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  • Intros \nPaul and Laura \nCornerstone Productions - Mission statement; Dedicated to helping groups and organizations develop interesting educational ways to express their thoughts and beliefs in a way that encourages discussion and exploration of difficult issues. \nDrawn to this work for personal reasons… and the passion for utilizing the arts to explore issues grew into the supporting players program\n1995 - developing a training which we unveiled in 1997\nOur backgrounds and expertise in area of prevention education and theater experience. \nprivate consulting work for hazelden assisting them in developing an arts component to their youth programs\ntook course work in epidemiology and addiction at Hazelden and Uminnesota \nAnd began my graduate course work at St. Mary’s University in the field of Human Development to study the impact the program was having on the student participants.\n\nCornerstone theater company founded in 1990\n
  • Read and short elaboration. \n
  • Laura: Talks about importance of administrative support. Quantify through data and information the effect of the program and how it will fit in with a comprehensive program. Briefly discuss AODA research conducted through St. Marys. \nLISA: SHARES INFO ON OUTCOMES WITH HOLMEN\n
  • Lisa: Talk about Standards met from her perspective. \n
  • Laura: Story about skit creation roles people play in alcoholic families. Knew it from experience but learned about it and then applied it to a creative structure. Research on mentoring and tutoring programs indicate it is a powerful learning tool for the students who are the mentors and the ones being tutored or mentored. \n
  • \n
  • Little Teapots have Big Ears. \nBest way to learn is to Teach. - research shows that young p\nTell me I may forget, Show me I might remember, Involve me and I will understand. \nRole Models! \n
  • Students report that they become friends with kids from groups they might not otherwise have. We’ve found these groups attract students from a broad diverse spectrum of cliques. Especially with strong recruiting. \n\n2 girls from yesterday worked together on skit about girl bullying… \n
  • Kyle Story: at risk/involved in program since 7th grade; It changed my life; premed. \n
  • Show me don’t tell me. \n
  • Basic principles of staging to help them tell their stories in a way that is visually interesting and supports success. \n
  • 4 Step process to insure that they’re teaching something useful and appropriate. And no crummy after school specials. \n
  • \n
  • 4 Step process to insure that they’re teaching something useful and appropriate. And no crummy after school specials. \n
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  • \n
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    1. 1. Nuts and Bolts of Peer DramaCornerstone Productions LLC Laura Clark Hansen & Paul Hansen
    2. 2. What is the Supporting Players© Peer Drama ProgramA student activity led by dedicated advisors. Students create and present powerful original skits about important teen issues.They perform for peers, community groups, and younger students. Processing and discussion are key components of each performance.
    3. 3. Initiating/Incorporating Peer Drama Administrative Support Research & Expected Outcomes & Efficacy3 Year Usage Study: St. Mary’s UniversityDevelopmental Assets-Student NarrativesNMSA Theater as Education Study
    4. 4. Standards*Power of Teaching*Core Academics*Standards of the Heart Standards Met - Compiled by Genevieve Kirchman - CESA #5 See End of Handout
    5. 5. Entertains and EducatesPerformers and Audiences Draws out of them what they already know!
    6. 6. Experiential LearningWe retain about 20-30% of what we read hear or see. When we teachsomeone else by showing and doing
    7. 7. Experiential Learning “Tell me I will forget, Show meI may remember, Involve me and I Understand.”
    8. 8. IMPACTEmpowerment & Self-Efficacy“Together we can do anything.”“It has made me think about what I want andhow to get out of my bad habits.”“It made me realize I am a role model.”
    9. 9. AFFECT School ClimateTeam Building - “It helped me makefriends with fellow troupe
    10. 10. CrossoverCommunication Skill Builder - “I’m notso scared to get up in front ofpeople. My forensics teacher evensaid I was getting lots better.”
    11. 11. TrainingAdvisors & Students Demonstration DVD
    12. 12. How do you get kids to do that?Basic Acting Skillbuilding Characterization Staging Scripting T.I.P.S.
    13. 13. Considerations When Building a Peer Drama TroupeAdministrative SupportIntact Group or New ActivityAdvisor AvailabilityStudent InterestFunding
    14. 14. Existing Groups & New Initiatives SADD / TATU / FACT / Peer Helpers Service Learning Groups Single Program - Part of Comprehensive Effort Accredited ClassSTUDENTS: Theater and Non-TheaterADVISORS: Counselors - Drama Teachers - Volunteers
    15. 15. Training OpportunitiesCESA Multiple School TrainingPrivate TrainingRevitalizations
    16. 16. What are your Questions?
    17. 17. For Further Information: Contact Laura Clark Hansen Education Outreach DirectorCornerstoneProductionsLLC@gmail.com800-962-2477608-455-5059608-225-1897