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App stores optimization 110318

  1. 1. App Stores110318 1
  2. 2. There’san APPfor that 2
  3. 3. Application Growth Growth of Mobile Applications Number of Combined Applications; 2008-20111,000,000  Over the last 3 years there are a 900,000 combined 1.1M mobile applications 800,000  Distribution across many app stores 700,000 600,000  414% growth from 2009-2010 500,000 400,000  Projected 95% growth in new 300,000 applications in 2011 200,000 100,000 - 2008 2009 2010 2011 3Source: Distimo, App, Android
  4. 4. Application Store Growth Application Store Marketplace  Distributed across 54+ application stores  Application stores have grown 500% since 2009  Application stores across device manufactures, OS developers, operators, and independents 4Source: Business Insider; Distimo
  5. 5. Application Store User Interaction Application Distribution Across Store Front  Growth of apps stores have created a long-tail distribution chain  Leveraging the various stores 350,000 Apple: increases store app space, Users per App: 3,180 300,000 Downloads per App: 15,902 awareness and engagement 250,000 Downloads per User: 5 Number of Applications 200,000  Most downloads occur within GetJar: primary/OS app stores 150,000 Users per App: 702 Downloads per App: 37,188 100,000 Downloads per User: 52 50,000 0 AndAppStore Blackberry PocketGear Handster Archos LG GetJar Handmark maxis Appoke AppsFire Android Appitalism Dell Playnow AppESP AppBrain Appolicious Appboy Palm AT&T Airtel Samsung TIM iPhone Sprint Appsaurus HANDANGO China Unicom orange Chomp m1 iPad Motorola AIRCEL Chorus Ovi Verizon AppAware App Central Smoking Apps Mobango Vodaphone 360 Java Store Amazon Appstore ESTORE Windows Phone 7 OpnMarket App Store HQ Slide ME T-Mobile China Mobile Windows Mobile Store Front 5Source:; Distimo Disclaimer: Long tail application numbers are estimates and maybe inaccurate due to the lack of 3 rd party confirmation
  6. 6. Application Forecasts Mobile Application Forecast Revenues and Number of Applications  Predicted to generate over – 76.9 Billion downloads by 2014 – $35 Billion in revenue by 2015 220% Revenue 606% Application downloads 0% 100% 200% 300% 400% 500% 600% 700% 6Source: eMarketer
  7. 7. So what does this mean? Crowded Growing Revenue 7
  8. 8. Planning for App Stores 8
  9. 9. App Distribution Planning User BrandOwned Media Earned Media Paid Media App Store- Mobile Site: Device detection, - Social: Fan base - Mobile: Mobile search, mobile - Store Distribution: SEO integration, CRM for distribution, social display, mobile codes, content, Manufactures, OS, future, offline integration networking login integration, demo, handset targeting Operators, Independent- Mobile App: Up-selling, re- branded promotion - Digital: Display media, SEO, - Optimization: Description, marketing, Paid search Install, ratting, rankings- Digital: On-site inclusion - Manufacturer: App inclusion 9
  10. 10. App Distribution Planning Considerations  Application needs to be light (heavy apps need a wifi connection to download, which may detour downloads)  Create a lite and a full version – Promote the full version within the lite app – Multiple apps increase store front visibility  Plan around the weekend (weekend downloads on average generated 20% of sales)  Optimize price to align with market conditions and the user  Leverage store level optimizations to maximize ranking and store listings 10Source: #appstudy case study
  11. 11. Other ConsiderationsType of Store: Store Relevancy  With advanced/value added services, device and OS app stores may not be the best distribution method  Clear understanding of application, costing, and add-on support is needed to identify the most appropriate app store for distribution  New store fronts for books and whitepapers are a growing vertical for business focused audiences 11
  12. 12. Vertical App Stores  Yoomi iPad application  PlayStation Store  Vertical gaming network  $40 digital board game  Sony announced a new  Wall Street Journal is  Plastic hollow device sitting program that will bring Sony reporting that AT&T is up-top the iPad PlayStation games to creating a partnership Google Android devices  65 million registered users and 4,500 titles 12
