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Tangoo Culture Blueprint


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The values we live for here at Tangoo! What on here do you live for? Share your thoughts by commenting or applying:

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Tangoo Culture Blueprint

  2. 2. WHAT IS CULTURE? A set of shared beliefs, values, and practices.
  3. 3. Culture is to recruiting as product is to marketing. Customers are more easily attracted with a great product. Talented people are more easily attracted with a great culture.
  4. 4. OUR WHY Dining experiences ignite memorable connections and meaningful conversations between people. These in turn connect people in a deeper way and inspire learning and collaboration to better understand and impact the world. Ignite Sparks Through Memorable Connections.
  5. 5. to empower experiential businesses to grow their triple bottom line by impacting their communities and elevating their customer experience across the digital and offline worlds. Ourmissionis...
  6. 6. to bring people and businesses together through memorable experiences, community development, and local advocacy. Ourvisionis...
  7. 7. 1. WE INVEST IN HELPING PEOPLE REACH THEIR POTENTIAL We invest in helping people grow their mindset, and lifestyle. Goal Setting Paid Trainings Lunch & Learns OURVALUES
  8. 8. What allows us to stand out and sell our trust is by being authentic, listening to their needs, and connecting on a personal level. Client & Account Team Matching Hosting Industry Events Connecting Clients & Community Partners 2. WE BUILD REAL RELATIONSHIPS WITH OUR PARTNERS OURVALUES
  9. 9. Reaching Out to Our Network for Help & Vice Versa E @ UBC Office Space 3. WE DO MORE WITH LESS; BE RESOURCEFUL AND DO THINGS RIGHT OURVALUES We thrive off constraints, by using our resourcefulness and laser focus to go deep into problems and far with our solutions.
  10. 10. Adapting Services to Match Industry Needs Cannabis Marketing Launched Within 24 Hours of a Client Onboarding 4. PERCEPTION IS REALITY OURVALUES Sometimes customers or the media expect things out of us that only big companies can execute on. If it aligns with our passions and skills, we turn this into a self- fulfilling prophecy where perception becomes reality.
  11. 11. Charity Mixed with Creativity Building up Young Creatives & Entrepreneurs Working with Food Tech Partners 5. WE CONTRIBUTE TO COMMUNITY GROWTH OURVALUES We lead by example and contribute to the community by educating people in marketing and restaurant industries- challenging them to impact their local communities.
  12. 12. Hitting Client Monthly Metric Goals Upselling - Earn Trust so Clients Invest More Online Leads - Inbound Sales, Newsletter, Etc Staff Growth Rate 6. WE WORK TOWARDS REAL RESULTS OURVALUES Results don’t lie. We measure true progress when we see our happy customers growing and asking us for more.
  13. 13. We're a team, not a family. We hire, develop and smartly cut so we have stars in every position.
  14. 14. teamwork individual> Selfless leaders and teammates don't solve personal interests to the detriment of each other. selflessness selfishness>
  15. 15. We like people that are down toearth. E A R T H MPATHETIC DAPTABLE EMARKABLE ENACIOUS UMBLE
  16. 16. Customer Company> When in doubt, favor solving for the customers' interest over our own. Solving for customers' interest is in our long-term interest too.
  17. 17. We encourage experimentation. Better to try and sometimes fail than to sit tight and... fail for sure.
  18. 18. We don't mind making mistakes, we do mind repeating them. Each mistake carries a lesson, we try to make sure we learn it.
  19. 19. Welcome to Team Thank you for taking the time to dive in and learn a bit more about our culture. We look forward to working with you and growing you as an individual and a leader.