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Lianza Conference 2011 Koha ILS presentation


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My part of a joint workshop on Koha ILS at LIANZA 2011 Conference in Wellington

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Lianza Conference 2011 Koha ILS presentation

  1. 1. Te Ihi, Te Wehi, Te Wana = Koha Paul Nielsen Hauraki District Libraries Cath Sheard South Taranaki District Libraries Chris Cormack Catalyst IT Ltd LIANZA Conference Wellington – November 2011 1Doc# 820589
  2. 2. Te ihi - Passion 2
  3. 3. Te wehi - People• developers and support companies for Koha and other OSS do it because they believe in it• ‘it’ being the philosophy, the community, the product and libraries.• Dont forget the librarians• What better ‘values’ fit for libraries 3
  4. 4. Te wana - Power• support companies can provide the bridge• You decide how much or how little you want them to do – after all it is your $!• You can customise Koha• The power then is in the library’s hands• The power of community 4
  5. 5. The Koha wave - Worldwide• Recent NZ wave part of global shift o Library Journal’s “Automation Marketplace 2011”• Open source vs. the proprietary ILS• Koha momentum, 2010 contracts 5
  6. 6. The power behind the wave #1Jo Ransom, Head of Libraries at HLT, as quoted in Small town Automation Marketplace 2011: The New Frontier,software has fans in high places, by Anthony Doesburg, NZ by Marshall Breeding,,Herald, 27/10/10, accessed 13/04/11. 01/04/2011, accessed 13/04/2011. 6
  7. 7. Koha Around the World World Wide New Zealand•Nat Lib Venezuela •Horowhenua Library Trust•2nd most used in France •South Taranaki DC•Academic Libraries in India, •Hauraki DCFrance, Mexico, US •Waitaki DC•Public libraries in Pakistan, •Rangitikei DCMalaysia, The Phillipines •Plant & Food•Public and academic libraries in •EROthe South Pacific •Metservice•All primary schools in Prince •SSC and TreasuryEdward Is, Canada •Family Planning NZ•Translated into 65 languages •OPUSand counting including Hindi,Cyrilic and Te Rēo•Delhi Public Library 7
  8. 8. The Kiwi Koha wave - finally!• Floodgates opened in late 2010• Hauraki, Plant and Food, South Taranaki, Treasury, Waitaki• Critical mass in NZ to drive development• How to explain the prior lack of uptake in NZ? 8
  9. 9. Koha is the ultimate shared service• Philosophical match with libraries• Real value and return on your investment – changes you want are made• You contribute to the development and direction of Koha 9
  10. 10. Want more Koha?• • @paulcnielsen• • @ranginui• • @cathsheardnz• • @kohails• • #kohails• http://library.hauraki- • NZ Users Group• • Download & go! 10
  11. 11. Now its your turn• Hands-on time• Some set tasks• Roving help• Questions• Wrap up at end 11