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Paul Jones Article In Lp Magazine Nov10


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Paul Jones Article In Lp Magazine Nov10

  1. 1. PARTNERING WITH RETAILERS by Paul Jones Great progress has been made by eBay and our loss prevention presented all of our loss prevention initiatives at eBay and PayPal. partners in addressing organized retail crime (ORC) in the past year. Congratulations to Kevin Plante of Staples, the chair of the loss One of the most positive developments was the passage of the prevention committee, and the Massachusetts Retail Association for Organized Retail Theft Investigation and Prosecution Act of 2010 (H.R. coordinating an outstanding event. It was a packed house thanks to a 5932) by the House. We are hopeful the Senate will take action and program full of meaningful content. help make this bill a law. While attending these conferences, I often am approached by Another positive step forward was the Food Marketing Institute’s colleagues and asked about what technology retailers should be (FMI) announcement to join the partnership with eBay and the exploring to combat ORC. If I were in a traditional LP leadership role National Retail Federation (NRF). As a co-chair of the Coalition tomorrow, I would be working with my friend Kevin Lynch at Against Organized Retail Crime, FMI is a critical addition to this ADT/Sensormatic and Tyco on two very important initiatives. team. eBay, NRF, FMI, and the Jewelers Security Alliance (JSA) are First, I’d explore video analytics around key product categories now working in coordination to advance federal legislation that will targeted by ORC, such as over-the-counter medicine, baby formula, provide necessary resources to combat this issue. In October eBay and PayPal announced new policies that will For retailers in ensure we continue to operate as the most trusted sites on the Internet. eBay launched an extensive awareness campaign around holiday, a day is our buyer protection policy, which is the most comprehensive online equal to a week, consumer-protection plan ever provided. The campaign seeks to inform consumers about our robust policy that stands behind buyers and a week is equal if they are not satisfied with their transactions. to a month, and the In addition, PayPal announced a stronger payment-holds policy. In essence, the policy will require PayPal to hold funds for an extended Paul Jones is Global Director month can make of Asset Protection. period of time to help safeguard users against criminal activity. These Contact him at or break the year. holds will be assessed based on numerous risk levels and variables. One thing we have learned is that the majority of bad actors wants their money immediately, and will have an allergic reaction if they can razor blades, DVDs, and high-end electronics. Second, I would work not instantly access their funds. We believe these policies will be a with Tyco or other vendors to ensure that my current EAS system deterrent to anyone who wants to abuse our site and users. included the ability to send an alert when a bad actor enters the store The eBay PROACT program has continued to grow; now assisting with a booster bag. I would also explore the ability to laser etch my with over 250 cases per month. Our records indicate that less company name or store number on over-the-counter products for than 20 percent of these investigations find evidence of fraudulent quick identification. Lastly, I would consider reviewing a software activity, which tells us that frequently what appears suspicious is program, such as ORC solutions (, to further in fact harmless. Vigilance coupled with thorough investigation assist with these investigations. and information sharing remains critical. I encourage all PROACT I appreciate all of your help and support in 2010. A special thanks members to provide us with feedback related to your case resolutions goes to Scott Sanford, Glen Justus, Rhett Asher, Joe LaRocca, Frank so we can all learn from each other’s successes, as well as adjust Muscato, Jerry Biggs, Eric Ives, and others who have been wonderful our reporting and investigative techniques as necessary. partners and supporters in our continued fight against ORC. eBay’s PROACT team also had the chance to host the This is an exciting time of the year and I am always reminded of wireless loss prevention group, led by Mike Currier of Verizon the words that were drilled into me by a former CEO as it relates to Wireless and Kevin Trimble of T-Mobile, at our Salt Lake the importance of the holiday season and retail profit: “For retailers in City campus. During this two-day meeting, we discussed holiday, a day is equal to a week, and a week is equal to a month, and issues specifically related to the wireless industry and talked the month can make or break the year.” about how eBay can be an effective partner. This meeting We wish you all a profitable and safe holiday season. If you’re was both insightful and productive, and I appreciate the tired of the traffic and hassles of mall shopping, buy your gifts on leadership of Mike, Kevin, and the entire wireless group. eBay from the comfort of your couch. Don’t forget to check out our In late September, I had the pleasure of attending the New fashion vault ( You will be amazed at the England Organized Retail Crime Symposium. My colleagues and I range of products and deals. See you in 2011.LPM 1210-1.indd 27 11/17/10 4:04 PM