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Infra vision customer story yakult

  1. 1. CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORY Yakult Europe B.V. » Service desk in the cloud allows fast, economical implementation of robust service management functionality BEFORE AFTER » High acquisition and maintenance costs » BMC Remedyforce will reduce costs by made it impractical to upgrade or replace approximately 25% the first year, and cut the on-premise solution them nearly in half in years 2 and 3 » Complicated user interface of previous » Help desk calls have dropped by a third help desk tool resulted in low adoption and email by half because users can now rate, increasing burden on help desk easily submit their own tickets » Ticket ownership was not clear-cut, » No ambiguity with respect to who owns resulting in confusion that delayed an issue; task feature lets owners assign resolution; sometimes issues fell tasks while maintaining ticket ownership through the cracks » Central place for capturing detailed » Limited ability to capture and share descriptions, discussions, examples, and knowledge about an issue other information related to each ticket In companies of all sizes, reducing IT incidents, solving problems swi ly, and respond- ing to user requests promptly is a business imperative. Implementing and maintaining an IT service management solution, however, has o en been a lengthy and expensiveGEOGRAPHY undertaking. The cost and effort involved prevents many enterprises — particularlyEurope midsized ones — from moving ahead with a robust service management strategy.INDUSTRY Fortunately, cloud technologies are enabling IT organizations to quickly deploy best-Food & Beverage Manufacturing in-class service management functionality across the enterprise without the capitalSOLUTIONS expenditures and ongoing costs of an on-premise solution. Companies like YakultBMC Remedyforce Service Desk Europe are exploiting cloud computing to improve service and support to their users while controlling IT costs. “Cloud technologies have now reached a maturity level that allows us to offload any IT elements that put us in a defensive situation,” said Can Ersoz, manager of information systems at Yakult. “By moving functions like service management to the cloud, we can stop focusing on technology and direct our attention to supporting the marketing and sales activities of our business.” Yakult recently decided to tap the power of cloud computing to replace its outdated help desk system, Altiris. Employees had not fully embraced the previous system because it was difficult to use. Moreover, the solution lacked functionality that the IT staff needed to be effective in handling issues and requests.
  2. 2. Resources and budget limitations made it impracti- cal to implement a new on-premise solution, so the staff began searching for a cloud, or So ware as a Service (SaaS), solution. BMC So ware, with its BMC Remedyforce Service Desk, quickly emerged as a top contender. BMC Remedyforce“Since weof phone calls to theRemedyforce, the number implemented BMC help desk has delivers access to market-leading BMC service management capabilities through the highly dropped by about one third, and the number of regarded cloud platform. e-mail messages has dropped in half. In time, we expect the number of user-submitted issues and The staff contacted BMC to learn more about BMC Remedyforce, and was impressed with what they requests to increase, which will free up the help saw. BMC quickly brought InfraVision into the desk to work on more complex issues.” relationship. InfraVision is one of BMC’s top partners CAN ERSOZ in the Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). MANAGER OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS Based in the Netherlands with offices also in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany, the com- pany provided consulting services and support to assist Yakult in its decision-making process as well as with the planning and implementation of cloud- based service management processes and so ware. A SOLID BUSINESS CASE “We chose BMC Remedyforce for a variety of reasons,” recalled help desk analyst Arnold Soedamah. “It is a true SaaS solution, whereas TOPdesk, the other solution we considered, is a managed service offering. The BMC pricing was more favorable, it offered more functionality, and we could deploy it faster. We also felt very comfortable with the two companies behind BMC Remedyforce. We have a lot of confidence in both BMC So ware and” Staff members compared the monthly per-user pricing for BMC Remedyforce with the cost of upgrading the current on-premise solution and with the monthly TOPdesk pricing. They were surprised at just how much they would be able to save with the BMC solution. “Compared to the cost of upgrading our old system, BMC Remedyforce will save us approximately 25 percent the first year, and will cut our costs nearly in half in years two and three,” Ersoz said. “And we estimate that BMC Remedyforce will cost only about half as much TOPdesk would cost over three years.” Another important factor in the decision was the responsiveness of both InfraVision and BMC. “Every time we had a question, the people from InfraVision and BMC got back to us right away,” Ersoz said. “They continue to be very proactive in answering our questions and addressing our concerns.” RAPID RESULTS Because the previous ticketing system was difficult to use, people typically submitted incidents and requests by telephone or email. Assigning tickets to owners was cumbersome, as was managing tickets through to resolution. Users are adopting BMC Remedyforce much more quickly than the previous system, submitting many issues and requests through the online portal instead of calling or sending messages. They can also check the status of their incidents and requests, which further reduces the burden on the help desk.
