'ebooks and public libraries presentation' at Hikuwai Weekend School


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Slideshow from my presentation at the LIANZA Hikuwai Weekend School, 4 March 2012

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  • Very much from a public library, popular lending ebook environment as that reflects my experience – qualify that statement, plenty of coverage of wider issues and what is happening outside of public libraries, but looking at implication of that on public libraries and how they access/supply/provide ebook services to the public Any discussion about ebooks can’t not include discussion on what is happening in the wider publishing ecosystem of which libraries are part – despite what HC or Penguin et al might think! Personal professional observations of stuff that I have come across and that I think needs wider exposure and/or understanding amongst the general librarian population!
  • TimoBoezeman – Futurebook bloggerdigital publisher and acquisitions editor non-fiction for A.W. Bruna Publishers, one of the largest publishers in The Netherlands
  • Bear in mind LIANZA overall standard of around 2.5-3.5 items per capita!At one stage during travellight there were only 13 ebooks and 33 audiobooks available.
  • 'ebooks and public libraries presentation' at Hikuwai Weekend School

    1. 1. Some stuff librarians should know And Where to from here for libraries Paul Nielsen Hauraki District Libraries Manager Hikuwai Regional Weekend School 3-4 March 2012 1
    2. 2.  This is not: • an ebook history lesson • a comprehensive overview • the same as what it started out as! This is: • From a public library perspective • Not about OverDrive vs Wheelers, or device wars • About more than just ebooks  A disruptive innovation 2
    3. 3. Past, present and future(s)Digital Restrictions Management (DRM)Libraries and ebooksThe eReading ecologyTowards a Library Position 3
    4. 4. Adobe from your .mobi?Kindle from your Kobo?ipad from your Android?“Behind the Scenes with ebooks” video?Down with DRM? 4
    5. 5. Current ebook DRM is not enough!Anti-features vs. Free softwareLockdown dead aheadThis affects me & libraries how?Comparisons to music industry 5
    6. 6. Similar yet quite different •Slow to embrace digital •Repeated use vs single use •Litigate first •No alt. revenue stream (Concerts) •Slow collective response •no free market system (RRP) •„big‟ middlemen •Sales & growth opportunity •Radio vs libraries •Reading is a mono-tasking activity •Internet is grown-up now Music dropped DRM in 2007 6
    7. 7. past has created the presentchange from within not withoutwe can shape our futurelibraries asserting their value 7
    8. 8. Dowe need a Libraries position?What is the Reading Ecology? • Bigger than us • Its all about the reader • What we bring to the table • Our e-value proposition? 8
    9. 9.  Branding is over, reputation is everything! We have reputation in spades – let‟s leverage off it. Libraries = free marketing & reputation building for publishers “The library channel has money to spend” “publishers need libraries more than libraries need publishers” 9
    10. 10. What we do for publishers & authors 1. We let people read your books. 2. We introduce people to your books 3. We celebrate books and authors everyday, all year long. 4. We archive older books 5. We do publicity 6. We WANT to buy your books. 7. We love books too. 8. Who else is going to pay for databases and journals? 9. Library users are your best customers. 10
    11. 11. “How eBook Catalogs at Public Libraries Drive Publishers’ Book Sales and Profits” - OverDriveThought Leadership White Paper 1.4 billion library visits in 2008 $143million US spent on electronic content in 2010 Discoverability drives revenue • Sony Library Finder Library promotions lead to sales whetting the consumer appetite. As the market for eBooks continues to develop, the significance of public libraries will grow. 11
    12. 12. http://overdrive.com/files/PubWhitePaper.pdf p5 12
    13. 13. “imagine how strong the bias against the companies that "killed libraries" would be.”User Power gets results - Elsevier 13
    14. 14.  Impartial Informative Champion „readers rights‟ • The eBook User’s Bill of Rights • The eBook Buyer’s Bill of Rights Support open standards • epub, epub, epub Device agnostic • But remember no Kindle! 14
    15. 15. http://librarianinblack.net/librarianinblack/2012/02/ebooksign.html 15
    16. 16. Every eBook user should have the following rights:1. ...eBooks ...that favor access over proprietary limitations2. ....eBooks on any technological platform, including the hardware and software the user chooses3. the right to annotate, quote passages, print, and share ...within the spirit of fair use and copyright4. the right of the first-sale doctrine extended to digital content... 16
    17. 17. 1. You have the right to a proper cover2. You have the right to a Table of Contents3. You have the right to proper formatting by default4. You have the right to highlight passages5. You have the right to set Bookmarks6. You have the right to Copy passages7. You have the right to legible illustrations8. You have the right to proofreading9. You have the right not to be assaulted … 17
    18. 18. Audio people ebooks Libraries Popn books per title Nove-L 289 147 10 360,000 826epukapuka 515 122 13 650,000 1020 SIDownload 332 126 14 390,000 852able Zone 18
    19. 19. 30002500 24112000 1865 Nove-L1500 epukapuka SI Downloadable Zone1000 1018 803 723 598 500 434 282 74 0 Nov Dec Jan 19
    20. 20. Or none of the above?Critical NZ mass have ebooksUnite and lobbyOne Voice?Something completely different? 20
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    23. 23. pauln@hauraki-dc.govt.nz@paulcnielsen http://library.hauraki-dc.govt.nz 23