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Using smartphones for making short lesson videos and messages for students


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Using smartphones for making short lesson videos and messages for students

  1. 1. Using smartphones for making short lesson videos and messages for students Tech talk 7 - Pauline Porcaro CoB ADG
  2. 2. How could you use a smartphone for teaching? Image: Used under CC licence Discuss
  3. 3. How? Brainstorm here
  4. 4. Some examples of use A site with pre-class work To explain a topic - link on YouTube provided to students Instructions for HDR students To introduce a new subject Hear the leaders of the Flipped Classroom movement, Bergmann and Sams, explain some tips for making videos to use in your flipped classroom Some videos made by a team in the School of Medical Sciences to prepare the students for the class (watch from 1.40-3.40)
  5. 5. Using your phone Go to your ‘Camera’ app Switch from Photo to Video mode Take your video (make it short 3-5 mins best)
  6. 6. Steps to upload video to YouTube 1. Upload by selecting the video (one at a time) 2. Choose the YouTube icon 3. Complete the info.fields (for RMIT it is safest to select Unlisted) 4. Select Publish
  7. 7. Troubleshooting If you have any trouble uploading to YouTube E.g. The response “Sharing was interrupted” Easiest option is to Download the ‘YouTube Capture App’ - it’s free and your videos upload immediately
  8. 8. The Capture App Once in the Capture App 1. Tap the small file arrow in the bottom left corner - this will take you to your video files on your phone 2. Alternatively film directly in the App
  9. 9. Select a video file, change privacy and upload
  10. 10. Choose your YouTube settings
  11. 11. You can also adjust settings in your YouTube account
  12. 12. Uploading to Drive directly Alternately you may select Upload to Drive directly. Warning on WiFi this can be slow
  13. 13. Steps to email and then save to Drive 1. Select Mail once you have selected the video 2. Enter your email address and a name for the email
  14. 14. Uploading video to Google Save the file to Drive or download. Saving to Drive means you can then get a URL to share with your students.
  15. 15. Open in Google
  16. 16. Share with students via email or share the link (share the link - ‘Anyone at RMIT with the link’)
  17. 17. Or choose any App that you use E.g. Facebook or Google+ or Vine
  18. 18. Tips and hints for filming An earlier presentation on filming with iPads
  19. 19. Some ways students can use their phones For assessment - they create a short video Make an ad by looping Vine Take a short video and share in a learning community like Google+ or Facebook to demonstrate something learned in the workplace Here’s a story on class making slowmation videos as an assessment Class Snapchat channel to share ideas they see related to their studies
  20. 20. Feedback Please select this link to provide feedback on the session And Please join our Google Community and share any stories of anything you try