  3. 3. “Since we implemented BMC Remedyforce, the number of phone calls to the help desk has dropped by about one third, and the number of email messages has dropped in half,” Ersoz said. “In time, we expect the number of user-submitted issues and requests to increase, which will make the entry and assign- ment of tickets even more efficient.”“Handling a phone call to the help desk takes about 10 minutes,” Soedamah added. “Saving that time is very beneficial. But what is also important is that there are fewer interruptions, so we can plan our time and use it more effectively.”With the previous system, ticket ownership was o en unclear. With BMC Remedyforce, the help desk canmore easily assign tickets to a server or network specialist, an application owner, or a functional manager.Complex issues o en require the efforts of multiple people. The BMC Remedyforce task feature allows theticket owner to assign tasks to the appropriate people while maintaining responsibility for the issue or request.This has made ownership more clear-cut and, as a result, incident management is now more efficient.KNOWLEDGE AND INSIGHTIn the past, one of the biggest obstacles to resolvingissues was the inability to capture and share infor-mation. The Yakult staff o en wasted time searchingthrough email chains to find details and discussionsabout a particular issue. With BMC Remedyforce, alldetails, discussions, documents, examples, and otherrelated information is captured and kept with the “[BMC Remedyforce]solutiontrue considered is a whereas the other … is a we SaaS solution,ticket. Consequently, everyone involved can see the managed service offering. The BMC pricing wasprogress and status of an issue. more favorable, it offered much more functional-“The search functionality is also very good, so we can ity, and we could deploy it faster. We also felt very find similar issues from the past to help in resolving comfortable with the two companies behind BMC current issues,” Ersoz said. “We can determine if the Remedyforce. We have a lot of confidence in both same problem occurred before or if we’re having mul- BMC So ware and” tiple problems with a particular asset or asset type.” ARNOLD SOEDAMAHThe staff is just beginning to use HELP DESK ANALYSTChatter to collaborate on tickets. Chatter enablespeople to follow the resolution process in real-timethrough Chatter feeds. In the future, exchanges of infor-mation through Chatter will also help in building thecompany’s knowledge base of issues and problems.NEXT STEPSYakult is taking a phased approach to implementing BMC Remedyforce. The incident management com-ponent is flexible enough to handle a variety of ticket types, including issues, change requests, and otherservice requests, so Yakult has chosen to start with that component. The company can then add moreformal change and problem management processes when it is ready for them.Currently, the IT staff is in the initial phase of implementing the underlying configuration managementdatabase (CMDB), which will help them capture and maintain information on IT assets and their interrela-tionships. According to Ersoz, the CMDB will help improve asset management. “The visual features of theCMDB are amazing,” he said. Soedamah added that the Explorer view shows all the relationships amongthe different systems, which helps speed troubleshooting and resolution.
  4. 4. CUSTOMER’S FINAL WORDS“We have a very service-minded and responsive group of people in IT,” Ersoz concluded.“But in the past, they didn’t have tools that enabled them to do the best job possible. Sometimes issues fell through the cracks, which meant that our users were not always completely happy with our service. With BMC Remedyforce, IT staff members have a solution that lets them deliver high-quality service and support. As a result, our users are happier with what IT is doing for them.”ABOUT YAKULTYakult is the world’s leading maker of probiotic beverages. Approximately 28 million people drink Yakult everyday, and the beverage is sold in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. Yakult Europe B.V. isthe head office of the Yakult Group in Europe, and is responsible for European production. Yakult productsare sold in eight countries in Europe: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, The UK, The Republic of Ireland,France (Paris only), Germany, Austria, and Italy.ABOUT INFRAVISIONFounded in 1998, InfraVision enables IT departments of large and midsized organizations to run their ITdepartment as a business. This BMC Elite Partner has many years of experience with ITIL, Bisl and ASL, thereference frameworks for setting up management processes within a service organization. InfraVision hasproven its ability to turn the theory of ITIL into pragmatic best-practice solutions for customers. Several times,InfraVision has received BMC’s award for best IT Service Management Express (ITSME) partner in EMEA.BUSINESS RUNS ON I.T.I.T. RUNS ON BMC SOFTWARE.Business thrives when IT runs smarter, faster and stronger. That’s why the most demanding IT organizationsin the world rely on BMC So ware across distributed, mainframe, virtual and cloud environments. Recognizedas the leader in Business Service Management, BMC offers a comprehensive approach and unified platformthat helps IT organizations cut cost, reduce risk and drive business profit. For the four fiscal quarters endedDecember 31, 2010, BMC revenue was approximately $2 billion. Visit for more information.BMC, BMC So ware, and the BMC So ware logo are the exclusive properties of BMC So ware, Inc., are registered with the U.S. Patent andTrademark Office, and may be registered or pending registration in other countries. All other BMC trademarks, service marks, and logos maybe registered or pending registration in the U.S. or in other countries. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their *202891*respective owners. ©2011 BMC So ware, Inc. All rights reserved. Origin date: 04/11