Infosheet iv bsm and remedyforce


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Infosheet iv bsm and remedyforce

  1. 1. InfraVision; your partner in business service managementInfraVision is your business service management partner. InfraVision is specialized in setting up ITservice organizations and has over 12 years of experience. We can help you to improve thetransparency and efficiency of your entire service organization including your IT infrastructure.Business service management What approach do you use to meet increasingMost IT organizations have highly manual processes, often service quality requirements, control risk, andheld together by paper-based forms, spreadsheets, email, ensure your management team and businesspersonal relationships and tribal knowledge. stakeholders have a clear understanding of how IT budget and resources are aligned with business priorities? Business Service Management (BSM) is a comprehensive and unified platform that simultaneously optimizes IT costs, demonstrates transparency, increases business value, controls risk, and assures quality of service.Information about IT configurations and assets is limitedand not easily shared, and what’s worse, the informationthat does exist is usually not mapped to meaningfulbusiness information, such as business priority or valuesupported.This situation makes it difficult for IT organizations or Out of the boxservice providers to scale, respond quickly, meet In our projects, we combine our thorough applicationcommitments consistently, utilize assets effectively and knowledge with our broad know-how of ITIL. As aprovide visibility across operations. Success, therefore, is consequence we have very high standards when selectinghard to achieve because you are unable to address these software vendors to work with. All of our vendors are leadersobjectives simultaneously. For example: in their area of expertise. How do you ensure that you are getting the most With out-of-the-box software we create tailor made solutions out of your people, resources, and vendors? for you as our customer. When implementing these solutions How quickly can you deploy a new business we think out of the box to create a project that fits your needs, service to increase revenue opportunity or budget and time frame. profitability?
  2. 2. InfraVision; your partner for BMC Remedyforce Service Desk InfraVision Salesforce provides 3 new releases every year with new InfraVision was founded in 1998. From the start InfraVision functionality. Directly afterwards (+/- 2 weeks) BMC delivers has specialized in IT service management new functionality and releases based on requests from implementations. Over the years InfraVision has become customers and based on the new functionality that was the most important player in the BMC SDE and BMC provided by the Salesforce releases. RemedyForce Service Desk market in EMEA. BMC Implementing BMC Remedyforce Service Desk can result in Software has awarded InfraVision several times for its significant reductions in costs and quick return on deployment distinguishing and successful implementation approach. for those who want a best-in-class service desk. Choose to In 2007 InfraVision developed the Service Desk Express pay for your IT service management implementation as an settings for the Alignability Process Model (APM). BMC operational, rather than a capital, expense, thereby decided to adopt these as developed by InfraVision and eliminating the need to keep hardware assets on the balance turn them into an official BMC product. Due to our sheet. With no software or hardware to install/manage and no extensive experience with the product set and knowledge servers to provision, youre up and running faster — and of ITIL and service management implementations, seeing a positive impact on your business — in a fraction of InfraVision is contracted by BMC Software to maintain and the time. develop these products. BMC As our customers and the market were becoming more Business thrives when IT runs smarter, faster and stronger. and more involved in the Business Service Management That’s why the most demanding IT organizations in the world (BSM) strategy, customers started to ask us for advice and rely on BMC Software across distributed, mainframe, virtual software solutions around Systems management and and cloud environments. Recognized as the leader in Asset Life Cycle Management. Business Service Management, BMC offers a comprehensive approach and unified platform that helps IT organizations cut To be able to deliver the full product range of Service, cost, reduce risk and drive business profit. System and Asset Life Cycle Management we again researched the market for the best suitable InfraVision is the number 1 Elite Partner of BMC Software in products. InfraVision added the monitoring tools of BMC the EMEA region. We have implemented their service Software to her portfolio and extended the knowledge of management solutions for over 12 years now. her consultants by education and by hiring experienced InfraVision delivers personnel. For Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) we Onboarding by certified Salesforce developers, Training, have a partnership with LANDesk. These partnerships now Project Management, Support, Integration with additional enable us to offer the full Service, System and ALM products. portfolio to our customers. InfraVision is also an ISV partner for Salesforce. With several BMC Remedyforce Service Desk Salesforce Certified Developers, combined with our Service BMC Software and have partnered to Management knowledge and experience, InfraVision is your deliver BMC RemedyForce Service Desk, a Cloud-based top partner! IT management solution built on the platform. BMC RemedyForce Service Desk provides out-of-the-box processes, together with the infrastructure to host them.Headoffice: InfraVision B.V. PO Box 234, 4200 AE Gorinchem T+31 (0)183 642939 F +31 (0)183 628406 email: