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Restore Exchange Mailbox from Backup


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Published in: Technology
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Restore Exchange Mailbox from Backup

  1. 1. Exchange Backup RecoveryBackup Recovery Solution for Exchange Server
  2. 2. Know About Exchange BackupWhat is Exchange BackupWhy Exchange Backup is RequiredExchange Server Backup MethodsInbuilt Utility for Taking Exchange BackupBackup Recovery Software
  3. 3. Exchange Backup FilesBackup file comprise of three Importantdatabase files:EDB: Contain User MailboxesSTM: Video and Audio databaseLOG: System Informative database
  4. 4. Why Backup is NecessaryFor handling data loss situation effectivelyHelps in recovering unexpectedly deletedbackup files.Rescue data from annoying situation likevirus attack, dirty shutdown etc.Helps in disaster database recovery.
  5. 5. Types of Backupn
  6. 6. Exchange Backup MethodsTwo method for taking backup of Exchangeserver :Online BackupOffline Backup
  7. 7. Online BackupIn this method backup of exchange database file aredone while server is running an offline backup can betaken in following way:Normal Backup is a process to backup Exchange storewith log files.A copy Backup is used to get full backup Exchangestore without disturbing on going incremental anddecremented backup.Incremental Backup backs up only log files that haschanged since the last normal and incremental backup.Detrimental Backup backs up Exchange store that haveoccurred since the last normal backup.
  8. 8. Offline BackupOffline Backup method backupsExchange server files and folders whenExchange services are not running orserver is shutdown. ( It means the backupsoftware backups only when the servicesare not running )
  9. 9. In Built Utility for BackupNTBackup is a inbuilt utility used forbacking up Exchange server 2000 and2003Windows Server Backup inbuilt utility forwindows 7 and later versions of windowsoperating system, is used for Exchangeserver 2007 and 2010
  10. 10. Limitation of Inbuilt UtilityNTBackup utility does not support heavycorruption.NTBackup can not used to backupregistries on remote computer.• No scheduling capabilities of its own,outside scheduler is required• Windows server backup tool makes VSSbased backup only
  11. 11. How to Recover Exchange BKFSeveral time due to major corruption in backup files its recovery andrestoration not become possible by inbuilt utility at that time userneed a commercial application like SysTools Exchange BackupRecovery. Some features of product are:Done deep scanning of Exchange backup database and givescomplete recovery.Recover EDB, STM as well LOG files of Exchange user with itsmeta content.Provides priority based recovery BKF file size and number does notmatter.Recover single and multiple corrupt BKF file in healthy one atparticular instant.Integrated with GUI which provides easy to Exchange user during itsoperation.Compatible with all editions of Exchange, Windows and Outlook.
  12. 12. Exchange Backup Recovery SoftwareFor Trial Version SysTools Exchange BackupRecovery Software