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Social and Mobile 2010


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Published in: Technology
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Social and Mobile 2010

  1. 1. Mobile Social Media 101118
  2. 2. “Leveraging the mobile channel offers uniquepersonal and functional value. The ability to gainindividual customer insight and trust, through end-to-end services and ongoing one-to-one brandedconversations…
  3. 3. …the key objective behind effective mobile offerings is lifetime, value relationships.” Andrew Graham, Mobile Strategy, Adidas
  4. 4. Mobile is the ultimate CRM Tool =
  5. 5. Enriched Platform for Customer Loyalty, Commerce andBrand Preference Consideration/Purchase Engagement Loyalty Consideration/ Purchase Wall/News Post Moderation/Feedback Engagement/Activation
  6. 6. Purpose
  7. 7. Purpose > Evidence and trends surrounding the mobile social media landscape > The importance of mobile social media > Case Studies > Recommendations and Thought Starters
  8. 8. Evidence
  9. 9. Social is SMS MessagingTwitter SMS increased 8,500% from Q2 „08 – Q1 ‟10; reaching 3.8 billion 3,828,948 SMS Transactions (000) - Twitter 3,295,897 Q2 2008 – Q1 2010 2,178,516 1,269,744 346,729 194,709 44,510 70,646 Q2 2008 Q3 2008 Q4 2008 Q1 2009 Q2 2009 Q3 2009 Q4 2009 Q1 2010 Source: Nielsen June 2010
  10. 10. Social Networking Sites are Driving the Mobile Web Mobile Internet Audience Growth by Service Type: 2008- 2010 August 2008 – August 2010, National Source: Nielsen 2010 October Report, ComScore 2010, Facbook Oct 2010
  11. 11. Facebook currently reaching 34% of Mobile Internet Users Facebook Active Reach (%) – Trended Projection All Users Source: Nielsen 2010 October Report
  12. 12. And most popular
  13. 13. Across Device Category of Free App Downloads - iPhone Category of Paid App Downloads - Blackberry iPhone Free App Downloaders Blackberry Free App DownloadersCategory of Free App Downloads - Apple iPad Category of Paid App Downloads - iPod Touch iPad Free App Downloaders iPod Touch Free App Downloaders Source: Nielsen 2010 October Report
  14. 14. And OS Most Popular Used Apps on the iPhone OS Most Popular Used Apps on the Android OS Past 30 Day App Downloaders (n=959) Past 30 Day App Downloaders (n=338)Most Popular Used Apps on the BlackBerry OS Most Popular Used Apps on the Windows Mobile OS Past 30 Day App Downloaders (n=625) Past 30 Day App Downloaders (n=294) Source: Nielsen 2010 October Report
  15. 15. Trends “…Our job is to makes things more social” Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
  16. 16. Trends Activities and Loyalty and Location Purchasing “Things” Rewards Inspire Sharing and Interaction
  17. 17. Location, offers, rewards (oh-my!)
  18. 18. “Things” are becoming social and will encourage,recommend products
  19. 19. Why it this important?
  20. 20. 1. Mobile social users are nearly 300% more likely to access the mobile web daily Source: How Interactive Marketers can Reach US Mobile Social Network Users, Forrester, Dec 2009
  21. 21. 2. Mobile social users are engaged and active users When compared to PC users > Facebook mobile users are 2X more engaged > 60% have responded to mobile advertising > 4x likely to seek mobile coupons or offers Source: How Interactive Marketers can Reach US Mobile Social Network Users, Forrester, Dec 2009; Google Mobile ads Blog 2010
  22. 22. 3. Mobile social users are affluent with disposable income 74% make over $50,000 a year Source: How Interactive Marketers can Reach US Mobile Social Network Users, Forrester, Dec 2009
  23. 23. 4. Mobile social users are hyper-influencers 100x+ more likely to create and respond to UGC content Source: North American Technographics Benchmark Survey, Q2 2010, Forrester Research
  24. 24. Why it is important to Expedia?
  25. 25. Over 90% of online travelers travel with a mobile device 26 Source: Forrester, “Travel and Mobile Devices “August 2008
  26. 26. Who are Tweeting, Texting and Facebooking theirexperience from check-in to arrival
  27. 27. Cases
  28. 28. Commonalities > Non-disruptive experience – Tailored mobile experiences > Integrates and extends the ecosystem – Focus is not tactically driven; but leverages and integrates paid, earned and owned media while growing CRM environments > Real world benefits – User engagement and interaction translates into real world rewards > Personalized – Speaks to the individual
  29. 29. Sephora: Site Rendering on Linking Social Wall Post
  30. 30. Maurices: Facebook SMS Integration > Opt-In SMS CTA for discounts and offers > SMS messages drove discount offers and traffic to Facebook pages > SMS Opt-In across in-store and other advertising integrations > Doubled the number of “Likes” for the brand; generated 20,000 SMS Opt- Ins after the fist 4 months; 60% coupon redemption > SMS Opt-In also acts as a two way conversation between the brand and the consumer
  31. 31. The MarketFair Mall: Mayor Parking> Designated parking for FourSquare Mayors
  32. 32. Starbucks: Social Mobile Commerce > Reload card via Facebook application > Leverage mobile to redeem or pay for product via mobile application and barcode scanner
  33. 33. Recommendations and Thought Starters
  34. 34. Recommendations > An integrated mobile social strategy provides functional value – It is not a Twitter feed or a coupon on FourSquare > Ongoing one-to-one branded conversation – Mobile is extremely personal; branded conversations should be just that > Lifetime, valued relationship – Starts with understanding the customer and creating value based on their needs and preferences
  35. 35. Thought Starters > Utilize Mobile Rendering Platforms – Optimize sites linked from wall post > Incorporate SMS – Drive “Likes”, deals, shares etc – Create one-to-one conversations (SMS, Connect with Twitter/Facebook) > Leverage Location and Behavior – Win a trip promotions around workplace check-ins – Loyalty programs for airport, car rental, and hotel check-ins – Extend point coverage (allow users to check-in to activities, scan purchases, loyalty points) – Create at-location specialty services (Red carpets, flight upgrades, assigned parking, etc) > Reviews – Incorporate reviews within activities booking – Incorporate chat functionality within bookings (hotel, flight, and activity) > Groups – “Un-official” charters designed for deals and discounts (for Expedia members) – Allow members to share/combine loyalty points
  36. 36. Thank You! paul cowman strategist +1 206.295.7245 jenn brown sr. media planner
  37. 37. Appendix
  38. 38. Mobile Travel StatsTravel Research > 19% of business and 16% of leisure mobile travelers are interested in booking travel via mobile > 54% of business and 48% of leisure mobile travelers have used mobile to look up travel- related informationTravel Related > Airplane Ticket: 21% > Entertainment Tickets: 21%Purchased > Hotel: 19% > Car Rental: 14%Trip Planning > Schedule Change Notifications: 52% > Rate Change Notifications: 48% > Consolidation of Itinerary: 42% > Rewards and Loyalty Points: 41% Source: eMarketer, Millennial Media and ComScore , Forrester “Travel and Mobile”
  39. 39. Steve Madden: Facebook “Like” Mobile Integration
  40. 40. W Montreal Hotel: “Mayor” Treatment
  41. 41. AT&T: Scaling Rewards
  42. 42. Top Guest: Agnostic Check-In and Rewards