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  1. 1. Campus Ambassador Demos @ University of Melbourne 28 Feb 11:30~12:30 SunSPOT: Small, Programmable Object Technology 21 Mar 11:30~12:30 Java desktop applications with Netbeans 6.0 10 Apr 13:15~14:15 Building Mobile Games Visually Using Netbeans 6.0 24 Apr 13:15~14:15 Netbeans 6.0 Visual Web & AJAX 8 May 13:14~14:15 Solaris ZFS: The Best Filesystem on the Planet Venue: Always ICT Theater 2  Soft drink and Pizza will be provided. (YES – FOOD!)  Attendee will automatically enter an IPOD draw. RSVP Today!
  2. 2. Sun University World Tour @ Tech Days ATTENTION STUDENTS & DEVELOPERS: Don't miss the opportunity to come learn what's new and cool in software. Tuesday, March 4th, 2008 Melbourne & Olympic Park (MOPT) WIN an Ipod Touch! Park Function Centre Get free t-shirts and software! Enter via Entrance D via Olympic Boulevard WHY ATTEND THIS FREE EVENT? (formerly known as Swan Street) Build your resume: Get Sun Certified! > LEARN THE LATEST IN WEB SCRIPTING Batman Avenue > LEARN HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN OPEN SOURCE COMMUNITIES > LEARN WHAT'S NEW IN MOBILE JAVA DEVELOPMENT > LEARN HOW TO GET PAID A 14% HIGHER STARTING SALARY THROUGH SUN CERTIFICATION > LEARN HOW TO GET A J0B @ SUN Learn more and register (walk-ins welcome) for this FREE event by visiting: James Gosling Refer 3 friends to register for Sun Tech Days 2008 for the chance to win an Apple Ipod Nano 4GB Creator of Java
  3. 3. Small Programmable Object Technology (Sun SPOT) Zhiqi Tao Peng Deng
  4. 4. Agenda What is Sun SPOT? The Squawk Java VM Sun SPOT Demo Sun SPOT Resources Q&A
  5. 5. What is Sun SPOT? • A Java platform for developing applications for wireless networks and small devices • Applications such as: > Robotics > Art > Toys > Personal electronics > Commercial Applications > Telemetries
  6. 6. Sun SPOT Device • Basic device has three layers > Battery > Processor Board with Wireless Communication > Sensor Board (add-on card) • Processor Board alone acts as a base-station • User programs the device entirely in Java using Netbeans.
  7. 7. Sun SPOT Framework Sun Java Squawk VM Programming Language Java IDE NetBeans Platform Sun SPOT Battery capacity 720 mAh lithium-ion battery (7 hours) Deep sleep 32 uA CPU 180 MHz 32 bit ARM920T Memory 512K RAM/4M Flash Radio 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 radio with integrated antenna Embedded sensors • 3-axis accelerometer • Temperature sensor • Light sensor • LEDs • Analog inputs • Switches • General purpose I/O
  8. 8. Why Sun SPOT? • Need for higher level programming language > With good development tools and IDEs. eg. Netbeans. • higher level proramming language > Java vs. C • Separate developer from low level hardware > Focus on application functionality and features. • Open Source Now! >
  9. 9. Why Sun SPOT? • Abstraction of low level details through VM • Protection of hardware by VM > Memory protection from bad code > Security protection from malicious code • 802.15.4 wireless communication > upto 250Kbps, ZigBee support > adhoc, mesh, cluster tee and star topologies. • A simple device with sensors and wireless operates at low power
  10. 10. Sun SPOT Build and Deploy Flow Java Source File *.java *.bin Squawk Sun Javac Suit SPOT Converter Build *.class *.suite
  11. 11. The Squawk virtual machine
  12. 12. Bouncing Ball demo
  13. 13. Air Text demo
  14. 14. SPOT GamePad demo
  15. 15. SPOT Sensing demo
  16. 16. Create more applications with Sun SPOT
  17. 17. Visit • submit a proposal for classroom curriculum using Sun SPOTS • obtain a Sun SPOT development kit • Watch some cool Sun SPOT video demos • Participate in Sun SPOT forum • Create something cool!
  18. 18. Fast Track Your Career with Sun! • Get FREE Web-based training on JavaTM, SolarisTM & more! > Visit: > Course registration code for University of Melbourne University is CUS-0000096306 • Increase earnings potential with a Sun Certification! > Sun Certified Associate/Programmer for the Java 2 Platform SE > Sun Certified Web Component Developer for Java EE > Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer for Java ME > Sun Certified System/Network Admin for Solaris Operating System • Free practice exams • Discounted exams fees for academic developers – only US$60 (US$40 in APAC and Latin America)
  19. 19. Project Sun SPOT THANK YOU! Zhiqi Tao Sun Campus Ambassador
  20. 20. S un S POT Ha r dwa r e [7] [11] 2.4 GHz IEEE Antenna 802.15.4 Radio Module 180 MHz 32 bit 512K RAM ARM920T core 4M Flash USB interface with Daughter board mini-B connector connector Power Switch
  21. 21. S un S POT Ha r dwa r e [7] [11] 8 3-colors LEDs Push Buttons Light Sensor 3-D Accelerometer Analog in 4-5 Temperature sensor and A/D Converter Digital I/O 0-3 Analog in 0-3 Push Buttons Digital I/O 4 quot;Highquot; current output 0-3 Replicated here