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Reasons to not hate Alois Trancy


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Here are my reasons to not hate Alois from Kuroshitsuji

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Reasons to not hate Alois Trancy

  1. 1. Reasons to not hate Alois Trancy By: -Paulina Crisóstomo
  2. 2. First of all, If you hate him, then Fuck You
  3. 3. Now lets get to the reasons: • Reason 1 He’s a precious smol bean look at this *Like seriously I wanna hug him
  4. 4. • Reason 2 He might be a bitch and rude sometimes but c’mon he’s been through a lot but unlike ciel he’s childish and HE JUST WANTS CONFORT AND LOVE OK * I DARE YOU TELL ME YOU DONT TO PROTECT HIM LOOK AT HIS SAD EYES *LOOK AT HIM
  5. 5. • Reason 3 He might seem slutty but he’s young af and he was raped when he was younger so that’s basically the only way he knows to interact with people kinda, so like POOR HIM *I’LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU BABE
  6. 6. • Reason 4 He’s clearly mentally ill as fuck, even a blind person could see it, his scary mood swings and stuff, but dude he’s young and with his past, he must be really crazy, and he really just wants attention *I STILL LOVE HIM OK and you should too
  7. 7. • I probably have more reasons but I’m lazy. If you still hate him after all this then ok, opinions are opinions and we should all respect everyone (BUT YOU’RE A CUNT, GO DIE)
  8. 8. BYE