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B2B Customer Acquisition


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Lead Generation through different traction channels

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B2B Customer Acquisition

  1. 1. B2B Marketing Paulina Ortiz
  2. 2. Choose Channel and Test ● Starting point: brainstorm ideas for each channel and start with the most valid ideas ● Test ideas out in a variety of channels to see which works for your startup and then scale up o design smaller scale tests that don’t require much upfront cost or effort
  3. 3. Which B2B Lead Generation Methods Work Best?
  4. 4. Traction Channels • Viral Marketing • Public Relations • Unconventional PR • SEM • Social and Display Ads • Offline Ads • SEO • Content Marketing • Email Marketing • Engineering as Marketing • Target Market Blogs • Business Development • Sales • Affiliate Programs • Existing Platforms • Trade Shows • Offline Events • Speaking Engagements • Community Building
  5. 5. Offline Events Networking and speaking engagements drive success at events ● Conferences: TechCrunch Disrupt, Launch Conference, SXSW ● Host own conference and invite loyal customers to speak on how your product has helped them o Stream event to get people from out of the area to “attend” o To target top executives, host the conference in an appealing city and invite prominent figures
  6. 6. Trade Show Tactics B2B Lead Generation Report 2013
  7. 7. Sponsorships ● Sponsor an industry influencer in a workshop or event to get exposure to your brand ● Sponsor events that would appeal to target market
  8. 8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • “Fat head”: trying to rank for search terms that directly rank your company • “Long-tail”: trying to rank more specific terms with lower search volumes • Invest if search volumes of terms people use to find products in your industry are large enough • Google Trends: see how your keywords have been trending • Open Site Explorer: check # of links competitors have for a given term • Once you’ve settled on a few terms make sure they are in page titles and main site and have other sites link to yours to increase quality ranking
  9. 9. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) • Before you invest heavily in AdWords, test out different search phrases with A/B testing and measure CTR for each • Aim to have CTR around 2% to ensure a high quality score from Google • Advertise on Google search network or ads on Content Network (non-Google sites) • Use Retargeting programs (Adroll) to bring interested users back to your site
  10. 10. Social & Display Ads • Display Advertising through Google on relevant industry sites • Direct Ads: reach out to relevant sites directly • MixRank and Adbeat show the ads your competitors are running and where • Alexa and Quantcast helps determine who visits the sites that feature competitor’s ads
  11. 11. Social Media “Social media is the world’s water cooler”, B2B leads fare there for the taking Source: Media Bistro
  12. 12. Social Media Tactics Have Clear Call to Actions 1. Send your social media visitors directly to the website: website is the most effective lead generation tactic (“lead generation report 2013”) 2. Have a monthly informative newsletter on SMB practices and allow newsletter signups on your page so you can gather email addresses. 3. Provide links to free tools (e-books) on social media to gather email addresses.
  13. 13. Different Networks • LinkedIn: 250 million business professionals. Allows targeting by job title, company, industry, and other business demographics • Twitter: 250 million users. Sponsored Tweets that appear in user’s feed/Twitter card ad unit that allows advertisers to capture user’s emails that opt in. • SlideShare: Content Ads on LinkedIn
  14. 14. What Social Media Tactics are Most Effective? B2B Lead Generation Report 2013
  15. 15. Participate in Social Media Forums Join conversations with potential leads. Being active in these conversations means ensuring a stronger marketing presence among people who matter. ● LinkedIn Groups related to your industry/product ● Quora, Product Hunt ● Twitter Chats
  16. 16. Website A/B Testing • Button vs text links • Location of call to actions • Size, color, contrast of action buttons • Page speed • Adding images • Headlines • Site copy • Testimonials • Number of form fields
  17. 17. Viral Marketing • The process of getting your existing users to refer others to your products • Viral coefficient: K=i*conversion rate (i=# of invites sent per user and the rate at which thy convert) • Viral cycle time: how long it takes a user to go through your viral loop, the shorter the better
  18. 18. Public Relations (PR) • If you have a fascinating story with broad appeal, media outlets want to hear from you because it drives page views resulting in more advertisement • Target smaller sites like Hacker News, Digg, and Reddit since sites like Tech Crunch and Lifehacker often pick stories from here • “If it’s not interesting enough to elicit an emotion, you don’t have a story worth pitching”
  19. 19. PR Tactics • Follow influencers in your industry and reach out to blogs they often link to • Use Help a Reporter Out (HARO) to get a mention on a piece • Offer reporters commentary on stores related to industry • Follow reporters that cover your industry on Twitter • Build a real relationship with tem by commenting, liking posts
  20. 20. PR 1. Submit small story to community sites with large audiences 2. Share story on social media to drive awareness 3. Email to influencers for comment 4. Message blogs in your space to tell them you have a buzz-worthy story 5. Email blogs that cover story and offer interview
  21. 21. Out-of-the Box PR ● Try some customer appreciation tactics that build brand evangelists that leads to organic growth o Call customers when new vendors that might interest them sign up o Customer of the month program on your site o Wow one loyal customer a month with over-the-top customer service and feature that story on your site (it will make others and potential leads want to become loyal too!) 
  22. 22. Email Marketing ● Lead Generation o Free Tools (e-books, presentations, webinars) can be delivered instantly in exchange for an email address o On the bottom of your blog posts and landing page, ask for email address o Have premium content for buyers on your site that require email address to access o Create a short free course which at the end you have a clear call to action, requiring email address
  23. 23. Content Marketing
  24. 24. Types of B2B Content ● Case Studies ● Customer Testimonials ● Customer Videos ● Product Videos/Demos ● Webinars ● Guest Blog Posts ● e-newsletters or e-books ● Infographics
  25. 25. Content & Inbound Marketing ● If you’re creating great content, advertise it on social media, blog, or on SlideShare to get users to your site ● Host monthly seminars/webinars on topics of interest by industry o relationship building with current users and a way to get new users
  26. 26. Most Important Aspect of an Effective Webinar B2B Lead Generation Report 2013
  27. 27. Content & Inbound Marketing ● Be guest blogger in like-minded blogs with high traffic o is good for browsing blogs by subject for targeted advertising and can have traffic info o If you establish a good relationship with them, the bloggers can become your affiliates ● Videos: with YouTube being the 2nd largest search engine, you can’t neglect video and its virality effect o Video series: visit and interview some of your most loyal customers on how your product has made their life easier
  28. 28. Affiliate Programs ● Commission Junction (CJ), Pepperjam, and Linkshare all have strong networks of affiliates who make a living promoting other company’s products ● You get to set conditions: commission based on conversions or signups o Email lists: Many affiliates have large email lists which they use to promote products while receiving commission o Blogs: blogs in relevant industries with high traffic can become affiliates and promote your product o You can even get your customers involved in your affiliate program and take advantage of their network
  29. 29. Once you get the Lead… Nurture • Contact them within 5 minutes of when they sign up • Engage in at least 4 reach-outs to keep them interested • Include a call to action • 82% of prospects say content targeted to their specific industry is engaging
  30. 30. Sources 1. report-2013 2. 3. Traction Book: A Startup Guide to getting Customers