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Paul contris missionhealthcare


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served residents throughout Minnesota, South Dakota and Wyoming while catering to those looking for long-term care and assisted living facilities. President Paul Contris opened Mission Healthcare after the acquisition of three healthcare facilities in Minnesota before expanding its services and geographic reach even further with even more acquisitions.

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Paul contris missionhealthcare

  1. 1. Mission Healthcare4420 Valley View Rd.,Ste 201, Edina, MN 55424T: Mission Healthcare Powered by: OFFERING LONG-TERM AND ASSISTED LIVING FIND OUT MORE >> IN THE MIDWEST
  3. 3. Mission Healthcare Long-term Assisted Living in the Midwest page 5S INCE 1997, MISSION HEALTHCARE HAS served residents throughout Minnesota, South Dakota and Wyoming while catering to those looking for long-term care and assisted living facilities.President Paul Contris opened Mission Healthcare after theacquisition of three healthcare facilities in Minnesota beforeexpanding its services and geographic reach even furtherwith even more acquisitions. Today, Mission Healthcare offerstransitional care, memory care, ventilator units, and muchmore in its 14 facilities. With approximately 1,500 employees,Mission Healthcare has doubled its size over this past year. Mission Healthcare serves more than 1,300 residents witha majority of its services lying in skilled nursing, says Contris.The Mission Healthcare system takes on a resident-centeredapproach to provide exceptional care and is currently in theprocess of building a living facility in Sturgis, South Dakota. “Mission Healthcare is the largest provider of ventilatorcare in the state of Minnesota in nursing homes,” saysThomas Boerboom, Chief Operating Officer of MissionHealthcare. “We also have a traumatic brain injury unit in Thomas Boerboom and Paul Contris
  4. 4. Mission Healthcare page 7Minnesota and the majorityof our facilities have aquick-recover unit for post-hospitalized residents.”UNIQUENESS IN THEINDUSTRYWhat makes MissionHealthcare unique inthe industry is that itsorganization is committed to transforming the idea of traditional nursing homesto make for a more positive image. “We’re making great strides in the qualityof services we provide and we use a number of instruments to measure theeffectiveness of our customer service program both internally and externally,”Boerboom says. Mission Healthcare refers to its employees as associates becausethey are viewed as partners within the company.“Our mission is focused on resident-centered care and we have been updatingour facilities,” Boerboom continues with designs that have a “neighborhood-feel”by creating smaller units within its nursing homes. “We give out residents asmany choices as possible, whether it’s with the food they want to eat or sleeping
  5. 5. Mission Healthcare Long-term Assisted Living in the Midwest page 9late in the morning,” he continues. Theaters, coffee their daily responsibilities.shops and other programs have also been included Additionally, Mission Healthcare is also workingwithin Mission Healthcare’s facilities to encourage with technology to move the business forward.a community feel. “We’ve created a culture with Currently, nursing systems are moving towardstrong leaders to give them the opportunity to electronic records to increase efficiencies. “Wemake decisions in their conduct internal surveyscommunity,” he says. every year to assess our WE’RE MAKING GREAT performance and improveCONTINUOUSLY STRIDES IN THE QUALITY OF the way we deliver care.”IMPROVING SERVICES WE PROVIDE Contris says. “We’reIn order to stay ahead THOMAS BOERBOOM, COO making sure our systemsof the competition, are getting the qualityMission Healthcare has results necessary to createimplemented various satisfied residents andprocedures to improve the delivery of resident families.” Boerboom also says that the companycare and operational efficiencies. “We use an monitors its turnover to maintain consistency in theeducational system called Silver Chair to explore care provided to residents. “We focus on the basicsoptions to educate our associates,” Contris says. The and we believe we do them well,” he says. “Consistentcomputerized system allows employees to work at staffing shows the respect we have for our residentstheir own pace in learning new skills applicable to and associates and it creates a family-feel when our
  6. 6. Mission Healthcare Long-term Assisted Living in the Midwest page 11staff goes out of their way to service is designed to preventdo something special for our MISSION HEALTHCARE IS readmission into hospitals.residents.” THE LARGEST PROVIDER OF “We’re looking to the future on VENTILATION CARE IN THE TECHNOLOGICALhow we’ll be delivering services STATE OF MINNESOTA IN ADVANCEMENTSbecause of healthcare reform,” NURSING HOMES. Apart from including electronicContris says. “We’re looking at THOMAS BOERBOOM medical records, Missionhow hospital acute care, our Healthcare continues to focus oncommunities and nursing homes technology to take the companywill work together in the future.” to a new level. The healthcareHospitals will receive penalties system is currently workingnext year if they have too with SmartLinx Solutions as amany patient readmissions and sophisticated system to manageMission Healthcare is working its labor resources, payroll andwith area hospitals to prevent scheduling. The new plannedthis occurrence. For instance, assisted living facility will alsothe company has a full-time house a considerable amountphysician on staff in two of its of new technologies which willSouth Dakota nursing facilities to give residents the ability totake care of residents. This added Thomas Boerboom - COO of Mission Healthcare communicate with family, says
  7. 7. Mission Healthcare Long-term Assisted Living in the Midwest page 13 STATISTICS Name: Mission Healthcare Country: USA Employees: 1,500Welcyon ribbon cutting Est: 1997Boerboom. “We also have technologies to monitor the movement of patients to Revenue: $85m with Wyoming acquisitionimprove their safety when a nurse is not present,” he says. President: Paul Contris Another business that Boerboom and Contris are especially excited for isWelcyon, which is a Fitness center designed for individuals over the age of COO: Thomas Boerboom50. “We’re really excited about this concept which was recently approved for VP of Operations: Brad Molgardfranchising. Welcyon is a unique, innovative, and welcoming environment to CFO: Heidi Hillmanachieve “fitness over fifty” with low impact strength and aerobic equipmentguided by skilled coaches customized to the members health conditions and Website: www.missionhealthcare.orgpreferences.