  13. 13. BookStore Distribution  Over 100+ new tablets/eReaders being released in 2011  Most of which have their own app store and eBook format (ePub, AZW,etc) – Opportunity  Formatting of eBooks  Distribution of eBooks – Know of and register on with the various eBookStore (iTunes, Amazon, HP, Nook, etc) – Leverage of paid, owned and earned media: dedicated email (PFD of the eBook/whitepaper attached to the email – can be read via mobile book stores) SEO around the description of the book 13
  14. 14. Store Level Optimizations 14
  15. 15. App Store PlanningApple App Store  iPhone App store services Apple iOS devices (iTouch, iPhone, iPad)  Opened in July 2008 via the iTunes store  Reach: 1,000,000,000  Number of Apps: 314,415  Total Downloads: 5,000,000,000 How to Optimize your listing:1. Traditional Search (Google, Bing, AOL, etc): Create a mobile 9. Aim to make the “What’s Hot, Staff Favorites and other optimized page for device detection and corresponding recently update app store list application delivery 10. Submit the app for full Demo review at2. Paid Media: Admod, Jumptap, Millennial Media: Focus on the weekend 11. Reviews upon usage; distribute promo code to allow3. Free and Paid Downloads with continual and frequent updates others to review on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter4. Lite versions of the app are for free trial usage 12. Focus on the top 50 apps and mirror their focus,5. Offer Free downloads to press keywords6. Launch partnerships: Have them issue PR on the partnership 13. Integrated Facebook connect; by integrating Facebook7. Leverage reviews within sites like AppStoreApps, Apple iPhone Connect the app will appear in Facebook related Apps Blog, AppSafari, 148apps, AppCraver, Iphone Application searches List, AppShopper, and AppRater 14. Integrate keywords within the naming convention of the8. Focus on the last 4 days app9. Leverage deep links to the iStore on paid, owned and earned 15. Mention popular related apps in the body media copy/description 16. Change price 15
  16. 16. App Store PlanningAndroid App Market  Google mobile store front for Android devices  Launched in August 2008  Number of Apps: 135,829  Downloads: 1,000,000,000 How to Optimize your listing: 1. Focus on installs and usage as opposed to downloads: Strong rationale for paid vs. free apps within the Android market 2. New application release: New apps climb app charts faster via daily user acquisition 3. Consistency: Apps with consistence growth projections rank higher within the apps stores 4. Length of time on the device: How long the apps is downloaded and installed on the users device 5. Leverage android stat resources ( to gauge popularity and rankings on a timely basis (week, month, 6 months, year, all time) 6. Application needs to be functional and polished: Meaning there are no soft launches 7. Leverage “Just In” feature of the app store: Create a roadmap of feature releases 16
  17. 17. App Store PlanningGetJar App Market  Independent Mobile Application Store  Launched in 2004  Application across Java ME, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone, Android, Apple  Number of Apps: 42,699  Downloads: 1,587,882,516 How to Optimize your listing: 1. Pay-per-performance bidding app distribution 2. Recent integration with Yahoo Search (follow guidelines within the Yahoo Search results and rankings) 3. Facebook partnership in the works (see the apps friends have downloaded) 4. Ranking score is calculated via consumer appeal, download, rankings, and application quality 5. Country and device rankings 6. Get Getjar to recommend the application 7. Need to focus on weekly downloads (Week X+1 needs to have more downloads than week X) 17
  18. 18. App Store PlanningAppolicious App Market  Independent Mobile Application Store  Mirrors iOS application listings (if the app is in Apples store it will be in Appolicious)  Network partnership includes AppVee, How to Optimize your listing: 1. Mirror iTunes stores ranking optimization 2. Incorporate more information about the app (details, social links, and demo videos) 3. Involvement within discussion boards (use discussion board to distribute app amongst app community) 4. Advertising support via 18
  19. 19. App Store PlanningAmazon App Store  Independent Mobile Application Store  Focus on Android marketplace  Launched 2011 How to Optimize your listing: 1. Create a product page 2. SEO/Keyword focused 3. Maximize content on the product page - include full details 4. Optimize search suggestions, tags, inclusion in Listmania list 5. Increase the number of links on the page 6. Get app on popular Listmania lists 7. Reviews: Get users to generate reviews and high rankings 19
  20. 20. Thank you team iconmobile 20