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Early College Academy Greeley Colorado

Early College Academy is Greeley's newest high school. This powerpoint presentation was given to parents and potential students as part of a promotional campaign.

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Early College Academy Greeley Colorado

  1. 1. EARLY COLLEGE ACADEMY • Paul Francisco, Greeley-Evans District 6
  2. 2. Overview ECHS • National Snapshot ECHS • Academic Plan ECHS • Staffing ECHS • Discussion and QuestionsECHS
  3. 3. Early College Academy Core Beliefs • Early College Schools have high expectations for all students • Every student is capable of college-level work • Students need acceleration, not remediation. • Students learn more when challenged and engaged by instruction and rigorous academic work. • ECHS looks to serve a diverse student body economically, culturally and academically.
  4. 4. What Is Early College? Early college is an educational transformation model, that was developed and implemented by Jobs for the Future with funding from the Gates Foundation over the last 10 years. Early colleges are high schools bring college into high school to provide youth with a path to and through postsecondary education.
  5. 5. Early College Features Students earn a high school diploma and up to two years of transferrable college credit—tuition free A rigorous instructional framework aligned to college-ready standards A strong college-going culture throughout the school Student-centered learning and student support Location on or near college campuses to build students’ identity as college goers
  6. 6. FAST FACTS: EARLY COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOLS, 2013-14 SCHOOLS: 280 including grades 9-12, 9-13, and 6-12 STATES: 32 STUDENTS: 80,000+ GRADUATES: 5,880* NEW EARLY COLLEGE SCHOOLS UNDER DEVELOPMENT: 56 NUMBER OF EARLY COLLEGE SCHOOLS 10 or more schools 5-9 schools 1-4 schools
  7. 7. District 6 ECHS Design Academic Plan
  8. 8. Colorado Academic Standards Colorado gtPathway Curriculum Aims Community College AA Degree Requirements District 6 High School Graduation Requirements Early College Academy Graduate EARLY COLLEGE ACADEMY: MEETING THE STANDARDS FOR SUCCESSFUL GRADUATES
  9. 9. Intentional Design Elements Combine stand alone high school with college campus-based courses to allow for Individual Academic Plans & Interest • High engagement • Power of place. Support Systems Built in from Day One – Aims Community College Academic Support Program – ICAP Completion Activities – College Readiness, Skills and Success Workshops – Test Preparation Accuplacer, Course Final preparation, ACT Extra-Curricular Activities including Clubs focused around leadership. – Athletics and other clubs offered off site.
  10. 10. District 6 ECHS Design Facility Plan
  11. 11. 5590 W. 11th St., Greeley, CO 80634 Currently Aims Community College Corporate Learning Center
  12. 12. Challenge 1: College Level Science Teaching Laboratories Proposed Solution: • Aims Community College will be constructing a new science labs for ECHS use. • Next year temporary labs for Biology and Physics.
  13. 13. Challenge 2: ECHS Learning Center – Fully supported by Aims Community College – Individual and Group Instruction – Support for all Academic Courses – Materials to enhance research and teaching – Technology
  14. 14. Challenge 3: Physical Education Dedicated Space Proposed Solution: • The ECHS and Aims Community College are collaborating to insure access for student to appropriate physical education activities. AIMS has offered to allow ECHS to offer courses at the newly renovated Aims Gymnasium
  15. 15. Challenge 4: Transportation • A combination of district transportation resources and city bus routes will be used to address this need. • We are working on this plan as we learn where we need to get kids from and to.
  16. 16. ECHS Student Enrollment Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 200 (9th, 10th Grade Only) 325 (9th, 10th, 11th Only) 450-500 All Grades 9-12
  17. 17. ECA Staffing District 6 Staffing Principal 1 Office Staff 2 Teachers (Tentative based on Enrollment) 6 Counselor (Tentative based on Enrollment) 1 Custodial/ Food Services 2 Total 12
  18. 18. AIMS Staffing • Aims Administrator •1.5 FTE Media Center Support: Fully credentialed instructor and assistant •1 FTE Tutor Coordinator with tutoring support (individual, group and peer tutoring) •0.5 FTE Financial Literacy/Student Life Coordinator •Full and part time faculty to provide annually provide 90 college-level sections in the following academic areas: Chemistry English Environmental Science Fine Arts Geography Health and Wellness History Literature Mathematics Philosophy Political Science Speech Communication World Languages
  19. 19. Aims Community College Supports  Approve long-term lease of Corporate Learning Center  Support design and ongoing cost of postsecondary Learning Center  Librarian  Librarian Technician  Electronic Data Bases  1:1 Technology Plan with 5 Computers for Student Emergencies  Support design and construction cost of science labs  Support Academic Administrator, Advising Staff & Tutoring Coordinator Position Assigned to ECHS  Support Inclusion of use of gymnasium and/or resources to support physical education programming  Funding Model Similar to Career Academies which includes Tuition, Fees and Textbook - $100 per credit  Provide laptop/tablet device for each student
  20. 20. Questions Discussion & Questions

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  • emberburns

    Feb. 27, 2015

Early College Academy is Greeley's newest high school. This powerpoint presentation was given to parents and potential students as part of a promotional campaign.


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