How to create great 1st design for your startup


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"How to create great
1st design for your startup" presentation by Paulius Papreckis, Sr. UI designer at Seriously Inc. during Hub Camp #13

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How to create great 1st design for your startup

  1. 1. How to create great1st design for your startup.Paulius Papreckis, Sr. UI designer at Seriously Inc.
  2. 2. Educationprogram II Designcycle I III Explore Build IV Promote
  3. 3. “ You know that sound that Humpback Whales make? That’s what the logo should look like. * Actual quote from a client.
  4. 4. 1Avoid design by committee.* Even if your Mom thinks that red color would fit here.
  5. 5. Source:
  6. 6. Hours of useless meetings andendless debates could be replacedwith just a couple hours of testing to seewhat users are really doing.
  7. 7. Quicktutorial.How to create good design for you startup.
  8. 8. I spent only20 min.It looks good [as a teaser], but it’s far from great design.
  9. 9. 2Your job is to be unique.* The last thing the world needs is another startup. (Teehan-Lax)
  10. 10. Back inold dayswhen was still dominating…
  11. 11. 3Be prepared to change your mind.* Just because you did something one way yesterday does not mean it’s the right way to do something tomorrow. (Teehan-Lax)
  12. 12.
  13. 13.
  14. 14. 4Wireframes? First user stories.* You dont tend to start wireframes until youve done the work of understanding your target users, what their goals are…
  15. 15. Three main questionsto answer:Who? What? Why?* describes what your customer will do and get while using your application.
  16. 16. 5Think about visual hierarchy.* Great hierarchy isn’t always achieved by eliminating complexity, but by managing it (goodgreater).
  17. 17. 6Fit to scale: responsive.* Web is not fixed width. Means rethinking content creation. Create once, publish everywhere.
  18. 18. Smarthpones expectedworldwide in 2013:1.82 billion.* every day more Android phones are activated than babies are born in world
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Responsive Web Design  •  Use the flexible (fluid) grid.•  Think about content hierarchy•  Break up with pixel-perfection.•  Learn by doing.© Dave Rupert
  21. 21. 7Web fonts are important.* As web typography improves, web designers want the same level of control print designers have.
  22. 22. Arial Verdana GeorgiaComic Sans
  23. 23. 8Colors are important as well.* designers must understand the meaning of colors in order to convey certain messages.
  24. 24. call to
  25. 25. 9Learn to say no.* You can’t be great at everything, so pick what you are great at and say no to everything else. (Teehan-Lax)
  26. 26. design asprocess design as outcome
  27. 27. The job of a designer is not self-expression,it’s problem-solving.
  28. 28. Thank you.Questions?