Mountain media kit 2011-2012


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Mountain media kit 2011-2012

  1. 1. mountainmedia better than good enough 2011/2012
  2. 2. mountain sports+living What We Believe When our team got together to launch a magazine, we had a very specific plan: We would only write about issues and interests associated with the mountains of North America. We would cover skiing, mountain biking, Alpinism, and the other mountain sports we love, but we would also report on advocacy and tough environmental and social issues. We wouldn’t chase fashion. Instead of dumbing down our content, we would smarten it up. We would create a magazine built to last. Despite the chatter on Friendbook, print is not dead. But magazines that try to compete with the incomparable superficiality of the Internet should die. A magazine should be the opposite of a vapid tweet. Since we can’t simply delete our mistakes, we try to get a little better with each issue. We invest in intellectual property and hire better photographers, illustrators, and writers. We treat our readership with respect and assume (correctly) that they’re of great intelligence. We surprise and inform. And ultimately we deliver a product with timeless value. In this case, a beautiful glossy magazine full of inspirational photography and storytelling—a magazine that’s worthy of staying on your coffee table till it has grown dog-eared and beer-stained. An editor once told me that maga- zines only have to be “good enough” for the market. But good enough doesn’t cut it for Humvee armor or air traffic control naptimes, and it shouldn’t cut it for magazines either. Welcome to the third year of Mountain. We think it’s way better than “good enough.” Marc Peruzzi, Editorial Director, Mountain2011/2012 Editorial CalendarEarly Winter 2011 Spring 2012Skiing is Back An Ode to the MountainsIn a depressed economy North Americans rediscover their love for mountains Once a year we pull back, reflect, and celebrate the mountains of North AmericaThe 2010/2011 ski season brought record-setting storms, skier visits, and ski sales. All of which with the best storytelling, photography, and illustrations our contributors can de-serves as evidence that in a bad economy, people invest in what matters. And skiing matters. liver. It’s an eclectic mix of stories that range from the haunting to the humorous. InArmed with brand-new rockered skis and memories of good times, now they’re looking the process we give a voice to the mountains and mountain people.forward to winter 11/12. In our annual resort guide we give it to them. Expect 32 pages of jaw- Also: Please Don’t Remove my Mountaintop: From coal mining to fracking, we look atdropping photography, insider advice, and inspiration to push them back to the mountains. the future of energy and mountains.Also: The Gear Swami and his Minions reveal the results of their weeklong ski test in Snow- Plus: Your new mountain bike is here: The Gear Swami and his test team go tobird, Utah. Yes, rocker still rules. Fruita, Colorado to drink beer and test bikes. Then we put the “mountain” back inPlus: Advocacy and environmental reporting—why wind power matters. We report on the mountain biking.pros and cons of wind farms in the mountains. And profiles and features; steak and eggs. Ad Close: February 6, 2012 // On-Sale: March 1, 2012Ad Close: September 1, 2011 // On-Sale: October 4, 2011 Summer 2012Winter 2012 Want To Take You Higher25 Top Trips Your mountain town vacation is waiting. Get ready to hike, bike, run, paddle, climb,Your next adventure is here swim, and float down a mountain stream between the “beer tube” and the “dog tube.”From a plush week with the fam in Deer Valley skiing Utah’s most overlooked powder, to Also: Fire on the Mountain. When humans took fire out of the landscape in thea backcountry tour in the British Columbia backcountry, we reveal 25 can’t-fail vacations Mountain West, they turned the high country into a big bonfire just waiting for theworth dreaming about. It’s going to be deep. Plus the gear you need to make it happen. match. Now what are we going to do about it?Also: Why We Love Risk: An investigation of the human mind’s penchant for all things fast. Plus: The trail runner test. A smart roundup of off-road shoes. And camping gear,Plus: The Gear Swami reviews Nordic gear, backcountry skis, packs, and puffies. packs, and sunglasses, tooAd Close: November 2, 2011 // On-Sale: December 6, 2011 Ad Close: May 4, 2012 // On-Sale: June 5, 2012
  3. 3. mtn content mountain sports+living reader profile Male 59% Female 41% Median Age 43 Median HHI $149,540 HHI $150,000+ 50% HHI $250,000+ 17% Liquid Assets (excluding home) Average $1,079,000mtngallery Net Worth (includes home) Average $1,621,000 Own Multiple Residences 35% Audience 550,000 Rate base 125,000 Readers-Per-Copy 4.4 Deadlines Early Winter Space 9/1/2011 // On-Sale: 10/4/2011 Winter Space 11/2/2011 // On-Sale: 12/6/2011 Spring Space 2/6/2012 // On-Sale: 3/1/2012 Summer Space 5/4/2012 // On-Sale: 6/5/2012 Available at Borders, Barnes & Noble nationwide! + Eastern Mountain Sports, Whole Foods, Pharmaca and more... targeted distribution east 42% central 24% west 34% Key Markets Key Markets Key Markets New York Dallas/Ft. Worth Los Angeles New Jersey Houston San Diego Philadelphia Austin San Francisco Boston Detroit Seattle Washington DC Chicago Atlanta Minn/St. Paul Miami
  4. 4. mountaindigital user Male 62% Age 25-54, 73% Composition of skiers 71% of users took anprofile Female 38% HHI $75,000+ 72% and/or snowboarders: 96% overnight ski trip last season digital ad Display Ads Sponsored e-mails Direct promotions network Custom programs options custom mountain app email newsletters leaderboard 728 x 90 Cost-effective app delivers 20,000+ subscribers exclusive information, promotions, conditions and more Exclusive custom blasts Geo-targeted radar and Premium Sponsorship: weather reports banner + content inclusion Custom resort trail maps and Basic Sponsorship: rectangle snow conditions lower half banner 300 x 250 Includes resort news and deals feed the most powerful, independent source of national and worldwide snow conditions and resort information on the planet 2,000,000+ page views 250,000+ unique visitorsmountain World Headquarters, 3121-A Longhorn Rd., Boulder, CO 80302, mtnmedia.commedia Jamie Pentz Rob Hudson Del Deocampo Doug Sabanosh President/Founder VP/Sales VP/Nat. Account Director VP/Digital 303.815.1088 303.815.1083 303.815.1089 303.815.1084 for additional information: