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New Features in DataShare


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Presentation to University of Edinburgh Research Data Management Forum Tuesday 28th March 2017 on new features in Edinburgh DataShare v2.3 the embargo enhancement release.

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New Features in DataShare

  1. 1. DataShare: New Features in v2.3 – the embargo enhancement release Pauline Ward Presentation 28 March 2017 Research Data Service:
  2. 2. Where is DataShare? There are two sure-fire ways to get to DataShare: • Go to • Go to and search for “datashare” Research Data Service:
  3. 3. DataShare: Key benefits Researchers can: • preserve and share their research data; • get a DOI for their data; • deposit up to 20 GB through the web submission form. The curators advise on sustainability, accessibility & discoverability. Research Data Service:
  4. 4. DataShare: New features in v.2.3 DOI added to the citation field immediately: • DataShare now immediately appends the URL containing the newly- minted DOI into the “Citation” field, which is visible at the top of the Summary View page. • (Unless the files are under embargo!) Research Data Service:
  5. 5. Research Data Service:
  6. 6. DataShare: Embargo Depositors can: • Apply a temporary embargo to files (but not metadata) by specifying the embargo expiry date when they complete a web submission. • Instruct the curators to lift the embargo or amend the date eg when a paper is published. • Request different embargo dates on different files in a deposit. Users can request a file(s) by clicking on the file and completing the Request-a-copy form. Research Data Service:
  7. 7. Research Data Service:
  8. 8. DataShare: New features in v.2.3 Embargo expiry reminder: • DataShare will now send the depositor an email reminder, one week before the embargo is due to expire. • This gives the depositor time to make us aware if they need the embargo to be extended. • Also nudges the depositor to send us details of a connected paper if it has been published. Research Data Service:
  9. 9. DataShare: New features in v.2.3 Tombstone records: • Metadata remain visible • Files completely inaccessible • Request-a-copy not active • Available by request • Useful when we need to take data down eg because of a substantive error. Or when the depositor has moved to another institution. Research Data Service:
  10. 10. Research Data Service:
  11. 11. DataShare: Even bigger files (via SFTP) • In the next upgrade of DataShare we’ll be scaling up to allow us to accept deposits much bigger than the current 20 GB limit. • We’ll make the data available through SFTP for resumable download. Research Data Service:
  12. 12. Ask me questions! Research Data Service: