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Digital Leadership, Reputation and Being Your Best Self

  1. #BeActDo reputation, Digitalleadership, andbeingyourbestself
  2. outcomes... 1. Describe your digital stamp and make decisions as to what and how you want to be online. 2. Understand the online space as a context and a place for community and relationship building. 3. Cultivate a philosophy of openness and exploration. 4. Identify opportunities and potential for self- exploration and action using digital and social media.
  3. Sowhoisthisguy? @paulgordonbrown
  4. technologyis more than MICROCHIPS
  5. technologyis personal
  6. technologyis integratedinto ourlives
  7. who’steachingus howtouseit? BUT
  8. who’steachingus howtomanageit? BUT
  9. who’steachingus howtotake advantageofit? BUT
  10. Just because you use social media… doesn’t mean you know how to use it well.
  11. this its about impacting
  12. this and
  13. Goethe(not really)
  14. Whateveryoucandoor dreamyoucan,beginit. Boldnesshasgenius, powerandmagicinit!
  15. social mediais powerful
  16. Just because you use social media… doesn’t mean you know how to use it well.
  17. digital stamp
  18. digital footprints + digital shadow + digital trail digital stamp
  19. digital footprints
  20. digital shadow
  21. digital trail
  22. digital footprints + digital shadow + digital trail digital stamp
  23. FROM THE WOMB! We even have digital stamps
  24. Your Name
  25. Your Name What is the first thing that comes up? Is it you? Is it someone else? What do you want to come up?
  26. BE AWARE!
  27. TheInternetIs Forever
  28. Yourparents willprobably postan embarrassing pictureasa #TBT.
  29. Howmany ofyouhave hada picture postedof youthat youdidn’t want posted?
  30. Howmany ofyouhave posted something youwish youcould takeback?
  31. Mistakesand embarrassing photoscan followus forever.
  32. youcan’t
  33. WeWillMake HowWeHandle Mistakes ThemDefinesUs
  34. You might “STEP IN IT”
  35. Ownit. Apologize. Layoutstepsto“makeitright” Followthrough. Learnfromit.
  36. Be flawesome
  37. Beyourself. Don’tletpridegetintheway. Don’tbesoconcernedyourimage. Speakyourtruth.
  38. PrivacyIs YourProblem
  39. You assume RESPONSIBILITY! When it comes to privacy…
  40. raiseyour privacy settings
  41. BUT
  42. itlowers yourpotential impact
  44. Don’tGetSuckedIn
  45. !
  46. socialmediadistortsreality
  50. Howhaveyouseenthisin yourselforyourpeers? Whataretheimplications?
  51. think critically
  52. rememberthat peoplegenerally onlypostthe positive
  53. making mistakes isbetter than faking perfections
  54. LookOut ForOthers
  55. Beanupstander. Notabystander.
  56. Howdoyouhave conversationsabout commentslikethese online?
  57. Act with kindness 😃
  58. Don’t Act out of anger. 😡
  59. Don’t Act out of hate. 👿
  60. collegesandemployers arelistening
  61. of jobs are landed through networking and personal relationships 80% John Bennett, Assistant professor of behavioral science at the McColl School of Business at Queens University of Charlotte
  62. of recruiters use or plan to begin using social networks/social media for recruiting 94% Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2013
  63. Use Twitter 55% Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2013
  64. Use Facebook 65% Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2013
  65. Use LinkedIn 94% Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2013
  67. Face-2-Face BeReplaced Cannot
  68. Maslow’s Hierarchyof Needs.
  69. BeA Digital Change Agent
  70. follow what’s #trending
  71. #slacktivsim
  72. How many of you have participated in an awareness campaign?
  73. Can we dig deeper?
  74. What are the causes that matter to you?
  75. digital compass your What’s ?
  76. Whateveryoucandoor dreamyoucan,beginit. Boldnesshasgenius, powerandmagicinit!