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Things Left Unshared


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A few of the things that have crossed my mind over the last year or so that haven't landed in a blog post yet. Hoping that putting them here inspires me to actually get them there. Or at least to get back to writing with more consistency. Anyway, if anything in here spurs a thought, drop a note in the comments here or on the post where I shared them on the blog.

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Things Left Unshared

  1. The Blog’s Been Silent. My Mind Hasn’t.Some Thoughts & ThingsI’ve Left Unshared PAULISAKSON COM
  2. Key Thoughts for BlogPosts I Have Yet to WriteJuly 2010 - June 2011 @PAULISAKSON
  3. Less is more. 01
  4. Nobody is dying to seeyour next ad, so what’sthe rush? 02
  5. Who you work withmatters more thanwhat you work on. 03
  6. Great work is oftenthe result of havinggreat relationships. 04
  7. If you want to getbetter work produced,inspire your clients towant better work. 05
  8. No matter what youcall it, it’s still anagency, so knock it offand get to work. 06
  9. Design the marketinglike a product. 07
  10. Most people tend to makeold things out of newtechnology before theymake new things from it. 08
  11. Your biggestcompetitive threatisn’t one of yourcurrent competitors. 09
  12. People. Process. Inputs.If you want to createnew outcomes, you’vegot to change at leastone of them. 10
  13. Great brands havea purpose that willnever be nished. 11
  14. To have a great idea,you’ve got to have lotsand lots of ideas. 12
  15. Be wrong more often. 13
  16. Forget Campaigns.Campaigns were inventedby award show organizersto collect more entry fees. 14
  17. To nd better waysforward, look back. 15
  18. A good idea islike a network. 16
  19. Don’t let perfect get inthe way of better. 17
  20. Good ideas are more likelyto emerge in environmentsthat contain noise and error. 18
  21. Paradigm shiftsbegin with anomaliesin the data. 19
  22. Create a place wheredifferent kinds of thoughtsand people can productivelycombine and collide. 20
  23. Life is a processof transformation. 21
  24. Encouragement doesn’t leadto creativity—collisions do. 22
  25. Make novel connections. 23
  26. Dare to become who youwere born to be. 24
  27. The Blog’s Been Silent. My Mind Hasn’t.Some Thoughts & ThingsI’ve Left Unshared PAULISAKSON COM