independence 1. Accuracy Land Registry 3. Reliability 1. Governance & Leadership 8. Appropriate Procedures 2. Systems and Processes 10. Cost Effectiveness 11. Relevance B. Standards 7. Sound Methodology B. Statistical Processes 6. Completeness 9. Non- Excessive Burden Audit Commission Building Links with Stakeholders (12.00) Official Statistics – Value and Trust (1.08) Impact of EU on the UK Statistical System (2.06) Data on Demand Access to Official Statistics (6.07) 4. People and Skills Register of Data Controllers Information Commissioner’s Office On Target – The Practice of Performance Indicators (.00) 14. Coherence and comparability 15. Accessibility and clarity Aiming to Improve – The principles of Performance Measurement Notes. {1} Adopted by the European Statistical System Committee in 2005 and revised and adopted 28th September 2011 {2} Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy {3} CKAN - Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (XX.XX) Indicates date in format MM.YY This is but one way of presenting a broad and complex range of activity , a personal synthesis at a specific time. 3. Well defined 4. Reliable 5. Comparable 6. Timely 8. Incentivised Protections of Freedoms Act 2012 1. Strategy 2. Measures 12. Accuracy and Reliability 13. Timeliness and punctuality 2. Attributable Proposals for a Code of Practice for Official Statistics (8.07) 7. Verifiable Managing the Quality of Official Statistics (8.05) 3. Policies and Procedures 5. Data Use and Reporting I…Integrated Framework for National Statistics (6.00) 5. Relevance R… Robust 1. Relevant Statistics Commission 4. Timeliness B…. Balanced C… Cost Effective CIPFA {2} 6. Impartiality and Objectivity Trust & Act Review 12/13 Legislation to Build Trust in Statistics (5.04) 2. Validity A. Characteristics A. Institutional Environment 4.Commitment to quality 5.Statistical confidentiality C. Statistical Outputs Foundations 2. Mandate for data collection 3. Adequacy of Resources Companies House A. Framework Standards for Better Quality Data A... Appropriate C. Components European Statistics Code of Practice 2011 {1} Administrative Research Data Centres B. Criteria Improving access for Research & Policy Data Protection Act 1988 Freedom of Information Act 2000 Privacy & Electronic Comms Regulations 2003 Key: 3. Targets 4. Results 5. Monitor 6. Evaluate Product or Theme Organisation Legislation