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A Rainbow of Inspiration: Quotes to Hack Your 2016!


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Quotes keep me inspired, reductive, and focused on my goals. Hopefully these do the same for you! A few of my favorites...

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A Rainbow of Inspiration: Quotes to Hack Your 2016!

  1. arainbowof inspirationQuotesto“hack”your2016!
  2. Quotable quotes keep me inspired… keep my productive… keep my focused on my goals… Hopefully they do the same for you!
  3. “Creativityisknowinghowto hideyoursources” ―C.E.M.Joad @Paul Gordon Brown
  4. “Wehavetocontinuallybe jumpingoffcliffsand developingourwingsonthe waydown.” ―KurtVonnegut @Paul Gordon Brown
  5. “Othershaveseenwhatisand askedwhy.Ihaveseenwhat couldbeandaskedwhynot.” ―PabloPicasso @Paul Gordon Brown
  6. “Imaginationiseverything.Itis thepreviewoflife'scoming attractions.” ―AlbertEinstein @Paul Gordon Brown
  7. “Creativitytakescourage.” ―HenriMatisse @Paul Gordon Brown
  8. “Aroundhere,however,we don'tlookbackwardsforvery long.Wekeepmoving forward,openingupnew doorsanddoingnewthings, becausewe'recurious...and curiositykeepsleadingus downnewpaths.” ―WaltDisneyCompany @Paul Gordon Brown
  9. “Inevermadeoneofmy discoveriesthroughthe processofrationalthinking” ―AlbertEinstein @Paul Gordon Brown
  10. “Anideathatisnotdangerous isunworthyofbeingcalledan ideaatall.” ―OscarWilde @Paul Gordon Brown
  11. “Therearepainterswho transformthesuntoayellow spot,butthereareotherswho withthehelpoftheirartand theirintelligence,transforma yellowspotintosun” ―PabloPicasso @Paul Gordon Brown
  12. “Doorsareforpeoplewithno imagination.” ―DerekLandy @Paul Gordon Brown
  13. “Theworstenemytocreativity isself-doubt.” ―SylviaPlath @Paul Gordon Brown
  14. “Tobecreativemeanstobein lovewithlife.Youcanbe creativeonlyifyoulovelife enoughthatyouwantto enhanceitsbeauty,youwant tobringalittlemoremusicto it,alittlemorepoetrytoit,a littlemoredancetoit.” ―Osho @Paul Gordon Brown
  15. “Thechiefenemyofcreativity isgoodsense.” ―PabloPicasso @Paul Gordon Brown
  16. “Learntheruleslikeapro,so youcanbreakthemlikean artist.” ―PabloPicasso @Paul Gordon Brown
  17. “Youcan'tuseupcreativity. Themoreyouuse,themore youhave.” ―MayaAngelou @Paul Gordon Brown
  18. “Creativityisallowingyourself tomakemistakes.Artis knowingwhichonestokeep.” ―ScottAdams @Paul Gordon Brown
  19. “Youhavetobeburningwith anidea,oraproblem,ora wrongthatyouwanttoright.If you'renotpassionateenough fromthestart,you'llnever stickitout.” ―SteveJobs @Paul Gordon Brown
  20. “Thereiscreativereadingas wellascreativewriting.” ―RalphWaldoEmerson @Paul Gordon Brown
  21. “Vulnerabilityisthebirthplace ofinnovation,creativityand change.” ―BrenéBrown @Paul Gordon Brown
  22. “Creativityrequiresthe couragetoletgoof certainties.” ―ErichFromm @Paul Gordon Brown
  23. “Thereisafountainofyouth:it isyourmind,yourtalents,the creativityyoubringtoyourlife andthelivesofpeopleyou love.Whenyoulearntotap thissource,youwilltrulyhave defeatedage.” ―SophiaLoren @Paul Gordon Brown
  24. “Thetruesignofintelligenceis notknowledgebut imagination.” ―AlbertEinstein @Paul Gordon Brown
  25. “Thethingistobecomea masterandinyouroldageto acquirethecouragetodo whatchildrendidwhenthey knewnothing.” ―ErnestHemingway @Paul Gordon Brown
  26. “Ifyoueverfindthatyou'rethe mosttalentedpersoninthe room,youneedtofindanother room.” ―AustinKleon @Paul Gordon Brown
  27. “Drawtheartyouwanttosee, startthebusinessyouwantto run,playthemusicyouwant tohear,writethebooksyou wanttoread,buildthe productsyouwanttouse–do theworkyouwanttosee done.”―AustinKleon @Paul Gordon Brown
  28. “Owningourstorycanbehard butnotnearlyasdifficultas spendingourlivesrunning fromit.” ―BrenéBrown @Paul Gordon Brown
  29. “Onlywhenwearebrave enoughtoexplorethe darknesswillwediscoverthe infinitepowerofourlight.” ―BrenéBrown @Paul Gordon Brown
  30. “Wecultivatelovewhenweallow ourmostvulnerableandpowerful selvestobedeeplyseenand known,andwhenwehonorthe spiritualconnectionthatgrows fromthatofferingwithtrust, respect,kindnessandaffection.” ―BrenéBrown @Paul Gordon Brown
  31. “Loveisnotsomethingwegiveor get;itissomethingthatwenurture andgrow,aconnectionthatcanonly becultivatedbetweentwopeople whenitexistswithineachoneof them–wecanonlyloveothersas muchasweloveourselves.” ―BrenéBrown @Paul Gordon Brown
  32. “Youareimperfect,youare wiredforstruggle,butyouare worthyofloveandbelonging.” ―BrenéBrown @Paul Gordon Brown
  33. “Couragestartswithshowing upandlettingourselvesbe seen.” ―BrenéBrown @Paul Gordon Brown
  34. “Imperfectionsarenot inadequacies;theyare remindersthatwe'reallinthis together.” ―BrenéBrown @Paul Gordon Brown
  35. “Whatweknowmattersbut whowearemattersmore.” ―BrenéBrown @Paul Gordon Brown
  36. “Stayingvulnerableisarisk wehavetotakeifwewantto experienceconnection.” ―BrenéBrown @Paul Gordon Brown